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  1. So I have this tiny White Cloud Minnow that is absolutely stunning... but such a bully! He terrorizes the 12 other minnows in the tank. Yesterday they were all crammed in one corner of the 20 gallons and he wouldn’t let them move. I named him Jaws! I gave him his final warning yesterday but he did not listen (must be a teenager!) He is all alone in his 10 gallons now. 2 weeks ago I had removed him from the tank, rescaped and moved him back but peace lasted only for 2 weeks. Not too sure what I will do with him. They are schooling fish and not meant to be alone. Yet it stresses my fish so much when I try to catch him with a net that I am not sure if I want to try to put him back in the main tank in a couple of weeks. Because if it fails and I must net him again... My fish are startled by everything. Even the glass magnet sends them in a frenzy... 😖
  2. @CoryIs it worth quarantining the fish to treat with salt or just leave it as is and it will heal by itself? (In Canada. No meds. And with crayfish so no salt in the tank) thank you for answering so much.
  3. @Cory I apologize for tagging you specifically but am pretty desperate... starting to think I am a bad fish keeper and should give up. Do you think it’s fungus?😖
  4. You are very welcome to read this article then. Fish Medication Ban in Canada - The Goldfish Council THEGOLDFISHCOUNCIL.ORG fish-medication-ban-in-canada
  5. So you do think it would be fongus? My tank has been running with the current setup/stocking for a month. I can’t use salt as I have crayfish. And in Canada we do not have any type of medication. So if you are positive it is fongus I would have to move him alone in a hospital tank.
  6. There is one tiny little white ish discolored spot on the back of my white cloud mountain minnow and I would like to make sure it is not a fongus or any other type of disease? it doesn’t seem to be raised or hairy. The quality of the pictures is not amazing but these fish aren’t the easiest to photograph 😖 20 gallons with 13 WCMM and 3 cpo (dwarf crayfish) 68 F pH 7.6 0/0/10 gH 10 kH 4 Aqueon quietflow 20 Have an air stone.
  7. @Phill DHello! If it’s a dwarf crayfish (cambarellus patzcuarensis), then there is nothing to fear for your plants. As for other fish, while I wouldn’t keep them with bottom dwellers, slow fish or fishes with long fin, otherwise there shouldn’t be any problem- I have 3 with my 14 White Cloud Mountain Minnows and the minnows harass my crayfish more then the opposite. 🤪 The crayfish are a bit slow. But be aware that regarding the blue dwarf crayfish, you have to keep them in a pH lower then 6.5 or else they will revert to a more brownish color.
  8. /drumrolls Aquarium Co-op Easy Green! To all of you unimpressed Américain, just know that for a Canadian, this is a very precious item. It’s just such a bummer to buy it and know there is no chance for a stickers. 😭 Karen
  9. @akconklin Hello! I do hope you get one again. They are so adorable. As far as food goes, I think the most important advice I can give you is to make sure to feed them with food dedicated to them specifically. For exemple, CrabCuisine from Hikari, or algea wafer. The fish won’t be able to steal it. it’s a bit harder when I feed frozen food like bloodworms and the like. The fishes go crazy but one solution is to put some directly to the bottom of the aquarium, or in a cave. I sometimes use a pipette and feed them directly one bloodworm each, to be sure they ate. Also, I THINK it’s ok to overfeed your fish a little bit when you have a scavenger so it can pick bits and pieces all around the aquarium.
  10. @AubreyYes! Mine do that too, it’s absolutely hilarious. I made a birthday card out of Henri doing it... 🤪
  11. Anyone else have Mexicain dwarf crayfish? They are so full of personality. Here is the dad (Henri II) with his daughter (born August first). And a picture of her when she was few days old. 🥰
  12. @Cory Thank you, I will try that. Otherwise, could it be that they are injuring themselves on the plastic plants? 😕
  13. Hellllp! This is my tank, a 20 gallons with 13 white cloud minnows. Temp about 68 f. Fake plants/decoration. There is a lot of agression and chasing around amongst my white cloud minnows. So much so that many are missing fins/half a tail, etc. I remember @Cory saying they were very peaceful ... obviously they did not get the memo!! 😅 More seriously, am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to reduce agression? It’s often the same one causing the agression. Should I rehome it? Such a shame, it’s my prettiest one 😔
  14. Thank you everyone. I started a war with this topic on a corydoras FB group... you should see people arguing... It’s so nice to be on a forum that gives actual answer. @Phill DThank you for your very thorough answer - it’s really helpful
  15. @MickS77 Thanks! He actually talks about the ideas I want the most... but only 4 panda cory? I tough they were better in group of 6 and more... 🤔
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