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Found 7 results

  1. So I am ready to cry uncle. I knew a madagascar lace plant in a 5 gallon tank was too big, but I honestly thought it would not make it. I assumed I would get a few leaves and then it would just peter out. That has not been the case. Poor Piglet barely has room to make it to the surface. (pardon dirty glass and sand, I am about to water change and refill) I have been thinning it out weekly it just keeps coming. You can't even see the sword plant hiding in the back, and it is smothering everything. I think it is time to move it to the 40 breeder. But if I am going to destroy this tank, I want to know if anyone knows how to propagate this beast? does it make off sets? bulblets? can I divide it? Also...Shrimp and snails have been keeping this tank algae free, as has the rampant growth, no doubt. The electric blue acaras in the 40 breeder will not permit shrimp or snails. Any suggestions for algae eaters that will survive an acara, without eating the lace plant?
  2. I had a dwarf aquarium lily that was growing very well. One day during maintenance I accidentally popped the bulb off the big vegetative growth/roots. I thought the big growth with roots would die, but it is fine and putting out new leaves. Its been at least 3 months. Is this normal? Will it grow another bulb?
  3. I had given up on the bulb. Its been in tank almost 3 months. At first I was turning it once a week then I just thought it was a dud. 3 weeks ago I just buried most of it I almost turned it last week when cleaning up the tank but didn't. Today I have a tiny bit of growth.
  4. I’ve had a red tiger lotus growing nicely for about a year in eco-complete substrate with root tabs. Overtime recently I’ve noticed that it is not making very many new leaves, and there seems to be a ball on top of the substrate. It looks a little bit like it is forming a new bulb. Anyone seen this before? How do I get it to make more leaves again? kind of hard to see in this photo, but you can see this thing that looks may be like a Macademia nut on top of the gravel in between a couple Java fern leaves
  5. Recieved Lilly bulb directions say plant in substrate would that be the dirt packaged in or the aquarium substrate?
  6. I picked up this plant from my LFS yesterday. I asked the employee what it was, and he said, "It's just a bulb plant. " 😂 So is anyone able to ID this plant? It had a really nice root structure so I'm comfortable that it can grow as an aquatic. I love the twisty leaves! (The guy is not my favorite employee, but the store itself is great.)
  7. I purchased a dwarf lilly bulb from the Co-op a while ago, and it sprouted as expected. However, the plant kind of detached from the bulb so while the plant is look GREAT, I was curious to see what happened with the bulb. My understanding was that the plant grew out of the bulb pretty much still attached/growing out of it. I kept the bulb around and I am seeing some growth, although there looks to be a bit of white fuzz as well (from what I've read this is normal.) Is is normal for the bulb to sort of pop out a plant separate from the bulb? Or do they usually grow out of the bulb, still attached and using that as the new... uh, node? Rhizome? What have your experiences been? I absolutely love the color and height of this plant, will be excited if I get a second bonus plant out of it.
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