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  1. I love and want algae in my main tank for the otocats, and today when filming the rasboras eating baby brine shrimp, I could see the "lovely" brownish green algae on the back of the tank, with lines through it where the cats have been feasting. I'll take that trade for otocats and their amazing cleanup abilities (they've cleared off many of the plants). I also have black beard algae in the danio tank, mostly on the Java fern and water sprite, and I'm treating it with Easy Carbon along with being more consistent with fertilizing.
  2. Hi Julien, @Irenefrom Aquarium Co-Op has a great video on YouTube about algae and different ways to control it. Snails help, too.
  3. Potassium permanganate is an algae-control product. I'm not sure what other uses it may have, and have heard it stains if spilled (carpets, floors, clothes) so I have never used it.
  4. Aren't they though? I'm imagining one of those angels in with my rasboras - the color coordination would be awesome! Someone posted a blue dwarf gourami and its "gang" of similarly colored smaller fish and that got me really thinking about how great that looks. I have room in my aquarium for an angel, too.
  5. Harlequin rasboras are far and away my favorite. They're small and beautiful, showing off varying shimmers of light and deep orange and silver, depending on how the light hits certain areas of their bodies. They school, shoal, go off on their own and in pairs, and nap spread out all over the tank. Whatever they're doing, if something startles them they form into a tight group. Their fins turn deep orange when fed live baby brine shrimp or even freeze dried brine shrimp. They have cool black streaks on the edges of their anal fins and tips of their dorsal fins. Watching their dorsal fins go up and down and change color is fascinating, as they're so expressive with them. The juveniles are adorable and love to play in the bubbles, filter flow, and lower in the tank around the decor and plants, while the adults are mostly just concerned with propagating the species! 💗
  6. If you can't be with him, maybe you could do a "local fish store zoom fish meet and greet" 😀
  7. A last minute gift could be going with him to the LFS to pick out fish based on the setup you've picked for him, giving him tips on various fish (this species could be too shy, this species grows too big, that species and the other one that you like will get along just fine, that fish will color up and look gorgeous, etc.). Good luck, what a lucky Dad he is!
  8. Update: day 6 I am only updating today because I found 2 more fry in the tank for a total of 3. There are also at least 3 still in the breeder.
  9. It seems to me that covid has been a boon for the hobby, and the biggest problem is they can't keep stuff in stock due to both increased ordering and shipping issues. I've seen articles that purchases of pet supplies have gone through the roof since people are home with their pets and getting new ones, and many people who don't want (or cannot have) dogs or cats are looking to fish. I wanted another dog when I retired, but my dog is too picky and spazzy for me to go through the adoption process during covid (it was going to be a rough search anyway - he's friendly but comes off super-aggressive at first due to anxiety). So that's sort of what got me looking at fish more seriously. I order most stuff online, and one nearby chain pet store has free delivery if you order a certain amount. So far my fish have only come from one of two independent LFS's - the key to avoid the largest crowds is to go right when they open and if possible, during mid-week, in my experience. Can't wait for the spring auction, to be held outdoors in April, to see what the local breeders have!!
  10. Hello, I joined my local aquarium society two weeks ago, and have not heard a peep from anyone since. I emailed them on their web page form last week, and still have not heard anything. Dean is speaking at the February zoom meeting and I don't want to miss it! Is this normal procedure when a new member joins an aquarium club? All I have received is the PayPal receipt. Thanks.
  11. Update: day 5. Found 4 free swimming in breeder, 1 in tank
  12. I have 6 otocats (I think) but haven't seen more than 4 at a time for several weeks. I've seen what appears to be mating behavior so maybe there are more!!
  13. 4 day old danio fry with snail photobomb, outside of the breeder box. And some of its siblings inside the box.
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