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  1. Do not feed your discus blood worms. Try using metronidazole in the tank. The blood worms will hurt your fish
  2. My angelfish have had these spots on their tail for quite a while. Now, I’ve tried to treat for ick. Medicine doesn’t work. All the other fish in the tank are fine the angel Fish are acting fine. Any thoughts?
  3. Does anyone use these to feed their fish? my chocolate gouramis, corydoras, my discus all love this food. Does anyone have issue with the tank getting dirty after feeding your fish?
  4. I just added a full dose of maracyn (per instructions). after i does with a full dose (per instructions) of Ick X? Im getting the same response that it looks like my discus have fin rot Is that dose okay
  5. I have been treating my discus for ick. Could you please let me know if you think it’s something else. Do you see the white markings on their tails
  6. The water temps are good. My pH is 7.4, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 10 Nitrates. He is acting fine. Hes my beautiful boy. He is a pretty large severum, but not full grown yet
  7. Not sure if he hurt himself or if something else is wrong. He was trying to get under a small section of driftwood so i removed the drift wood. Does anyone knows what this is? Or what I need to do? I dont know if i should panic if this could be hemorrhagic septicemia? Do not know how he would have gotten that. Please advise if you know, and how to treat. Thank you
  8. My fish love this, and my large severum always is trying to go thru the bottom section. I have removed all the sand underneath but he still does not fit anymore. Does anyone have any ideas on what i could put under each end to raise it up, so my severum can still go thru? Or maybe something I can replace it with. Right now he is hiding in the middle of it (in the picture)
  9. Will your nitrites be higher about 5 to 10 minutes after feeding your fish? How long should you wait to test your water after feeding them?
  10. I don’t put the old tank water back in the tank. I just rinse the filter media in the old tank water. I use new water when I do a water change. Here is a picture of my tank.
  11. I don’t put new sponges in. I put back all the sponges. I rinsed in the tank water back into my tank. I also have purigen and phosguard in my filter. The only think I put In new, is the filter floss. I have a 75 gallon tank and I have 12 fish in there. They are young South American cichlids. I am very diligent about my water changes. Keeping the sand clean from waste and testing the water. I made sure the tank was completely cycled before buying fish. I think that’s what I was doing. I was cleaning the sponges too much, even though I was using tank water. I have never cleaned the actual filter and it’s pretty gross but watching videos, that is how is should be
  12. Hello! How old is this tank and how often do you clean the sponges? This tank is a few months old. I did a fishless cycle before adding fish. I tested the tank everyday to make sure we were good. My filter is a secheam tidal 110 (hang on the back filter), it has a blue pop button for when the filter needs to be changes. It usually requires changes once a week
  13. I believe that I somehow crashed my cycle. I just went thru 4 or 5 days of high ammonia levels, and I did 50 percent water changes everyday and used fritz complete (this is in my 75 gallon south american cichlid tank), and this morning when i tested the water, my ammonia levels have gone down (not 100%), but not nitrites are high - which doesnt surprise me with having high ammonia for days. Three questions. 1. Does this sound like the tank crashed its cycle and has started again? 2. I am doing 50% water changes every 24 hours (in the evening), I did just add more fritz complete this morning because of the high nitrites. Can I still wait to do a water change this evening? Will by adding the fritz complete get the fish thru the day? I have 2 bubble stones in the tank to help my fish with oxygen 3. When you clean your filter media, should i leave one of the sponges dirty? I usually clean all the sponges in tank water. Not sure if this could cause the cycle to crash. Thank you for your help
  14. My fish had ick. Im not sure if this is still ick or something else. Not sure if I need to do another ick treatment or just salt and high temps. Or just do a maracyn treatment
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