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Found 10 results

  1. I have a Dwarf aquarium lilly bulb that was going well for a while- even sprouted off two new plants! At some point the leaves died off and I assumed I could leave the bulb in there and wait for it to sprout back up, but it's been like 6 months with no signs of growth. The bulb itself does have one soft spot, but is mostly pretty firm similar to when I got it more than a year ago. Could this bulb benefit from being dried out, or placed in the fridge for a bit? Perhaps that would kick start the "hey, it's spring! Time to sprout!" Similar story for my Dwarf tiger lotus, although that one was never very strong to begin with, as well an aponogeton species. Will drying these out or fridging be a good choice?
  2. I found two of these during WC in one of the tanks. I have had that plant for over 1.5 years and do not know what species of Aponogeton it is, but are these blooms? This is not the same tank with all the shrimplets, BTW. If the plants in that tank start getting pregnant then something is going on.
  3. Hey everyone! My local plant supplier has some Madagascar Lace Plant in stock, and its sooo pretty! But it looks like its a hard to plant to take care of, whats your experiance with it? It looks almost like a sword, should I treat it as a sword? does it grow fast, slow? Also share pictures!
  4. So I got these plants yesterday as a continuing project to add plants to my tanks. I don't have any of these yet. Once I got them home I placed them in my quarantine tank. I have 2 issues: 1.) In one of my pics you'll see some black stuff on one of the bulbs, is that harmful to the plant or fish or tank in any way? It looks like I might be able to remove it with a toothbrush but if that's something the plant needs I didn't want to act before I knew. 2.) Does one plant these or just leave them free floating/wandering in the tank?
  5. So I am ready to cry uncle. I knew a madagascar lace plant in a 5 gallon tank was too big, but I honestly thought it would not make it. I assumed I would get a few leaves and then it would just peter out. That has not been the case. Poor Piglet barely has room to make it to the surface. (pardon dirty glass and sand, I am about to water change and refill) I have been thinning it out weekly it just keeps coming. You can't even see the sword plant hiding in the back, and it is smothering everything. I think it is time to move it to the 40 breeder. But if I am going to destroy this tank, I want to know if anyone knows how to propagate this beast? does it make off sets? bulblets? can I divide it? Also...Shrimp and snails have been keeping this tank algae free, as has the rampant growth, no doubt. The electric blue acaras in the 40 breeder will not permit shrimp or snails. Any suggestions for algae eaters that will survive an acara, without eating the lace plant?
  6. Good morning all! My first planted tank has been up and about for almost 2 weeks now and doing well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my apongeton, but the darn thing keeps floating out of the substrate. As I understand it, you should not completely bury the bulb, however all the roots seem to come out from the top of it and are not in the substrate because of this. If I do bury shallow, then the roots aren't in and it always ends up going on a cruise around my tank. If I try to get the roots in the substrate, it results in the vast majority of the bulb being buried. Am I missing something? I feel dumb that I have a Master's degree but can't solve this problem lol. Thanks in advance for entertaining my silly question!
  7. So recently for the first time my Madagascar lace sent up the spike to flower. It was grew quickly and I arranged the covers to allow for it to stick out of the water like it needs to be. But the spike has started wilting below the flower pod. Has anyone had their plant flower? And does it require anything special to get it to flower properly?
  8. My Aponogeton Ulvaceus has almost finished producing leaves and is heading into its resting phase like all bulb plants do. I'm finding conflicting information on the net (go figure). Do I: Leave the bulb in the tank? Remove the bulb? If I remove the bulb: How do I store it? How long do I let it rest? Any growing tips would be appreciated - this is such an amazing plant! Next time I want to propagate seeds.
  9. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Or is this just a plant I won't be able to keep with angels?
  10. So i was just wondering while im sitting here in math class if anyone could lend hand on this. About a month ago i bought an Apontageton Bonivienas, at least i think thats how its spelled. Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew how to propagate these plants, and also big daddy cory if your reading this do you have plans to ship them like the tiger lily?
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