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  1. When I first got my harlequin rasboras, they'd swim from one side to the other - bubble-riding the sponge filter on one side, then flow-riding the HOB on the other. My betta Cosmo also likes to bubble-ride, though now that he's mature he has bubble-nesting more on his mind. It's fun watching fish have fun!
  2. I had trouble keeping them alive more than a day. Someone suggested keeping them in the fridge, but they seemed to go into shock when with the temp difference when fed to the fish - maybe acclimating them would help. The LFS I bought them from said to keep them on the counter with an open top to allow O2 exchange, so I tried that. Still, half of them were dead by the next day (possibly too warm). But since they were only $1.50 a cup (mostly water of course), and it was recommended to me to be a special treat only, I wasn't too worried about the loss, and haven't bought any recently. Maybe try a styrofoam cooler that's kept just cool but not cold, and with the lid off the cup of shrimp for gas exchange. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Alicia! We haven't moved yet. I had to get my AC and a couple other things fixed ($$$) before the agent would even consider a listing, and am waiting for a house painter who's on vacation, and in the meantime I'm packing stuff and moving all the nonessential items out for photos. They asked me to move Cosmo (he's not in a good place for "staging") but I said no - he's gonna have to be moved at least twice during the move. I am planning on it listing by the first week of August. My neighbor sold his house in 3 days and they closed in <45 days, and i hope for the same. Then I have to hope I can find an apartment in time, as they go really fast in the greater Boston area. BUT the market here is sizzling hot right now so that's a good thing for walking away with a few $$ in my hand, which I will need in order to buy some new aquariums and stock!
  4. Finally got video of him flairing at the ramshorn.
  5. The large LFS near me near Baltimore, which has been around for decades, looks kind of messy and disheveled. At first glance, it's not a great impression. But, they're always hopping busy with at least 6-8 employees in the freshwater section plus 2 full time at the registers. The fish are well taken care of. There are always 2 or 3 people doing tank maintenance and someone is changing the betta bowls' water (wish they'd get Cory's system). When I scheduled a day to bring (donate) guppies (boy do I miss my wiggle-butts), the guy had to set up a quarantine tank first, so I know they quarantine their fish. They're helpful and for the most part very knowledgeable. I hope there's a store like this when I get to the Boston area.
  6. On a YouTube video Cory shows how to "bag" the sponge under water and lift it out which keeps the mulm in the bag. You gently lift the sponge and work the bag under it with your other hand, then lift out.
  7. I used to be on a lot more but have been dealing with family issues requiring me to sell my house and move. It's been a stressful and exhausting process for shall we say "not" a spring chicken with no mate (☹). And I only have Cosmo now - all the other fish and shrimp who used to bring me so much happiness and peace had to be rehomed for free along with their aquariums, equipment, plants, everything. The money I spent on those aquariums...a couple thousand at least. (I'm selling/donating basically everything I own - except Cosmo and my dog Zodiac and all their stuff - and starting over). I can't wait to get to my new home so I can start again with new aquariums. I might only be able to have a couple 5-10 gallon tanks, maybe a 20 gallon. And then come on here more and share the journey. For now, here's Cosmo's current bubble nest.
  8. I tried a cling-on background but it was too shiny, so I went with black posterboard.
  9. I found a place that had replacement handles for these tops when I misplaced mine, but can't remember if it was on the Aqueon website or somewhere else. I think I just googled "replacement parts for Aqueon glass lid" and something must have popped up. Good luck in your search.
  10. Gorgeous fish! Yes, my betta Cosmo underwent a dramatic color change after I got him. February 14, 2021 March 5, 2021 Couple days ago
  11. I don't go fishing, so maybe this is common knowledge. They say it's less stressful than trucking them in. https://www.abc4.com/news/digital-exclusives/who-says-fish-cant-fly-aerial-stocking-places-fish-in-lakes-via-airplane-drop/
  12. I've been packing up my fish supplies in preparation for selling my house and moving approx 450 miles north - house going on market in about 2 weeks and is expected to sell very quickly, so the move is probably around September 1. This box is being shipped. It's mostly spare items used with my other two (rehomed) tanks and fish, but a couple/3 new aquariums are hopefully on the horizon. Here's my plan for Cosmo. He will stay in his tank until the day before closing. I'll be in a hotel a couple days before then, and will set up the 5 gal minibow for him there, where we'll spend 2 nights and leave in the morning the day after closing. I was planning on transporting him in the minibow, but apparently it is better to transport him in a little "betta cup" type container in the beverage holder in the front seat, to avoid being sloshed around, so I'll do that. It's about a 9 hour trip including stops. Have to drill some holes in the top: Some plants, the heater, sponge filter, and of course his thermometer (and my digital thermometer!) will join him in the minibow, and the rest will go in a bucket with the hardscape and gravel, tank water and an airstone, as it will be in there at least 48 hours. He won't be fed the day before or morning of the move. I'll set up his tank immediately upon arrival so he can get settled back in quickly. I have heat packs for his cup ride north, spare air pump, battery, and towels. I feel like I'm missing something as I have never moved fish. What else needs to be done? I did his water change this morning and he's been ramped up all day. The only red on him now is that slight red at the base of his anal fin, and the only white is on his face, and a single white scale on his body.
  13. My first thought was whoever wins this might do that.
  14. Why do koi plakat bettas change color; do they all change color; and can their eventual color be predicted?
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