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Found 6 results

  1. I wanted to create a journal of my "outdoor adventures" this summer. I plan on going camping lots, hiking, as well as exploring all the nearby water bodys near me. You can tell that by the title I live in Manitoba. The flatest place in Canada! So today I went to a pond, its about a 5 minute walk from my house. I wanted to see what kind of plants lived there. There honestly wasn't much. I did find some Macrophytic Algae as well as a bit of duckweed. I'm hoping to head to out to a river thats about 10 minutes from my house, I've biked past their and spotted what I thought might be some Vallisneria.
  2. Hello All, I recently acquired a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank and want to start up an aquaponics setup on my front porch. I'm searching for fish stocking ideas. I live in the Florida keys so overwintering is not a concern (average temperature at night in January is mid 60s). Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I went to our local river and was able to pick out some nice rocks for my new tank setup. In cleaning them, some of the rocks have cracks/holes in them, others look like they have different rock deposits in them that look almost sandy, and other allow small particles to be rubbed off. I can get some pictures tomorrow when it gets light out outside. I have varying colors or reds, whites and blacks that see like they will work well together. In watching videos a lot of people focus on the acid test to see if it will change water hardness. It seems like regardless of the rock type there are three main concerns: 1. The rock can dissolve in your tank increasing the hardness of your tank. I am not too concerned about that one right now. 2. The rock can have copper deposits in them that can kill your invertebrates. It can also have iron too. This can be seen by the green or brown rust on the rock. 3. The mud and little cracks in the rocks can harbor wild flora and fauna that we do not want in our tanks. This can be treated by bleach, boiling rocks, or baking them. Thin or deep cracks look cool but could be hard to get cleaned out. Besides the copper veins being a big issue for my shrimp it does not seem like the others are deal breakers. Is there other thinks I should be considering before I put the rocks in my tank as hardscape? How do you feel about wild caught rocks?
  4. We have had a small tub(around 10 to 15 g) in the back corner of our garden for a few years and this year I'm hoping to add some white clouds to it. The problem is that I'm not sure how to filter it. We have no outdoor plug sockets and running a cable from the house isn't really an option. I have african water lettuce and some oxygenating pond stem plant, not sure what kind. Side note: I live in England, UK so Co Op products aren't available. Anybody know how I could do this? Any help is appreciated
  5. I feel so bad. I got guppy babies for free with a purchase of some cherry shrimp the other day (there were so many in the tank they couldn't separate them from the shrimp). I was planning on starting my first outdoor pond, and I thought, hey, I could throw these guys in there instead of keeping them with the shrimp (because I'm trying like heck to get my shrimp to feel comfy enough to make some babies here eventually). But I live in Ohio. And of course it's freezing cold this weekend at the end of freakin May, (rainy in the 40s and 50s--it WAS in the high 80s!!) and those poor guppies are out there and may have died already due to how cold the water temps are. I just feel really bad. 😕
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