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Scrape shows parasites I don’t know what to do. I’m desperate.


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Hello everyone. I am so upset and I need help.

I am so sorry to bother you guys but I just don’t know what to do.  

I’ve been here several times. 1)He has the red calliums words. And his scales keep falling off. He has increasing septicemia. 

I’ve tried a lot of things.  Nothing seems to help and then I did a scale scraping just now
this has been months but something is worsening. He’s in the corner a lot but sometimes swims. 

he is wirh a young oranda whinhas begun losing scales and stresses. 

This has been months. 
scale scraps look like little hairs growing out


I’ve tried gen cure, e em, prazi pro before  

now I’m using fende….whatever  the dog dewormer  

He’s 4 years old  

Been using the dog dewormer in food for a week  
















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Can you post a picture of the fish and have you seen red worms protruding from the anus of your fish to confirm your dealing with camallanus worms looking at the picture the things that look like hair could be flukes or scrape marks from the skin scraping can you tell if the the marks are  flush or moving with the medication you have treated with I would have expected flukes to have been dealt with if you followed though with three full courses of treatment with general cure or prazipro  am not seeing anything else in these pictures that looks like a parasite @Tabeth

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On 3/30/2023 at 3:24 PM, Tabeth said:

He has increasing septicemia. 

Please share full water parameters, including temperature.

I would like to understand, along with Colu's questions above what you've done specifically to treat this fish.  You mentioned using food, how are you preparing it?  How much?  Are you doing things like a thorough cleaning following treatments and cleaning filtration to remove parasites from the tank as well? 

As @Chick-In-Of-TheSea mentioned, I would also recommend using aquarium salt for this situation.  Given the multitude of things you're mentioning, a photo of the fish, the tank, and further details really would help.

Cc @Odd Duck as well.  They are extremely busy this week, but potentially can review things as the data is added.

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I don’t see anything in the pics that looks like parasites.  There are some fibers and one looks like a strand of algae, but parasites will look like they have “stuff” inside them that look like structures - their internal organs.  The bluish fibers don’t have any kind of structures inside.  The algae has distinct cell walls with a dark center inside each one.  I see bits of scales, flecks of what might be skin, but no parasites.

If you are seeing red worms protruding from a fish’s vent, then that is almost certainly Camallanus worms.  Expel-P is a good option but fenbendazole (the “dog dewormer”) is also a viable option at the right dose.  Since Expel-P is made for fish, I usually recommend that since it comes with appropriate instructions and makes it easy for most people to do the treatment.

I would also like to hear more details about the tank, the water parameters, the fish, the treatments you’ve already done, etc.  Pictures would be excellent.

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Hi everyone! I apologize this is so long. This isn't the whole story.....but here is where we are. (All of my other fish died after acquiring a betta...who had worms....and popeye. Clem is my lone survivor)

Clem is 4, I got him at my local fish store. Before getting ill he was in a 40 gallon tank with filter, O2, heater.  He is/was extremely constipated with parasites. After posting his tail was becoming increasingly red/purple. I tried metroplex (I had tried many others) 

What I've also been doing and has slowly helped.....

epsom baths 2 x a day. Complete change of water each time. *(I did the epsom bath in the current water he was in....and i refilled a new bucket with fresh dechlorinated water and meds in it)

After a week in he wasn't pooping so i verrrry gently began slightly massaging his belly just a tiny bit in the epsom salt bath.  It seemed to help however, his scales had been deteriorating (he was losing them)and he did lose a few on his sides. (I did not rub on his scales....)but it seemed to help him poop a little bit. 
No food until 3 days ago. 

Tonight....he's doing quite a bit better. He's swimming quite a bit. 

food for the past few days:

He's eated a few peas and a few medicated pellets.

Tonight I mixed up some more of the Fendebendzole with focus and pellets and he ate a few. I also found these worms. I did use bloodworm liquid to mix the food....but I'm nearly certain I didn't drop any in the water.

Nothing looked alive except for this one little gross flea like thing......I'm currently researching. 

Pics to come. 

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On 5/20/2023 at 9:26 AM, Tabeth said:

Well folks. I’m not sure but I think his blue and red microscope threads are 


I think so  they can get it from food  

That's terrible.  I'm very sorry. 

I don't know what that critter is.  Maybe someone can help us ID it.  I'll quote the photo below for ease.

@Odd Duck @Colu @Biotope Biologist @modified lung

On 4/16/2023 at 5:50 PM, Tabeth said:



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The thread looking stuff looks like random debris, not parasites.

The 2 that look like bugs appear to be some kind of mite but don’t appear to be aquatic mites.  I’ll never claim to be an aquatic parasite expert on rare stuff but they don’t appear likely to a true parasite.

That being said, since I don’t know for certain they AREN’T parasites, I’d recommend dosing with milbemycin.

I’m at Aquashella right now so I’ll have to get back to you on dosing. Remind me the size of your tank, please?

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