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  1. Hi there lovely people. Huge Cory/Co-op fan from the UK. I've kept tropical fish for years, and have had lot's of different types and kept them to varying degrees of success. We are currently having our garden completely re-landscaped, and my wonderful wife who doesn't share my love of fish has agreed to us getting a pond. I am incredibly excited but i have a few questions I would like a hand with if possible? Some details first of all. Not sure to the degree of detail i need to go into, but the pond I have purchased is the Laguna preformed 980litre. This measures 6ft X 4ft X 2ft. It will be completely above ground, and will be built into a block and slab built raised bed. Here are my questions; Fish/Stocking - I was planning on getting the fish all at a small size (up to about 3inches each), and stocking with 5 canary yellow goldfish, 5 red goldfish, and 5 sarasa comets. I then wanted to reduce the numbers as they got bigger, only keeping my favorites of them. Does this sound ok as far as stocking when considering filtration below? Filtration - I have a 1500litre per hour pump which is going to be hooked up to a terracotta plant pot which I will have a mix of mechanical and biological media in. This will then come through a bamboo spout and spill out back into the pond. I also have a home made 6 inch square sponge filter which will be run from a solar powered air pump. Plants - I have got a couple of 40cm black plastic plant pots that i want to put in upside down, with holes cut into them so that they can be used as caves, and then use them as shelves for planting on top of. Our garden is east facing, and the part where the pond is gets full sun for a few hours at the end of the day. We are in the UK with temps around the 22 most of summer, going up to 30+ on barmy spells. Does this sound ok, and what plants would you go for? Many thanks for anyone who reads and replies. I'm so incredibly excited! Dom
  2. Hey all! Hope your all safe, well and having fishy mad fun! I wanted to get all your advice from anyone with a bit of experience on pseudomugils I was looking to start breeding some luminatus. Anyone have any tips and tricks? What about outdoor pond and colony breeding? Tips for pond size, care, plants? If it helps I'm in Australia NSW and it's just starting to hit our summer tubbing season and I want to get my real first tubs going and would love it to be Australian and New Guinea fish! And while your at it name your favourite rainbow/pseudomugil fish! Or Aussie native! Cheers and thank you my fellow Nerms!
  3. I was going to put my Pleco in a 300G pond i have outside. Other residence Are Sword Tails and three gold fish. My only concern is the weather here in the central coast of Calif.. We are entering winter and the night time temps are starting to run in the 40's, a few nights in the 30's maybe 5 day's in a season and daytime 60's to 75. Will the temp. be a big issue?
  4. I built the muck bucket pond that Dean built and I'm having trouble getting the flow. Any ideas why I may not be getting the flow? @Dean’s Fishroom@Cory
  5. I have 4 large goldfish in a pond this year. Going camping. Need suggestions on a feeder that is waterproof and critter proof. Oh- and actually feeds my 4 goldfish well. lol please help!
  6. It's not quite time yet, but how the heck do you net out pond fish when there's so many plants. My tub pond has tons of fry and some of them will need to come out eventually. I also don't want to remove the friendliest fish and have a tub full of fish that are bred to hide. Here's a photo of my tub for fun and for thumbnail
  7. Just brought guppies outdoors to back porch mini ponds. We’re going with “Mutt Guppies,” “Firecracker Guppies,” and “Albino Red Guppies.” Plants are very basic and (fry) functional: Duckweed, Water Lettuce, and Hornwort. One large sponge filter in each mini pond, plus an additional Ziss Air Stone. The added air stone is helpful, because warm temperatures mean less dissolved gasses. Temperatures really swing: 60-degrees F over night, 90-degrees F afternoons. Feed once a day until ample fry appear, after which another 2nd feeding for fry is added. Here’s a peek...
  8. Hey everyone! I am trying to think of a plant I could grow underwater that will grow fast enough to not just be covered by algae and mulm. I was thinking creeping jenny, can that grow underwater 100%? The pond is full sun and hard water. Any ideas. Thx!
  9. Have about 20-30 White Clouds in an outdoor pond. The Water temp varies between 55-60, prob warmer when it heats up. Have had them out there for a month or two and no eggs or fry seen. I have seen maybe 10 die but not sure why. Have some Java Moss, hornwort, frogbit and water lettuce. Any suggestions to induce spawning.
  10. I took Corey's advice in one of his videos and added fish to my water iris mini ponds. The iris grow taller with larger blooms and keep the water clean for the fish (minnows and barbs😞
  11. I’m sure this is a dumb question but when setting up mini ponds how does everyone run electricity safely? I’m too impatient to wait for them to heat up on their own (I’m in va beach and they hit 74 once then a cooler snap dropped them back down to mid 60s) so I want to run heaters. Also need electricity for the air pump and water pump. Ponds are 110gallon tubs along my house where I do have an outside outlet I can run an extension on but how do I protect it from rain? Dying to start tossing guppies in lol Pic of my kids clearly not understanding it’s being set up for fish not as a pool. 🤦‍♀️🤣 Thanks! Nicole
  12. Title says it all. I've wanted to keep White Clouds so I thought it would work great. Catch is, it would most likely have to stay outside year round. The pond container itself also has to "look good" for the fiance. Might have to do a whiskey barrel. Wondering how possible this would be, and what size I should aim for. Any tips, opinions, or suggestions would be great.
  13. I'm going to help my mom with her mini pond this year, I've been doing research (watching ALL of Cory's videos). My tap water is: pH: 8.4 (not usually this high, normally runs about 7.6) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 I want to add some guppies for a fun breeding project. My question is: are my water params going to be ok for breeding guppies, and should I add salt to the pond, or any buffering agents? I have some red tiger lotus I plan to plop in and some duckweed. One of the videos he explained how green water is great for the fish, but I can't convince my mom of this.
  14. I've got 2 plecos - in different tanks - that I'm not sure about identity on. Hoping all of you can help me figure out if they are "common" or some smaller species. I bought 1 of the 2 about 6 years ago from Petsmart. He grew slowly to about 6" and seems to have stalled out there. No more growth in the past year or so, but he seems to be doing well. He's currently the only fish in a 29g tank planted pretty heavily with Crypt wendtii "green" that's turned into a jungle. The full body pic attached to this post is him/her. BAD photo, but it shows the dorsal fin fully erect and tail flared, so the body contours are readily apparent. BTW, that tank isn't really green water as that photo appears. Nasty trick of the camera because I zoomed in to get the shot without sending him running into the aquascape. The 2nd pleco is a rescue who came to me almost 5 years ago. He's only grown about 1" in that time, so he's now right about 6". Based on where the people live that I got him from, I suspect he's also a Petsmart purchase. He shares a 29g tank with a pair of rosy red minnows and a single black skirt tetra (an OLD fish that's outlived the rest of its school). The tank was VERY heavily planted until a couple of weeks ago when I finally thinned the plants out. Crypt wendtii "green" forest, with a LARGE Anubias nana and a sizable Java Fern, both of which I trimmed. I'll try to get a good photo or two of one or both of them tomorrow after lights come back on. I love both of my plecos, but they're definitely not the most cooperative critters to photograph. I think they're camera shy, because they most often play peekaboo like the second image. LOL They have the same body shape, fins, and markings. I have no idea how to sex plecos, so no clue of the sex of either. Regardless, hopefully at least one of them is cooperative. Come spring, I'm planning to set up a pond and hope to transition them to it. Would it be okay to put both of them in the same pond? If so, how big should I go to make sure they're safe together? I've read so much conflicting information about plecos online, I'm not sure what's feasible at this point. Hoping maybe someone in the forum has transitioned plecos to outdoor ponds (I'm in the high desert of southern Arizona, btw) and can provide insights into that AND can provide guidance on whether these 2 can be put together in a single pond. I'm not opposed to setting up 2 smaller ponds versus 1 big one, but I need to know which possibility to plan for.
  15. Has anyone tried to grow horsetail indoors or in the aquarium? I tried for years to grow it in planters and failed. Then came the happy accident when I tied a rock to my last specimen and dropped it into the pond. Now it is problematic. I haven't thought this thru yet but I'm looking for something that the Tinfoil Barbs and other fish won't eat. Thoughts?
  16. Our pond goldfish was up at the top today, acting pretty normal but it looks like his slime coat is sloughing off. I realized I topped off the pond yesterday with the hose and got distracted and forgot to dechlorinate it. I've got a 15 gal green water tank in the house I could put him in to recover or leave him out? Pond temp is about 50 degrees. He has some debris sticking to his slime coat. What's the best way to go here? Bring him in or keep him out and watch....any suggestions
  17. At the beginning of March this year, I started my first outdoor mini pond. Given what a summer its been, I found myself spending countless hours sitting next to that pond and staring into it...like I was a crystal ball or something of the like. I didn't find any answers, so to speak, but I did find some peace. So when summer ended I couldn't bear the thought of it going away, and so, I've been taking steps and making moves lol. Which is to say I moved my outdoor mini pond indoors. It's not yet finished (grow lights are on the way) but here are some pictures. I've heard that fish tanks are a thing that exist but there's just something about a pond. I'm curious as to how many like minded individuals there are out there. If you have an indoor mini pond lets see em
  18. So this happened. I have two stacked container ponds, one 15g with endlers above a 40g with three goldfish, 2 common and 1 oranda. I know, I know about mixing types. Let's just say it was a convolution of my three young kids, a carnival, 3 prizes, 1 death and 1 replacement trip to the aquarium shop and basically all out of my control. I go to start a water change in the ponds today and see lots of small fish in the goldfish pond and figure some endler fry were washed in during the rain last night. I start scooping them out and among them was clearly a goldfish fry. Ultimately I saw 7 was able to catch 6. They are all about 1 inch long so that makes them at least a few weeks or a month right? Here's my dilemma. I can set up a 10g today but it is somewhat of a hassle or I could put them back and wish them good luck. They have survived this long. My real dilemma is letting the kids get attached to what will probably be cull level olive drab common goldfish. Anyone have an opinion or advice? All are welcome. Thanks in advance! Here are the ponds and the endler(?) fry. These are endlers and not goldfish right?
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