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  1. Found a recipe for strawberry-banana smoothie lately, and I'm obsessed. It's healthy, and helps me to continue to fast in the mornings until lunch. 1/2C vanilla low fat yogurt handful of strawberries 1 banana ice 2Tbsps honey _________________________ Put it all in a blender; grind it up and enjoy!
  2. Tap water may not hurt; but why even do it, when you can rinse in tank water? Rinsing in tap water to me, is a wasted step.
  3. How about a power head aimed at the surface? https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/equipment/products/koralia-nano-circulation-pump
  4. I have something very similar to @Guppysnail 's. Mine has a dial that you turn to ramp up/down the speed of the drip. I would suggest nothing short of a drip per second. But, it's totally up to you.
  5. Welcome! I love your scape in the 30! Quick side story about your name Del: Myself and 14 other friends were at a bar drinking and eating once. The manager came up to our table and said if we could guess his name, he'd comp our entire bill; and his name has three letters - 20 guesses. Sadly, we didn't figure it out...and his name was Del. But it was fun, nonetheless.
  6. @Ken Yeah, I do this for my hob. But, there are more parts for a hob that you need to clean. That's what I meant by the simplicity of a sponge filter. I don't think my idea could possibly come to life, tbh. I want less parts to clean / maintain like a sponge filter - but hang on the back.
  7. A filter as basic as a sponge filter, but doesn't have to be physically in your tank like a sponge filter. A hob filter is much more advanced than a sponge. I want the simplicity of a sponge filter, but doesn't take up a ton of room in your tank like a sponge currently does. So, I guess what I want is a hob sponge filter.....lol.
  8. Agree 100%. But regardless, I'm looking the other way when I click 'order'....lol
  9. I'm setting up a 90g Discus tank. I don't even want to know what my cost is going to be for 7 of these things.
  10. Welcome! How about some pics of your fish? We love pics! 🙂
  11. Dang; that's A TON of room in your fish room! Are you setting up automatic water changes?
  12. Hello from the other side of the world (USA)! We're hear to help you with anything you need. Lots of experienced aquarists here....
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