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  1. None of these items that we want are necessary. Thus, a 'dream' product.
  2. I would do a dozen Ember Tetras. A Crypt garden in the foreground, a piece of driftwood in the middle with Anubias Nana Petite attached, with some Rosette Swords mixed in the middle of it. In the background, I'd go with a couple Dwarf Aquarium Lilys mixed in with Bacopa Carolinia, Jungle Vallisneria, and Red Flame Sword. Lastly, maybe some small-ish rocks to go sporatically around where you see fit, near the drift wood.
  3. That combo is fine. Just don't add everything at once. Be sure that there are zero Nitrites, and Ammonia before you add any fish, shrimp, or snails.
  4. Do you dose anything for your plants? Potassium? Easy Green?
  5. Are you saying that you want to point the flow towards one area only like a sprinkler? Or, just adjust the amount of out put flow in general
  6. Curious about why you want to combine a HOB and sponge? Nothing wrong with that, just curious. Why not two sponges, or two HOBs? If you really need low flow, I would personally go with two sponge filters (large Aquarium Co-Op) - one in each back corner.
  7. Let's see your build! I'd like to see how it turned out.
  8. Yes, please tell us more about your water parameters, other fish in the tank, how long your tank has been running, etc. Did you quarantine them? Did you medicate them?
  9. Here's what I don't like about the Tidal HOBs: -all of the blue: I don't need different colors on my HOB. It doesn't look professional, IMO, and it's a color that you have to figure out how to cover it up in the tank. -the skimmer: I don't want to have to worry about anything getting sucked into it. It's not like the end of an intake tube where I can put a pre-sponge on to cover it up. -the "notification" knob on top: I don't need something 'telling me' when to service my filter. I comes off as "gimmicky", and I know when to maintain my filter. You should know that servicing your filter on a scheduled basis is part of maintaining your aquarium. -the clip on the side for a heater. It's not needed.
  10. The thing that I would be worried about with going with 1" pvc, is that you'll need to clean/rinse the pitcher out after each hatch. Don't get me wrong - this thing is pretty tough, and durable. However, I wouldn't want to risk anything due to having to take it off the pvc all the time for maintenance.
  11. Aqua Clears are the best HOB, IMO. They'll provide what you're looking for.
  12. Look at what I built! Thanks @Robin for the idea, and for the video, @Cory! Without the idea, I wouldn't know what to do with this thing. Santa brought this for Christmas, and I wouldn't have known how to empty out my Brine Shrimp. Like Cory said, the stand is stupid! Without the video, I honestly wouldn't have known how to build it by just looking at your picture. I'm literally the opposite of a DIY person. Thanks to you both!
  13. Cory teased some new products on the last live stream this week. Just some food for thought. They're in dark bottles, so I'm guessing some more options for dosing.
  14. I had a similar issue. Some of mine had holes to boot. I've been since dosing Seachem Potassium, along with Easy Green. Did the trick. My plants have improved. Something to consider.
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