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  1. Hi All! I went out of town for five weeks while my wife kept an eye on my 5g neo shrimp and snail tank. I came back to a cloudy tank completely out of whack so I don't know what to start on first. I did a ~30 percent WC yesterday without checking the parameters. Rookie move but I'm glad I did it. Checked today and something kicked the tank out of cycle. It's been running for one year and eight months. Shrimp added six months ago. Current parameters: Ph: 6.6 (was 7.6 when I left) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: .25 Nitrates: ~40 Kh: 2 (was 3) Gh: 12 Temp: 74 I'm thinking replace my crushed coral to get the ph and kh up again. Do WCs until the nitrite disappears and test the water every day. Is that right? Do I focus on getting the nitrite down first and worry about the crushed coral after? How large do my WCs need to be? All inhabitants seem fine and are breeding like crazy. It's kind of unsettling to see how many shrimp are now in there to be honest. Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, so originally I was going to post about how I should go about increasing my tank water PH to be right around 7-7.5 as I feel like it’s currently fairly low. The PH out of the tap is low and I’ve added about 1 pound of crushed coral to the tank. That seemed to increase my GH but the PH and KH are still low. BUT, what the heck is going on with my tap water? I attached a pic of co-op test strips (one from my tank and one from the tap to show comparison) and it’s showing that there’s roughly .5ppm of nitrite and a small amount of nitrate in the tap water. I’ve seen nitrates in tap water before but never nitrite.. the fish seem fine but this tank (30 gal) houses a pair of convicts which are tough as nails to begin with but I want to be sure they’re thriving as much as possible. I do 30% WC & gravel vac every Friday but my PH and KH always have been low, and seeing nitrite readings from the tap is freaking me out! Thoughts? Should I just leave my ph and Kh alone? What should I do about the nitrite reading from the tap? My nitrite and nitrate readings from the tank are always fine (I have a ton of pothos growing out of the tank that suck up nitrates like crazy) but I feel weird now adding “clean water” from the tap that apparently has nitrite in it..
  3. I have a planted tank that I had neglected for some time. I am full speed back into trying to get it back. I cleaned the tank a lot. Maybe overcleaned. I might have caused a nitrite spike from it. Anyway, did a bunch of water changes and got it back. This week I decided to add easy green and Flourish Excel. Today I tested the water and the nitrites are at .50 ppm. The nitrates are at 10 ppm. No ammonia. Did the addition of the easy green cause a nitrite spike? Is that a thing? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello hello! So it's been about a week or so since I've last posted. I feel as if I've made little progress but am not getting very far with it. I believe last week I had no nitrites and 2ppm of ammonia. The beginning of this week, I decided to take a bio-media bag out of my cycled tanks filter and plopped it into this newer tank. Everyday for the past week, I've tested for ammonia and nitrite. I've had the same numbers all week. 2ppm ammonia and around 0.50ppm of nitrite. I thought that it would have cycled the ammonia but it did not. I don't know why but I thought if I dosed in some more ammonia is would cycle. Don't ask. Sometimes I just do things. It clearly did not work. So now I'm back to having this same issue. Why won't my tank cycle? I've taken out the hide I had in it because I thought maybe it was effecting the cycle. Again I don't know why I thought that. I have 3 Java ferns and 3 lucky bamboos. I think in my previous post I was told to get more plants but my biggest concern is that this tank is for an axolotl. I fear that he will dig up the bottom substrate (very fine sand) and eat the fluval stratum I have in one spot under the sand. I did this on purpose for the fact that I'm anticipating him to dig around in the area I plan to feed him. I'm sure many know they're very messy altogether so I'm also trying to keep it easy to clean. Anyways, I guess I'm asking again as to what I should do. I want to use the "more plants" situation as a last resort. I hope this all makes sense. Thank you in advance for helping out.
  5. I just finished cycling a little over a week ago (at least I thought I did) as I was able to dose my tank with 2ppms of ammonia and 24 hours later ammonia and nitrites were 0. Since then I’ve been dosing 2ppms of ammonia daily and ammonia and nitrites are always at 0 the next day. Suddenly today I test the water and both ammonia and nitrites are at 0.5 ppms? I can’t think of anything that could have caused that? I don’t see any snails in the tanks, I haven’t dosed any anti bacterial medications or anything like that all I’ve been doing is dosing 2ppms of ammonia daily. Is there anything I might be missing? I do weekly water changes every Friday, and during my last water change which was 5 days ago I trimmed and removed some dying plant leaves. Thats the only change I could possibly think of but every day since then the tank was able to process 2ppms of ammonia until now so I don’t think that affected it. Does this mean my tank isn’t cycled? Did beneficial bacteria just die off? Also I’m not sure if this is relevant but my ph was also 7.6 today, which I thought was strange because when I test ph before my weekly water change it’s usually 6.4 - 6.6, I was going to add crushed coral to raise my kh and hopefully my ph too but now my ph is 7.6 and I’m just confused. Any possible explanations or advice would be appreciated 🙂
  6. Hello everyone. I have an issue that I think has been potentially killing fish after water changes. I have a 75 gallon, well-established planted tank with rainbow fish, clown loaches, and assortment of tetras. It Is generally fairly stable. However, over the years I have noticed that occasionally after water changes I would lose a fish or two. I thought it might be temperature fluctuation or just maybe stress related to being overdue for a water change. Today, I used a python water change system today for the first time. I have checked my source tap water previously and never really noticed an elevated nitrite level ..But I have not checked in a while. Today, I performed a 33% water change with the python and did everything appropriately regarding adding prime (10 cc for for my 75 gallon tank) and also i kept temperature stable. I happened to check my source tapwater and noticed that it had nitrite and nitrate as per the photo. 50 ppm nitrate and 1 ppm nitrite.. 0 ammonia. The tank itself is showing essentially zero nitrite and 40 ppm nitrate (otherwise stable pH etc). About 30 minutes after the water change, a silver tip tetra showed signs of stress. He has swimming in the corner of the top of the tank. I added 5 cc of additional Prime but my bigger question is what to do from here about my tap water. I don’t want to do RO etc. any thoughts on options for that level of nitrite in tap water? I think it is killing my fish with water changes. Thanks so much.
  7. I am sure this issue has been addressed before and I am sorry to bring it up. I have had this 20 gal tank up and cycled since april. All has been well til a month ago. I have 6 rasboras, 5 whiteclouds, 1 panda cory, 2 panda garra, a mystery snail, 2 nerites and one surprise guppy that hitched a ride as a fry. Also about a dz cherry shrimp and an occasional explosion of rams horn and bladder snails. We try to do a water change at least every other week but lately every week due to nitrite. I have used almost all my prime. My acrylic is now cycled so i put a couple handfuls of gravel from it into the 20. It helped for a couple days but now its back to .225. Everyone in the tank seems fine and happy. Eating well and very active. I tested big tank to be sure nothing was faulty. Tank runs about 72-74° I have a medium and a small sponge filter. Do I need more plants? I have not had an ammonia spike. I have been testing regularly. Water change before last we did well over 50% and I did a flush type change. That seemed to help for a day or so. Maybe the snails? sorry this is lengthy. I appreciate your insight!
  8. Hey all 😊 I just set up my 29 gallon tank on the 9th (so 5 days ago) This is tank #8 lol I know all about the nitrogen cycle etc But..here is what I DONT get --- So my tap water pH is less than 6. I use crushed coral in my substrate and some on my hob(s) to keep my tanks pH at 7.4-7.8 (depending on the tank). THIS tank however, I used 3/4 cup of aragonite sand (which is mixed with an inert petco brand small grained gravel and 1cm river pebbles - I was out of the crushed coral and wanted to at least try this) It def worked lol (the 29 gallon pH is 7.8) BUT. HERE'S THE THING - Aside from some driftwood, small bits of moss, 2 amazon swords and 2 apongeton plants that I took from another tank - everything else in the tank is new. And I have YET to add an ammonia source.. But the ammonia is reading 0.50-1.0, and the nitrite is reading 0.25-0.50??? Did the aragonite cause this??? (Pic of the tank 😊)
  9. Hi All I'm getting my first fish today in my 28 tall tank. I have lots of moss, baby tears and dwarf chain swords that are all thriving... as is my algae. I only fed liquid ferts the day i made the tank and have been doing easy carbon every day. I have a hob filter with course foam, activated carbon and fine foam and all seemed well. I've been testing with the tetra test strips and had nitrate 50, nitrite 1, chlorine 0... (no ammonia test at this point) for a little while after the initial high readings (i added some floating plants to eat up some nitrates) I then got my API master test kit ready for my fish and shrimp, and seachem prime. I've done a 10% water change each day for the last few days, with prime to try to get rid of the nitrite but when i tested today I have 2 nitrite and i'm guessing 30 nitrate (its in between the colours)... so my question is this Will my fish and shrimp be ok going into this tank? Does the nitrite still show but is now detoxified by the Prime? my ammonia and chlorine are both 0. Many thanks
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