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  1. @Waka88 sorry you are having problems. I’m a little surprised that you are having trouble getting plants from AC, I’ve ordered from them several times over the last couple years without trouble. Their costumer service is top shelf. Have you contacted them?
  2. Me too! The bluish grey offsets the reddish orange nicely. These are right at 1 inch, so I’m hoping they will get more color when they mature.
  3. A little. My lfs can’t get em, so went on line. Try searching for Corydoras venezuelanus
  4. They are here!!! They were supposed to come in ups overnight, but we’re delayed one day. All ten arrived today, safe and sound.
  5. Probably. Any time you are moving fish around, you are putting stress on them. Most of your Algae looks like it’s on your glass though. Maybe you can remove that manually.
  6. Here are a couple of mine. First one is 20 tall, second is a 38g
  7. I think this might eventually turn into one of those classic questions. Strips or liquid, Ford or Chevy, coke or Pepsi. For me, the liquid might be more accurate, but so many ways to go wrong. gotta shake the bottle enough, hold the bottle straight up and down, count out the drops and wait long enough without waiting too long. Then compare colors, and the vial is always between two colors. I’ve heard sticking your tongue out the left side of your mouth helps, but I can’t tell for sure. Strips are my go to solution. So much easier. And hey! We are looking for significant change anyhow. course, I’m not in my “right” mind
  8. I wouldn’t go nuclear either. But Since this is a qt I have to ask, how long has the tank been running? If it has been running for some time, how do you maintain the bio-load?
  9. I’ve been wanting to try breeding red sailfin Corys, but have not had the tank space. Finally able to consolidate and make the room. Can’t wait for Wednesday!
  10. Have u though about what you are going to do with excess Shrimp once they breed? I love the tank, especially on the live edge round! I’d keep with the simple theme in your picture and go with windolov Java fern. Cherry shrimp really pop against it.
  11. Here I thought all life needs water. As far as we know…..
  12. I can think one one, and only one, absolute truth - fish need water 🤓 sorry, couldn’t resist.
  13. Good advice, there are still a few plecos, shrimp and endler in there. I added a little salt, figure it’s like chicken soup….can’t hurt.
  14. My nitrites were higher than expected. Could have been chlorine following water chang, but a pleco got stuck in an in tank filter and died. I don’t trust my api kit. Well I could be the problem, but either way my results are all over the place Oh, and the tank is about 1 year old
  15. I think my ammonia spiked pretty hard, and I lost most if not all my plecos (it was a grow out tank). I’m thinking do a huge water change, make sure all the dead fish are out of the tank, and wait a month or so be for add fish back. Thoughts?
  16. Th forum has provided lots of input on the mechanics, so I’ll leave that to others. After 20 years in the Air Force, and another 10 in civil service I’ve moved interstate/internationally 12 times. The one thing I’ve learned: moving is one of the most stressful things in life. Up there with divorce, and loss of a close loved one or friend. Planning is a good first step, but deciding on your priorities is a must. When things go awry and you can’t do it all, make sure what you do is the priority. You have a lot on the plate, so best of luck.
  17. The ph in the pleco tanks is consistent with the city water……. the bio load in the big tank is really small comparatively
  18. Larger pieces or rock are granite and slate. Large tank has a large piece of sliderwood, the other tanks have mopari or anther “big” tannin producing wood. But are not tinting the water much. By this I meant the plants consuming all the nutrients in the water.
  19. I have three planted tanks, all in row. A 38 gal, a 20L and a 20 T. I use city water to full the tank, and don’t do anything other than fritz water conditioner and easy green and easy carbon. But the ph in the 38 gal is significantly lower than the others and the nitrates are all but nonexistent, even after adding nearly 3x the suggested dose of easy green over 2 days. I’m guessing it’s because the plants have consumed all the nutrients. What do you think? Also, can this lead to “ old tank” syndrome if unchecked? The 38 is moderately stocked with 3 angel fish (2 juveniles) 20 cardinal tetras, 7 ember tetras, a handful of endless, and 4 bn plecos that I’m growing out. It is about 3 years old, and suffers from stag and black beard algae. The 20L has an adult female bn pleco, and roughly 75 to 100 juveniles that I’m growing out, and slowly selling to my lfs The 20T has the male bn pleco and about 20 juveniles, plus a male betta. The juveniles in this tank are somewhat larger.
  20. Since I’m growing out plecos…….🤓🤩😜🤪
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