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  1. My bottle of Easy Green is on the way and I had a question. I apologize if I sound less then intelligent on the subject, but I am🙂. My question is about nitrates. My nitrates are less then 5ppm and it says that I should be running at about 20ppm while dosing Easy Green. I am assuming that dosing will increase my nitrates, but by how much? The tank is a 40 gallon breeder.
  2. How can fix my easy green pump head
  3. I have 5 separate tanks all with similar issues but potentially different solutions based on the livestock. Basic question is how do I keep enough macro nutrients for the plants while being cognizant of the livestock that I have read is a little more sensitive (Apisto, gudgeons). I use root tabs and Easy Green but the math says one pump of Easy Green is about 3 PPM nitrates. I don't want to just keep squirting. 1. 20 gallon planted (low-med light) (tank in picture)- This has 7 guppies, 2 BN pleco, and 1 female Apisto Cacatuoides. I dose 2 weekly pumps of Easy Green but my nitrates are always zero. With the Apisto (brand new) I am afraid to dose any higher or with anything else based on reading a lot of them needed clean water and lots of water changes. My current water change is about 20% every other week. How do I keep 20 PPM nitrates for plants with more planned more frequent water changes for the apisto? Or am I over-estimating the water change needs for it? 2. Two 10 gallon tanks (med light each) (5 peacock gudgeons in one, 20 red cherry shrimp in the other)- I would describe these are medium planted including floaters (XL water lettuce and frogbit, respectively). I have a few swords in each so they get root tabs monthly and a pump of Easy Green weekly. Maybe 10% bi-weekly water change in the gudgeons and I plan about 10% monthly water change (and top ups) for the shrimp. 3. One 10 gallon tank (low light) (no livestock, not sure what i will do with it). This tank is easiest to mess with because its empty of livestock. I keep the hornwort (fills about 2/3 of the tank), dwarf water lettuce, and nitrifying bacteria fed constantly with a 3% ammonia solution to take the aquarium to 4 PPM daily. I randomly change water in here as I feel like it. 24 hours after my NH3 addition the NH3, NO2, and NO3 are all zero. I also dose Easy Green one pump per week. If you read this far Thank You!
  4. All I managed in that time was one tiny 10% water change. I did not expect this success but wow. I can thank the Co-op for the plants, root tabs, easy green, & expertise. I'm feeling blessed today! See all the growth
  5. My betta tank sits below my grow light set up, and the shelf around it accumulates the usual clutter of aquarium stuff that I never seem to properly “put away.” One day while tending my anemic pepper seedlings (which received a diluted water soluble 3-2-2 organic fert ~weekly or so, smells less than pleasant, grows mold, clearly was not working, I wasn’t satisfied). The easy green bottle caught my eye... did 1 pump for ~<1 gallon of water, gave it to some of them to see what happened. Was concerned about some plant burn since it was a super concentrated dose compared to the directions of 1 pump:10 gallons. Left is old fert right is easy green after a week or so (less than rigorous study design 🙈). Same pepper variety, same seed start date, same lighting, same soil. Soon switched to giving it to all of them 😂. Did this for a few weeks and the OG Easy Green group has clearly outpaced. WOULD NOT use it for green leafy’s since it’s not made for “people plants.” The high potassium content (compared to the ratio of N and P, especially compared to garden ferts) didn’t seem to have ill effects. I have no plans on using this long-term for garden plants, because again it’s not made for human consumption plants. It also doesn’t have the correct phos for flowering plants (appropriately so as it’s not made for that). But interesting food for thought that easy green may provide a gentle dose of nitrogen and trace elements without the salts of normal garden ferts, the combination of which may be helpful for starting seedlings.
  6. Hi guys! I'm super excited to try this stuff. I just was wondering if it raises nitrates at all and should I be concerned. I have a 37 gallon tall tank. Moderately stocked with plants and I have 6 mollies.
  7. Anyone else experience that their pump head for Easy Green stopped pumping properly? Mine quit working properly recently- it only squirts a tiny bit and the pump will not go down fully. I'd ask for a replacement but I'd hate to incur expensive shipping costs on A.C. Suggestions?
  8. I have used ez green for a while now and I love it. But recently I noticed after a water change and dosing ez green. An ember tetra began to breathe heavily and passed later on. I didn't think much about it. But after a few weeks I repeated the process and another ember tetra began to show the same symptoms. Also passed away. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you
  9. So I started up with live plants about 1.5 years ago. It's been quite the learning experience. I started out with a large bottle of Flourish from my local petco. It turned a clear color and kept leaking/bubbling out the top & making a mess so I returned it. And purchased the Flourish starter pack which contains Excel, Flourish, Iron. I opened the Flourish & it was dark brown/green color- which I thought was off-- because my 1st bottle was a clear or light green color. I moved on to MarcusFishtanks Fertiluzer pump in January. After 4 months of using it I have seen some good results BUT the liquid has become like coagulated, I'm not sure if its sugars in it lumping up OR if its mold and/or fungus. But there are some gnarly looking chunks all through it. Will Easy green become choppy like this other one? I was thinking of purchasing it, but I'm afraid of buying a 4th fertilizer to experience it get chunky on me. Currently I am just using sachem root tabs and small doses of liquid ferts until I figure out what's floating in my bottle. Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anyone know if Easy Green and Seachem Equilibrium and Potassium are safe for axolotls?
  11. @Cory I can’t thank you enough for this amazing product. It’s really made my plant hobby fun for me. Rock on plant keepers!🪴🌱
  12. Today, I had to titrate my tap water with RO water to get to recommended harnesses... and then I went down the rabbit hole. Now I'm confused. I'm looking at my easy green and am confused how mathematically I convert the bottle contents into an ending ppm when added to a barren aquarium. Assume I am adding 1ml into 10 gallons of water for simple math. Using Nitrogen as example, easy green has 2.66% water soluble nitrogen. So for the fertilizer itself, converting from percent to ppm we would have 2.66*1000000/100=26600ppm Then putting 1ml of this into 10 gallons (37854ml). 26600*1/37854=0.7ppm (edit for 10 gallon) So even if this all went to nitrates it would only raise it by 0.7 ppm. I feel like when starting my tank (8 gallons-->0.88ppm) two pumps of easy green got me from like 5ppm to 20ppm when I was testing. What am I conceptually missing? Thank you, Brad
  13. I have high nitrates out of the tap and dont want to push them too high by adding too much easy green. Ive found that 1 pump adds about 10ppm per 10 gal. is that everyone else's experience?
  14. I recently started using easy green in a newer tank(month old with already established ehiem classic canister filter), nitrates jumped up too high and I didn't notice in time. This is my first planted tank. Don't get me wrong, in no way am I saying it's easy green's fault. Anyways end result turned into ich(most likey) or possibly stress ich. I did add several fish around the initial e/g dose. So here's what I'm getting at. I treated the tank for several days using ich x and was using prime as my standard conditioner. After doing some more research though I decided that prime was most likely somewhat neutralizing the meds so I switched over to Hikari ultimate instead and dosed the tank with the meds and new conditioner for 3 additional days. Looks like the ich is gone now. The main question I have is about when to start using easy green again after the ich treatments. I'm assuming from what I've read that ferts and meds don't mix, atleast for not increasing nitrates at times of stress/ disease. I choose to not dose ferts while dosing ich meds, was this the right decision? I've learned that everyone has different opinions on everything in the aquarium hobby and that you need to do your research. I've also decided that you need to narrow down the people you are taking your advice from to keep things consistent and Cory from aquarium coop is my top choice at this point. Hey so that was a compliment lol Thanks Ryan
  15. Effects of dosing all in one, carbon, and iron at same time. I have been doing 3 different intervals starting after water change
  16. Hello Everyone, Should I be able to see if Nitrates go up immediately after adding Easy Green? Or does it need time to complete through the Nitrogen cycle? Wasn't sure if I was adding direct Nitrates or not? Background: The tank is a 16 Gallon Fluval Spec AIO with Fluval 3.0 light and CO2. I have a carpet of dwarf hair grass, 2 cypt parva, and around 6 Anubias nana petite, as well as a Bonsai tree with a canopy of Monte Carlo. For the volume I assume it's a good amount of plants? Bio load is 6 Cherry Barbs, 3 neon Tetras, about 10 shrimp and a snail. I was doing 50% water changes once a week. I was dosing 2 pumps Easy Green 1x a week and the plants were showing signs of struggle. I've increased to 3 pumps 2x a week (gradually) for the past 2 weeks. Plants are improving getting very green. Still I have nitrates at 0 ppm. Tonight I dosed and checked Nitrates again about 1 hour after dosing and it still reads 0 ppm. This let me to wonder if it has to be processed by the nitrogen cycle before registering as Nitrates? After reading some posts it seems I may need to slow down my water changes? Thank you, I'm new and learning. Jason
  17. Would there be any advantage to daily dosing of Easy Green? Was thinking of putting a dropper top on the bottle and feeding plants same time I feed fish. I guess the amount would be the weekly dosage divided by 7? I have a small graduated cylinder to initially measure the number of drops that would be. TIA!
  18. I am new to forums. I just got my easy Green fertilizer. 2/3 of my plants are low light like cryptsand anubias, and the other 1/3 are stem plants like bacopa, rotalla indica, and water wisteria, etc. Do I apply the fertilzer once a week or twice and how often do I change water to remove nitrates or do I test weekly? Thank..stuattti
  19. What dosing should I do with easy green while using co2. I've been dosing twice a week but I didn't know if I should do more.
  20. Approximately how long does it take for plants to absorb liquid fertilizers? I assume it depends on the number of plants that are water column feeders, their immediate need for nutrients, and the amount of water in the aquarium. How about a lightly planted 30 gallon that just got several more water column feeders (to make the tank heavily planted) just a few weeks ago? Is it best to dose the tank after a water change? Is it okay to dose a day or two (or three or four) before a water change so the nutrients are not wasted? I assume adding the Easy Green All-In-One Fertilizer will not spike the level of ammonia in the aquarium. I use tabs too, of course. I do not have water column feeders exclusively.
  21. So my first planted tank is a 3 gallon with Fluval Stratum as substrate. If I use the liquid fertilizer is that too much fertilizer? It's been running for a week. I've had some growth in the pennywort but they seem to look a little wilted. TIA. ~Deirdre
  22. So my fist round of scarlett temple failed miserably. Fish kept up rooting it and ied find it floating in the tank so I tried putting more of the stems in the substrate. Everything melted and died. That time I didnt have any ferts. This time I have all the easy line and root tabs. How should I go about planting the new stems when they get here to avoid this happening again? Everything is on it's way in the mail now.
  23. I can't seem to get my nitrates above 0 How should I rase my nitrates without kill my shrimp. Did that once☹️ Ezgreen .3mL and Seachem nitrogen .5 mL every day + others as needed This is a heavly planted high light co2 six gallon so small mistakes with ferts kill live stock! I just got my alge under control so just some minor spots. Let me know if you like more info Thanks! iGoatFish
  24. Hi yesterday i got my order of aquarium co op easy green and my question was if i needed a test kit or not.Near my area its kind of difficult to find a pet store but i was wondering if anyone knew a way to dose my aquarium without actually putting my fish or anything in danger.
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