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Found 12 results

  1. I'm curious if anyone has artificially created a dry season for bulb plants before? specifically Crinum thainums. Long story short, my tank went to mayhem during my honeymoon and with a ton of life changes it will be four or five months before I can do it right again. Most of my plants I am just selling off because they are easily attainable (ludwigia, pearlweed, etc.) but for my crinums that I still want to flower one day, I want to try and give them a dry season. The method I've tried before with smaller crinums (unkown type) is to put the whole plant in submersed soil with emersed leaves, let the plant reclaim the leaves, then put the crinum in a bag of pool filter sand (because I have a ton) then let it sit for a couple months; while I know the actual dry season is 6 months (according to a book)...human time. Of my five test samples, two survived, so the success is iffy. But with my tank in distress, I want to move on to my two big boys. Any tips on how to do it different, or just cross my fingers and do the "known" method?
  2. I have had a Barclaya longifolia bulb I got sometime in January during that coldspell and it has yet to sprout anything.....the bulb is still firm and doesn't float it does have some green hair algae but I just don't know how to promote the bulb to start sprouting roots at least any tips or tricks? Or is my Bulb actually dead?
  3. I have a Barclaya longifolia bulb that has failed to root after being in the mail for 5 days and now it's been a week and a half with no production of roots or stems from the bulb. The bulb is still firm and still sinks when placed in the water. Am I just being impatient and just need to wait? Or do I have a dud bulb? I will also mention I got a madagascar lace bulb from the same shipment and it's doing the same thing. Any pro tips from my plant lovers out there?
  4. This was given to me as a mystery bulb. This is 3 weeks after planting. I have no idea what it is. Ideas???
  5. So I am ready to cry uncle. I knew a madagascar lace plant in a 5 gallon tank was too big, but I honestly thought it would not make it. I assumed I would get a few leaves and then it would just peter out. That has not been the case. Poor Piglet barely has room to make it to the surface. (pardon dirty glass and sand, I am about to water change and refill) I have been thinning it out weekly it just keeps coming. You can't even see the sword plant hiding in the back, and it is smothering everything. I think it is time to move it to the 40 breeder. But if I am going to destroy this tank, I want to know if anyone knows how to propagate this beast? does it make off sets? bulblets? can I divide it? Also...Shrimp and snails have been keeping this tank algae free, as has the rampant growth, no doubt. The electric blue acaras in the 40 breeder will not permit shrimp or snails. Any suggestions for algae eaters that will survive an acara, without eating the lace plant?
  6. I couldn't pass up this mystery bulb plant from my LFS. I got it half price from the other known bulb plants in their order. It's growing fast! *The leaves are red when they first sprout but turn medium transparent green after they are bigger. *The leaves are 2 to 3 inches max so far. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, What is the proper way to get bulb plants (dwarf aquarium lily and what not) to sprout? Ive have two bulbs submerged in my tank for 2 weeks and they are still firm but they havent sprouted yet. Would it be possible to sprout them out of water by planting them in a pot with dirt and keeping them wet? Is there any tips to get them to sprout if i try them again? Thank you,
  8. Hello everyone~ I purchased a dwarf aquarium lily from the co-op and had it for a little over a week. I took it out to check on it during a water change and it smelled awful. The bulb didn't feel mushy but there is some white fungus growing on it. No new growth yet. Is it normal for the bulbs to be that stinky? Thanks~
  9. These are days 5 and 9 of the bulb in my tank (they uploaded in reverse order). The green plants I got at the same time are doing great. Is there something I should do? Is it my tank? Is it a lost cause?
  10. So i was just wondering while im sitting here in math class if anyone could lend hand on this. About a month ago i bought an Apontageton Bonivienas, at least i think thats how its spelled. Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew how to propagate these plants, and also big daddy cory if your reading this do you have plans to ship them like the tiger lily?
  11. I recently (about a month ago) planted a Red Dwarf Lily Bulb and it has taken off quite well! I am looking at upgrading my tank size, however, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for moving established plants from a set up tank to a new one? Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone try to grow these Top Fin bulb plants? I wonder if planting them in a pot instead of in my tank with potting soil is safer? My tank is 48g with eco complete. My pot would be potting soil with gravel top. Now it would be a potting of 3/4 deep so the bulb wouldn't be covered and I don't want them all in this one tank. I have two 10g and one 2.6g that I wanted to spread them out in. I want them to ingest the nitrates, but I don't want them dying and adding to the ammonia. Also in a pot, would you cover with water? What have you done?
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