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  1. Hey everyone, I bought some assorted guppies my fiancee and mom picked out. I took them home to quarantine and care for until I could set up a tank in my mom's office. They birthed 6 fry the same night. I've been feeding the tank really well but I still haven't run the trio. If I do run the trio will the babies be able to withstand the meds or will they die? My fiancee, sister, and mom are attached to the fry so I don't want to hurt them.
  2. @Lifeisgood yeah, I took a lot away from these experiences and all the feedback I got from the forum. I think my next attempt at some point will be with a single tail or a larger fancy
  3. Yeah I think I'll try my hand at another goldfish soon
  4. Yeah I do feel kind of burned out on goldfish but I don't like quiting on a species.
  5. Personally I like the long bodies better but around me it seems the only long bodied goldfish you can get are feeder goldfish and they never seem to make it
  6. @Colu thank you. I've had terrible luck with goldfish.
  7. Hey guys, over the last two months or so I've tried my hand at goldfish. My first attempt was a nice looking feeder comet that I wanted to save. He died in quarantine I believe due to my water parameters going out of wack. Second was a fan tail he broke out some sort of infection I ran meds through him but he passed shortly after seemingly clearing up. Lastly, I had an oranda. I was running the trio but halfway through he had anchor worm. I did major water change ran cyropro. This was supposed to be his last week on cyropro. He was a voracious eater seemed healthy but a little thin. He started to have swim bladder issues yesterday when he was still but when swimming was normal ate a lot. Today he died. Is there a secret to goldfish?
  8. @Colu my goldfish passed overnight. I don't understand what happened.
  9. Yeah I have tons of brine and mysis and dried blood worms so I'll try giving him some more of that
  10. Hey guys, my oranda goldfish started floating sideways today. He swims normally but when he stops swimming and is at rest he floats sideways. This is his 3rd week of quarantine since he's a new fish. He had anchor worm and is on his final week of Cyropro. He mostly eats duckweed. He's eaten Hikari sinking goldfish excel 1-2 and mysis and brine shrimp 1-2. I'm not sure what could be causing his swim bladder issues.
  11. @Ramie Whenever I get detritus worms(what I believe you have) to a noticeable level, I do a slightly larger water change maybe an extra 10%. I also gravel vac more thoroughly.
  12. @Casual aquatics out of those which would you say is the most interactive
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