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  1. I've been asking around and it sounds like female honey gouramis *NEVER* turn black on the anal fin.... Whereas my gourami was black black black, only on the anal fin! But black. And I didn't manage to take a picture. Sigh.... The colors of my 'female' wild type's dorsal fin look like they might be male. The orange edge to it was throwing me off, though, despite the bright lemon yellow in the distinctive male pattern.
  2. Oh, no, it's not. I just found a video that looked like what they were doing. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I linked to the time stamp of what it looked like. Plus dark black bottom fin. EDIT: I guess I just have to wait and see if they both continue to color up. I'm all kinds of confused. I went to the store today and picked up a 55 gallon for my next tank, took a look at the honeys they had and it was impossible to sex them in the tank. I wasn't sure of ANY of their sexes, and I was looking out for top fin color/etc.
  4. It actually did not look like this! Let me get something that does.
  5. that's exactly what I assumed, but the black bottom fin during the aggression/dominance dance threw me off!
  6. This is them @Fish Folk. Golden female is the younger one, older wild type female is the one with the stripe. The striped disappears sometimes. The top fin has lemon yellow and an orange rim. The bottom fin has an orange rim that’s usually a little bluish but turned black during the dance.
  7. i'll try. i only saw them do it once, but i can take photos!
  8. So I have two honey gouramis, both of which I thought were female. Now I'm no longer sure. OR, at least, I'm absolutely sure the younger golden-type gourami is a female, but I'm no longer certain about my older wild-type. Does anyone know if two female gouramis will do the aggression/courtship/dominance dance beside one another, or is this only a phenomenon between two males or a courting pair? Because they did that just now, and I saw the aqua-tinted strip on the wild-type female's (?) lower fin darken. Is my wild type actually a male, not showing breeding colors because my female is too young??? Or are they still two females, lol?!
  9. I'm in the process of switching to a Tidal 55! Running it alongside my aquaclear. I added a prefilter sponge and some mesh over the protein skimmer portion, and so far I love it. So nice and quiet and I love the self-priming.
  10. https://www.fishlore.com/aquariumfishforum/threads/black-branches-growing-off-of-driftwood.403868/ This is literally all I could find about this stuff, and they didn't have any answers, either! It looks the same as yours.
  11. My tetras love the water sprite for spawning. It's always the water sprite where I see the dominant male courting the females and chasing away his competition. Occasionally I'll see the egg showers! I've heard lighting could have a lot to do with it...... except I have seen eggs flying at dead noon. Go figure. The corydoras are usually there to slurp up a lot of the eggs, but they can't be there all the time. I'm currently dreaming of plans for another tank, so that's where I'm going with this now.
  12. I have eco-complete in my 29 gallon, and I would not use it again. It's fine. It's sharp. It's not that easy to plant in. I'm just going to use sand next time (pool filter, caribsea crystal river, or something else). Also an inert substrate without the sharpness, and it'll be better for bottom-dwellers to have a nice sandy bottom.
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