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  1. I've just left it all alone every now and then I see a πŸ‘Ά over the years I guess may 10 or so have grown I have a 55gal with about 20 now and a big fat monster mommy dropping eggs all the time. I put them here and there as a clean up crew. Nothing special Nothing fancy just 🐈 😻 πŸˆβ€β¬› 😺 🐱 😸 🐈 😻
  2. I water change system will happen I've already run the pvc line. My problem is iam on a Septic system I can't dump that kind of water into it as old as it is I have no way to drain . I would have to Capture and pump. I have to treat the water .so the plan is pump to a holding tank / treat/ pump to tank's. I may have to revise the idea for waste water. Florida home so it all has to go overhead through the attic. In and out Fun don't you thing? But i am totally committed to the project. Retirement in 5yr . This is going to be baby. 🐒
  3. The plan in the display tank is still open. Over stock cichlid tank ? Maybe? the main reason is time extended water changes due to my job. Cichlids are on my mind but a over stocked tank will run out of room in time. This fish room is a 10x12 bedroom using 3 out of the four walls due to a window I don't want to block. 🐚 dwellers are in the lab's are in 75 now and two more 75g mixed are wet around the house . My 30 year old 45 tall is getting sealed. I have piston pump to install . Most of the rescue fish. ( and yes they all came to me as rescue fish.) I have a 55gal just full of cory Cats πŸ˜† what huge project.
  4. Do some research on nano fish there are so many options it's crazy.
  5. A gift card! 🎁 that way you can treat yourself to a 🎁 πŸ’ 🧧 🎁
  6. You will be ok to just add spring water from the store your only working with 5gal tank. My nano tank is spring water only it's simple and easy
  7. Dragon stone; you can buy 44lb boxes from Lowes on line and or the store will order for you. Under Landscape rock. A few other choices available as well. If you order it right it will come right to the house. About a $1 a pound I got two small and one large back in July
  8. Very funny you 🀣 cat's are crazy but we love them too
  9. Salt; You can if not in a hurry put it in the 55gal trash can . I would, slow and steady as always worked well for me. Salt should kill anything that lived in fresh water πŸ’§ πŸ‘Œ
  10. I broke my pump right off the bat?? πŸ˜† So I guess will have to come up with a plan soon..No worries it's all about the question how many MM,s is in one pump
  11. SWEET POTATO VINE Who yeah...... thank you it's looks just right βœ…
  12. To keep nitrogen cycle under control with fish that eat plants what can I use that will look good in the fish room and not harm animals? I love orchids and pathos is dangerous for animals. What kind of Vine could I grow around my stand to make the room beautiful? Help me plan my new fish room.
  13. $40 yard sale I have to build the sump so I will seal it . It will probably only have about 30gal in it .water level will be managed by the tower depth. Do you think I should plant the center with moss or something equivalent to eat the nitrates? There is so much you can do with a 48 inch sump.
  14. When I build this next stand for a 75gl tank. Should I use a old 55gal as a sump? It would give me so many options for many things. Help my plan my next aquarium stand please. Turtle 🐒
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