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  1. Yet I can’t keep a single shrimp alive no matter what I try.
  2. I need someone to communicate to my corydoras to stop breeding like rabbits!!! I only have a 20 gallons… And I don’t want to rate my aquarium for 18+ years old viewers only…
  3. I think you tagged the wrong person?
  4. Anubia, bacopa, rotala, crypto, Limnophila sessiflora, pogostemon… and some other plants that had no names 😅
  5. I hired nerite snail for that! Well, they are never cleaning where they should but… 🤪
  6. Thank you so much! The link was very helpful and confirm that I can plant in my fishless aquarium. Yay! Thanks 😊
  7. Thank you! The dipping solution scares me. Strong corrosive product, I always fear I didn’t rince enough. There will only be one fish - a betta. How long do ick survive without a living host? Or can it stay in my sponge/filters/wood, etc? If you knew how much pest snails disgust me! If I have too many, it even bothers me to the points of no longer enjoying my aquarium. But if I understand your answer, it’s no quarantine?
  8. Greetings! I am starting completely over with my 10 gallons. So far, the aquarium is clean and I boiled the substrate. Now it’s time to decorate, add plants, wood, rocks and then wait for my cycle. Some people advise to quarantine plants up to 3 weeks to kill any parasites or disease. If I don’t add my fish in my 10 gallons for at least 3 weeks, would that work as quarantine? Or it’s better to do it in a separate place/bucket altogether? The source my plants come from have snails and fish with the plants. Thank you!
  9. @gardenman @Tihshho @lefty o @Patrick_G @JettsPapa Thank you so much everyone for your answers and explanations The 10 gallons will only house a betta 🥰
  10. Thanks, I think it explains why my first tank took so long to cycle - I wasn’t feeding it!
  11. Thank you for your explanation! I will follow your instructions. I was going to get my betta in few days but I can’t get myself to do a fish in cycle so I canceled the betta. As for the hospital tank, it has never been used previously (never had any fish in it), which is why I feel ok to use its media.
  12. Greeting! I am not sure I understand the whole « seeding a new aquarium » process… I take the media of a filter, the dirtier, the better, and then squeeze it in a brand new aquarium? Won’t the water turn like completely brown and the substrate get all mucky? Or is that the goal? (And after some time gravel vacuum I suppose?) How long after seeding an aquarium is it ready/considered cycled? There won’t be any ammonia but just beneficial bacteria from the filter? Won’t those die before ammonia appear? I disinfected my aquarium, boiled the substrate, and I am adding the filter that used to run on my 20 gallons with its media. I have this hospital tank unused where I used to dump my WC to cycle the filter. I have never cleaned it. Should I squeeze all it’s media in my new disinfected aquarium to speed the cycling process (the aquarium will house a betta) Or should I squeeze the dirty media of the hospital aquarium in said aquarium and run the new filter I want to install on my 20 gallons to seed it instead so when I switch filter, there is less chance of crashing my cycle (I do have a medium sponge filter running in it too that will stay there) And then I confuse all that with crisp, clean water. Does that include vacuuming the substrate? But then someone told me since I have corydoras, it’s important to leave some muck for them to search through. And it’s all fine to seed filter and dirty them to make sure I have BB but at some point when I stop my 20 gallons filter to do a WC, when I start it back it pollutes the water with the muck accumulated (and that I can’t clean because 1 - I read you don’t WC and clean filters at the same time and 2 - I need it to be dirty to seed the 10 gallons I will transfer it too). I feel stupid. Maybe it’s because english is not my main langage, but there seem to be so many contradictions, especially with must have muck… but crystal clear water is a must!
  13. Due to a bunch of unforeseen event, this week I will change my HOB Aqueon quietflow 20 for an Aqueon quietflow 30 in my 20 gallons. It has a sponge filter and a lot of plants so I hope it won’t crash my cycle. At the same time, I had to completely disinfect my 10 gallons(that wasn’t planned). The filter wasn’t working properly anymore so I threw it away including the media, I have to boil the substrate, throw away the sponge filter. It’s clear that it won’t be cycled anymore. It will house a betta that will be coming much sooner then expected (next monday) So I will move my quietflow 20 to the 10 gallons (with its media) and it will run about 5 days before I get the betta. Hopefully it kickstart the cycle a little bit? Do you think both my 20 and 10 gallons will be ok? I won’t feed my betta for the first week and will do the med trio quarantine so the bioload should be low. For the 20 gallons, I do have a little bit too many fish (1 honey gourami, 9 chili Rasboras, 8 false julii cory, 5 otocinclus and 3 nerita snails). If I monitor closely, add prime, and I also bought the fritz 7 product, do you think I should be alright? Any tips and suggestions welcomed…
  14. Hot water and soaking didn’t make the chemicals smell go away. Hagen wrote : »Dear Karen,The package could have been exposed to something while being stored in the retailer's warehouse or during shipping. There should not be an odor and I would not recommend using it.Thank you,Caren ArsenaultCustomer ServiceRolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. » I bought it on Amazon. I’ll go get my next one at a LFS. Am curious to see if the smell will differ.
  15. Greetings! I bought 2 boxes of Aquaclear filter insert foam (for 20-50 gallons) I rinced them as instructed but they still smell chemical or something. Is it normal? I wrote to Hagen about it and they said no. However when I read some reviews on the product, some people do mention the smell…
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