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  1. I love kuhlis so much But i recently read that P. Kuhlii and P. Semicincta are not the same fish And is there a way to differ? Any helps will be helpful
  2. I heard low KH and GH can cause somethings like Bent spine?
  3. I don't have them Its just a plan on my first aquarium
  4. I recently researched both species in Seriously Fish which are known to be accurate But they said both species need PH of 7-8 But some says they can adjust to lower PH? Can i keep Guppies and Endlers (separate tank) in PH 6,5?
  5. Why do Neons sometimes have Adipose fins and sometimes they don't? I just know it until this day
  6. I think its a rare disease? Is it good?
  7. I "Used" to have a 35g tank with 7 Kuhli Loach, 8 Harlequins, 1 Male Dwarf Gourami, and 10 Neons All fine until 3 months later all the neons started to died The water PH is 6,5 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 But for some reason others are still alive until i give the tank to my neighbor
  8. Im planning to buy 8 cories for my 30g I want 4 Bronze, and 4 Albino Bronze Will they school together?
  9. Why some keepers out there bought Cardinals and Green Neons? Why not regular Neons? Neons are one of my fav fish
  10. So im planning a 29g tank for a group of German Rams. But some sources says ideal temp is 23-30, while others says 28-30. So which one is right?
  11. I wonder what PH in ur tank? Bc some says Guppies prefer harder water
  12. Agree but some peoples says that Black is more hardy than Banded
  13. I like Kuhliis too for my 20g But which one should i buy? Banded (normal)? Black? Doriae?
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