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Found 7 results

  1. Hello friends!! My poor, peroxide abused Java Fern (Thor's Hammer var.), is full of baby fernlets! I'd like to move them and grow them into full sizers that can go in other tanks or be given away to friends...any suggestions? Glue the fernlets to a rock? Cut and let float? Leave them be until the leaf falls apart? Any advice is very appreciated!!!
  2. Which plants can I cut off that have grown to long and replant them? How do I trim plants? Is there an article or something out there with basic information?
  3. At what point do I propagate and what is the process? I have a few different tanks in the process of being set up and eventually I want to move some plants from this tank and my 75 over. Right now they are only a quarter full as I try to get dwarf baby tears to carpet. Thank you
  4. At one point do you take the new baby off? I don’t know if I should just leave it or take it off and plant it.
  5. So I am ready to cry uncle. I knew a madagascar lace plant in a 5 gallon tank was too big, but I honestly thought it would not make it. I assumed I would get a few leaves and then it would just peter out. That has not been the case. Poor Piglet barely has room to make it to the surface. (pardon dirty glass and sand, I am about to water change and refill) I have been thinning it out weekly it just keeps coming. You can't even see the sword plant hiding in the back, and it is smothering everything. I think it is time to move it to the 40 breeder. But if I am going to destroy this tank, I want to know if anyone knows how to propagate this beast? does it make off sets? bulblets? can I divide it? Also...Shrimp and snails have been keeping this tank algae free, as has the rampant growth, no doubt. The electric blue acaras in the 40 breeder will not permit shrimp or snails. Any suggestions for algae eaters that will survive an acara, without eating the lace plant?
  6. I got a few Cryptocoryne spiralis in my tank. They've been there about 4 to 6 months, and are starting to really look better. Will they spread through runners, or is there another way I should be propagating this plant?
  7. I think it would be fun to try and grow some extra java fern and anubias nana petite emersed in a tub. What should I use as a fertilizer? Is dilute miracle gro sufficient or do i need micro nutrients in the water too. Can I use something like easy green and supplement the nitrogen and phosphate the fish would normally make with miracle gro? (I have miracle gro laying around if you couldn't guess) What concentration of fertilizer should I aim for?
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