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Found 6 results

  1. So I am ready to cry uncle. I knew a madagascar lace plant in a 5 gallon tank was too big, but I honestly thought it would not make it. I assumed I would get a few leaves and then it would just peter out. That has not been the case. Poor Piglet barely has room to make it to the surface. (pardon dirty glass and sand, I am about to water change and refill) I have been thinning it out weekly it just keeps coming. You can't even see the sword plant hiding in the back, and it is smothering everything. I think it is time to move it to the 40 breeder. But if I am going to destroy this tank, I want to know if anyone knows how to propagate this beast? does it make off sets? bulblets? can I divide it? Also...Shrimp and snails have been keeping this tank algae free, as has the rampant growth, no doubt. The electric blue acaras in the 40 breeder will not permit shrimp or snails. Any suggestions for algae eaters that will survive an acara, without eating the lace plant?
  2. I've had this bulb for a few weeks and can't tell if those are roots coming out or leaves. If anyone could tell me that would be great and apreciated.
  3. I just received my bulb. I washed it and added it to my aquarium. 2 days later I noticed a fungus on the bulb. Is this normal? Do I need to address this? I am in the process of cycling my new aquarium and do not have any fish at this time. It's a 30gal with plants. Thank you,
  4. My Aponogeton Ulvaceus has almost finished producing leaves and is heading into its resting phase like all bulb plants do. I'm finding conflicting information on the net (go figure). Do I: Leave the bulb in the tank? Remove the bulb? If I remove the bulb: How do I store it? How long do I let it rest? Any growing tips would be appreciated - this is such an amazing plant! Next time I want to propagate seeds.
  5. Hello, What is the proper way to get bulb plants (dwarf aquarium lily and what not) to sprout? Ive have two bulbs submerged in my tank for 2 weeks and they are still firm but they havent sprouted yet. Would it be possible to sprout them out of water by planting them in a pot with dirt and keeping them wet? Is there any tips to get them to sprout if i try them again? Thank you,
  6. I put in 2 bulbs from Aquarium co op on sat. The one on the right is going like crazy already so i know that one is in correct. The one on the left has those small red things coming out of it. Is this upside down and those are roots? or is one just a slower grower then the other? Hope these pictures are clear enough if I need to take a better one let me know.
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