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  1. I have 8 surviving baby guppies now, and some are getting these black markings on their tails. I'm also including a pic of one without the markings. I think they might be males, as dad also has black on his tail in that area. I guess it won't be long before it's obvious?
  2. Today Cosmo got a bunch of new crypyocoryne that I bought from a LFC member. After carefully inspecting his new plants, he said "thank you" by building a bubble nest. 💙 I noticed it looks like he has a tiny tear in his tail fin. I'm keeping a close eye in it and removed the "betta hammock" which he never rested on but may have swiped on his way around the thermometer, which remains one of his most treasured decorations.
  3. Got plants yesterday at my LFC tailgate. Today I cleaned them of their duckweed (mostly) and dead parts. What a great deal I got!! Water sprite: Gorgeous cryptocoryne w/ tiny bit of subwassertang hitchhikers separated: Giant portions of moss - pic on left shows it in a one-cup measuring cup:
  4. After finding numerous fry free in the tank, I decided today I'd set free those in the basket. I think there were about six in there and 10 or so free swimming.
  5. I have a small sponge in my 20L along with a small HOB, and a medium along with a HOB in my 45. I think a medium sponge would be too big for a 20L. The nano pump works great in all my tanks.
  6. Yes, but I've never purchased fish online, and that might be a different situation needing the plop and drop method.
  7. Hi Sharon, as others have said, first ammonia rises, then nitrite rises and ammonia falls, then nitrate rises slowly. Keep feeding the fishless tank small amounts (tiny pinch of fish food for example) every day and test water every day. One day your ammonia and nitrite will be at zero and nitrate may be fairly high (depending on plant load), and that's when your tank is cycled. Only do a water change during this time if your nitrate levels are really high, like over 80ppm. Do a last check of the nitrate level and do a water change if necessary (I suggest 20-40% water change max). Then add fish - smaller fish first, small numbers first - add more after a few weeks. Aquarium Coop has great videos on how to better understand the nitrogen cycle on their YouTube channel.Good luck!
  8. How adorable!! (Now that Daniel has explained it!!)
  9. I've been closely watching the danio fry in the breeder basket from above, but haven't been watching the rest of the aquarium as carefully, since I'm also dealing with back issues and new guppy fry in the quarantine tank. Well today I turned down the room light and turned up the tank light and look what I found!!! Now most of these are larger than the ones I have in the basket which means they've been hiding very well and are pretty much too big to eat. There are also many really young fry hanging with this group, too, so I included a pic that might show them better. Tomorrow the rest of of fry are coming out of rhe basket.
  10. I cannot advise, as I don't know much about plants other than mine seem healthier with regular fertilizer and I prefer to do it on a schedule so I don't forget and kill yet more plants than I already have. I recently bought the 60 pack of Easy Root Tabs because there are two other smaller swords in this tank as well as several crypts in this and another tank. I use 2 on this one since it's gigantic, but everything else gets only 1 tab a month.
  11. This sword plant of mine is over a foot high, not counting substrate. I started using Easy Root Tabs on it a few months ago when the plant wasn't doing well (you can see the hole in one leaf on the lower right). I use a safety pin and poke a hole on each end to prevent them from popping out, though I don't have fish that dig. I use 2 tabs on it once a month. I'm hoping to see this sword hit the surface of the 24" tall tank!!
  12. I feed twice a day. I have 1 pkg of frozen food at a time (varies), and also have freeze dried brine shrimp and bloodworms, regular flake, spirulina flake, pellet (betta, micro, and for all, Bug Bites), Easy Fry, and live BBS. I rotate mostly randomly except for Sunday, which is spirulina only day. Other days I feed one meal of flake or pellet and one meal of live, frozen or freeze dried. I really want to try the grown live brine shrimp that my LFS sells, but that would be a special treat because I'm sure they're expensive.
  13. Idk but they look really cool! In the pics, one looks red and yellow and the other looks orange and clear.
  14. I would just suggest any non-aquarium-specific substrate be rinsed extra carefully and examined for any abnormally sharp pieces.
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