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  1. To be completely honest, just grabbing a snack, and just sitting/laying down in front of my tank, and watching the fish do their thing! Especially fry, there’s always something about watching the new life find their way that is just intriguing!
  2. @Odd Duck @Torrey thank you for your time and in-depth posts, this gives me a lot to look into, and think about!
  3. Remember to take the time to enjoy what you have, New always feels more exciting, but there is something special to spending time just staring at your tank and growing some depth in your experience of your fish!
  4. NICE I’ve got my mom on collection duty in Arizona for my cactus wood!!! ;~) (what comes out of cholla would be Tannins, correct ;~?)
  5. So I guess what is the difference between tannins and the color of the “tea?” What elements leech out of these if they are not tannins ;~? I guess it was my understanding that any dried leaves would provide tannins, e.g. if I were to collect my maple leaves and rosebush leaves etc… during fall would adding those also be a waste of time ;~?
  6. @sairving Reasons and/or explanation behind your opinion?
  7. I have my Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea, which is caffeen free and contains the following: Chamomile, spearmint, leamongrass, Tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn and rosebuds Has anyone done testing and/or used any of these particular ingredients for adding tannins, treating disease, de-stressing fish etc... or are you aware of any negative side-effects of using any of these ingredients? Will this put my fish to sleep ;~? x~D
  8. AWESOME!!! I never randomly get the cool snails, this is awesome!!!
  9. I would like some help identifying this snail! I noticed one a few of them, no recent plant additions, but its possible that they were tiny/eggs, are these rams-horn snails? Also, is there a possibility that they are a brackish-water species, I ask because I recently got the tank up to approximately 1TBSP per 10 gallons of salt as apart of ich treatment (will be in the process of water-changing out the salt over the next couple of weeks, and I like these guys, so if they need brackish, I'd like to set something up for them. The only snails I deliberately introduced were 2 Nerite snails, a few of which I figured would hatch from the salt introduction, but as far as I know they should not start with a different shell-shape.
  10. @Littlefish A LONG time ago I did, they look pretty translucent for blackworms, but I did remember doing so, and this tank was neglected for quite awhile, so that is a possibility. @The Fish I *think* I've seen some hydra, perhaps even in this tank, but they seemed to have disappeared, so I'm thinking the plecos ate them, there are also some tiny shrimp and amano shrimp and snails, but I though those would have been deterred by the stinging. I've never heard of Dragonfly nymphs, I've got some more nerming to do thanks!
  11. I found these little worms in the bottom of my shrimp tank, which is also currently housing a couple of young bristlenose plecos. I am assuming they are harmless detritus worms, that I could feed to another fish, or perhaps transfer to my corydora tank, where they wouldn't stand much of a chance. This did however raise a question, are there any common things that if I see I should be panicking and/or fixing/removing? Even just things might require some consideration, like hydra may be harmful to tiny fish/fry, things like that. Is there a forum post or video that I might have missed that may have the information that I am looking for? Thanks for any and all information. ;~)
  12. My experience exactly! I am currently in the transition, (finishing at the place I hate, getting things prepared at the place I am going to, AND fixing and selling my current house, though luckally I am at least mostly moved out of that house already) its nice to come home and stare at fish sometimes!
  13. I would need ANOTHER form of mental help... fishkeeping is basically my therapist at the moment.
  14. Welcome!!! Quite a cool origin story, I have a feeling I'll be following your projects closely! ;~)
  15. It's good to know I'm not alone x~D I'm glad to hear they are doing better! That's the worst feeling, when you are at work, and can't do anything but think and plan, secretly hoping that you come home and the problem fixed itself! Or worrying that doing something will be worse than waiting ... sigh
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