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  1. Since I’m growing out plecos…….🤓🤩😜🤪
  2. I had one bottle that quit working right.
  3. I never quarantine plants. I think the risk of transferring ich is super low, especially since it is an opportunistic disease. Most likely it’s already in your tank, but if your high are heathy and not stressed their immune system fights it off. if you are worried about it, rinse it off under tap water.
  4. Sooo many choices! Panda corydoras, angles, apistos……
  5. Not sure how much noise a linear piston makes. But a few handy options. 1. Put it in a cabinet (lined w sound dampening something, or 2 build a cabinet on the outside wall, and cycle air from the fish room thru it
  6. The air u pump will be the temperature in ur garage. If it’s in the garage.
  7. I breed them in a 10 gallon betta tank.
  8. I have about 200 bn plecos from my last project, but wanna try something new. ive done panda corydoras, plecos, plattys, and endlers. Not sure what’s next, but needs to fit in a 20 or 20l
  9. Hello, I’m Ken, and I’m an aquarist. just reintroducing myself since it’s been a long while.
  10. Ooooo how fun. canister filters (I’ve done a lot of research, but never used one. So take this with a grain of salt) pros: larger media and filtering capacity. Likely quieter. cons: can be a challenge to get set up and operating right. A leak can drain the tank onto your floor. HOBs pros: you already know how to run them. Lower entry costs cons: not as much flexibility in you media, cartridges every month or so i would try to get the canister filter working, if for now other reason, to learn how to do it. You can always augment with a HOB.
  11. I would add an air stone to the bucket and maybe a heater. If you are concerned with jumping, drain most of the water before catching the fish. big trick, slow down, don’t rush things. Think things through and lay everything out before you start. (Slow is smooth, smooth is fast). You are less likely to make mistakes, and you will enjoy it more.
  12. I’d go with Plattys or sword tails. White clouds take too long to get going. Plus the polygenic chromosomes are a way cool subject. I started a summer tub last year with 10 fish. End of summer I sold out a few hundred.
  13. I’m struggling with duck weed too. Man that’s outa control
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