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  1. Hello, I am planning on putting a Java Fern in my existing 10 gallon tank and it has a Finnex Stingray light. ACO considers the Stingray on a 10 gallon tank “high light” under its light guide. Will the Java Fern considered a low light plant be ok with the Stingray light??
  2. Hi All! The Java fern in my 5g has gotten *really* rough looking and is in desperate need of potassium. I have Seachem Potassium that I used to add to the tank when it was only a snail tank but I'm afraid to continue to add it to the tank with a bunch of shrimplets swimming around now. If it is safe, what should the dosing schedule be to slowly increase the potassium without a major adjustment? Does anyone use the Salifert potassium test kit? Is it worth buying? Is that the only way to know how much I'm increasing the potassium in ppm? Should I even go that far and buy the kit? Thank you so much for your help! 🌱
  3. My other Java Fern is doing fine. Not sure what is wrong with this one.
  4. Hi Folks, My java ferns' outlook is looking bleak (I hope it makes a comeback). I spoke to the staff at my local aquarium shop about the java fern and they suggested my lights might be burning the fern... This is our first tank and we bought a starter set from petsmart that came with stock led lights... could these be causing the issue? I currently have the timer set to 4 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness, cycled twice a day. This is a 20 gal tank and gets feed 2 pumps of easy green everweek, with 2 pumps of iron every other week. Should I look at a co2 bubbler... are there any other options I can do to help the fern out? Also, what can I do to help my plants grow? Thanks
  5. Got a Java fern from ACO today, it came looking very nice like it always does. Then once I get ahold of it blaaaa. I hope this works out better than the last 6ish try’s with it. When I removed it from the pot and started cleaning out the roots it kinda came apart in small sections most with 1-2 leaves a couple with no leaves. All roots looked super healthy as did I the leaves. Did I do this correctly? is this ok to separate like this or should I have tried to keep it as 1 (keep it as 1 is what I’ve done before) And the weights should be fine right?
  6. What is the best way to attach Java Fern or any plant for that matter to wood in my tank.
  7. I think my java fern and anubias might be showing signs of a potassium deficiency. The java fern is turning black in some areas and the anubias has some tiny holes in both old and new growth. I'm not the best photographer but photos attached. It's a 5g tank and I dose one pump of Easy Green once a week. I read that java ferns can suck up nutrients pretty quickly. Should I start adding something like seachem potassium or dose more Easy Green?
  8. Today I got some new plants from a friend. He has an established tank and wanted to get rid of some plants. I took them, as I will use them in my new project. I did a salt bath (15min) with the plants to kill off any pests (he has pond snails in his tank). After the salt bath I washed the plants in freshwater, lest them in a bucket for a couple of hours. Now I noticed some weird baubles. They feel like hard jelly. I will include a picture. The fact that they feel jelly like and look like snail eggs makes me think that they are snail eggs after coming into contact with salt? I have no idea if that's true or not.
  9. On the Java Fern purchase page it reads: "Java fern will grow across your aquarium via its rhizome while sending leaves vertically upwards toward the light source. It will produce baby plants on the undersides of its leaves which can be removed and replanted if desired." I think my Windelov Java Plant is producing baby plants and an I assume that these can also be removed and replanted. Anyone know if that is correct?
  10. Hello everyone. Does anyone know what these little guys are that are growing on my Java Fern? They look like little stick figures brownish in color.
  11. I have a java fern and amazon sword that are nicely supplying me with new plants! Have a couple questions on how to use these properly For the amazon sword, I have let this go for a time and the roots are pretty long. If I want to separate this and plant in substrate, should I coil up all the long roots, or maybe trim a bit? For the java fern, I have a few rooted offshoots on this plant. Since this is a rhizome plant I know to not plant it in substrate, but if I removed these should I just attach to a rock/wood like I would a full plant? Or should I wait until more it develops more.
  12. I don’t think I get how to trim aquarium plants. I realize that’s a super beginner question, but I have this Java Fern whose time has come. It still has some healthy leaves so I just trimmed the dead ones. I got close to the bottom of the stems of the leaves, but it looks like I gave my plant a bad haircut! Some stem is still visible! Is that okay? Am I doing this right?
  13. Got a random plant when I got java moss from a trade just curious what plant this is
  14. Ok, so this is my current tank. It's a 10 gallon Aqueon LED and is doing a whole lot better than when I started. My water params are all fine, with the exception of my pH which feels a tad low (6.4) and sometimes fluctuates a bit. Inhabitants are 3 female guppies (pink tuxedos) and 1 blue male guppy (he's skinny, I'm fattening him up and it also may be a female) and 5 neon tetras. For the Amazon Swords I added fertilizer tabs and I dose with a liquid carbon fertilizer every other day. Lights are on for 12 hours, 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. I have tried keeping the bubbler on and off, alternating days as I think it might be a bit strong, maybe forcing the CO2 out of the water? Anyway, these swords have been in the tank for over a month now, were in the tank during the initial cycling (fishless) and ... I'd like them to look healthier to thrive a bit more but I'm not sure how. I'm also concerned about these weird root structures on the leaves. I assume this is how the plant can propagate -- leaf falls over to the bottom and sends out runners in the substrate, from which new plants form? Ok, so please have a gander: So you can see on the top middle section these roots growing out of the top of the leaf. You will also notice on the leaf at the right a very clean cut -- I over-reacted, thinking this was some kind of exotic algae and snipped off the tip of that leaf. 😞 You can also see at the base of the leaf on the left a huge tangle of more roots. So ... assuming I'm correct and this is an attempt at propagation... what do I do? Should I try to remove these little bundles and try to plant them elsewhere? Should I bend the leaf over and tuck that end into the substrate? Or do nothing and just leave it alone? This is about 4 days after I reworked the layout of the plants in the aquarium. I was away for a week and so figured I'd do a major water change (40%) and used that as an opportunity to put in the root tabs and space the plants out a bit better. When I removed the plants I looked them all over, the roots clusters seemed larger than I remember, so I think they are healthy, but feel free to tell me otherwise. Also ... I see these small orange nodules on another leaf: Right in the middle, you will see these tiny orange nodules... are those root systems waiting to grow as well? Does this signal something about my plants that is unhealthy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love my plants, I want them to grow more.
  15. When preparing to raise baby fish, it’s helpful to have a “Java box” ready. I use a small shoe-box-sized Sterilite container, housed underneath my tank stand on a shelf, with muted light overhead. I have a small sponge filter running, and Java moss + Java fern just going in there. I add a few ml. of Flourish at each top-off with tank water siphoned from above. It’s ready to go as a hatching place for eggs, or grow-out for fry.
  16. I'm my water I've been able to keep java fern alive but never thrive or really get any bigger for that matter. I saw someone saying that adding potassium can really help it along. I have some k2so4 dry fert from when I used to do EI dosing and was just wondering a starting point of how much to use with just easy green. 75 gallon with anubias, crypts and a ton of moss with the java fern
  17. I have a Java Fern that I added to my tank a couple weeks ago. It's attached to a piece of driftwood. I initially attached it with a couple of rubber bands. There is a gap in the driftwood that I put the roots into. First question is how long does take for it to attach? I had it out today during a water change to see it better, and the roots have definitely gotten longer and seem to be growing towards the drift wood , but it doesn't seem attached yet. I removed one of the rubber bands, but I don't want to remove everything too soon, and the java fern ends up floating. The other question is about the brown spots on it. When I initially added it to the tank there were a few of the leaves that got really browned out and I removed those particular leaves. I have been adding Seachum Flourish to the tank once weekly. I have read that some spotting is normal. This is my first plant, so not sure what is bad or good. 🙂 Don't want to go snipping things that are ok. Here a photo of the plant: Can see the one leave with browning on the tip and the other to the left of it with more. https://photos.app.goo.gl/qc22pQ46waECg7TQ6
  18. I have some java fern in a tank that i have had for 3 months now (my first planted tank) but it doesnt seem healthy/happy its growing i guess they might be little shoots at the tips of the leaves and the leaves are getting a lot of polka dots thou lght initially that it might be it adjusting to my tank parameters but it hasnt improved in the last month there is one or two leaves that have completely died at this point but idk what nutrient they are lacking what is causing the black spots? I dont want to just dump fertilizer in there and get algea if its not necessary...
  19. The 3 large plants came from co-op while the other two came from petco. You can obviously see the difference! I will never buy plants from anywhere else again.
  20. Hi guys, i have attached my water parameters to get a closer look at calcium etc etc. Living in the UK means i cannot get hold of easy green. I have been dosing TNC Lite and Flourish (Flourish for the Calcium, Magnesium and Iron) The only plants i stock are Java ferns and a few different anubias (oh and a tiger lotus which seems to be the only plants surviving) . Please bare in mind that the camera is making the plants look much healthier than what they look like in person. I do not use co2, my lights (LED) 8are on for 8 hours per day. Any help is greatly appreciated as i am slowly loosing interest in plants as a result of my many failed attempts.
  21. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the issue is with this plant. It was doing good for a while and now it seems to be dying.
  22. New to the hobby and trying to figure out what is wrong with my el niño fern. Some of the older leaves are very pale (new growth is all really green) and I’m noticing some dark spots/holes on the older leaves as well. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  23. Why do I murder floating plants???? I’ve been trying to have some floating plants for the guppies to have fry in. I’ve killed them all! I’ve tried water sprite 3 different times. Hornswort , guppy grass. All my non-floating plants seem to be doing ok. What am I doing wrong??
  24. I am getting this wear brown mossy stuff growing on a certain type of plant on my tank any one?
  25. First off, greetings! I just became a member of this great forum after discovering Aquarium Co-Op and starting my planted tank. What an amazing resource. I am new at the planted tank gig and have what is probably a basic (i.e. stupid) question. I have a 29 gallon tall and added several differant types of plants as per the Co-Op's recommendation. Other than one plant which had Anubis rot and replaced by the Co-Op (amazing service!), things are going well, I think. However, I noticed that my Java Ferns new growth is odd. The baby leaves seem translucent in spots. Not sure this is normal, of some deficiency? I have been dosing the recommend amount of fertilizer every week (the Co-Op brand). Could it be the water itself? I have about 20PPM or so of Nitrates, zero Ammonia and Nitrites, PH 7.4, KH 40PPM and GH at 75PPM or so? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! PS: If there is something really off on the water, feel free to comment as well:)
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