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  1. So my fist round of scarlett temple failed miserably. Fish kept up rooting it and ied find it floating in the tank so I tried putting more of the stems in the substrate. Everything melted and died. That time I didnt have any ferts. This time I have all the easy line and root tabs. How should I go about planting the new stems when they get here to avoid this happening again? Everything is on it's way in the mail now.
  2. I have a planted tank that I had neglected for some time. I am full speed back into trying to get it back. I cleaned the tank a lot. Maybe overcleaned. I might have caused a nitrite spike from it. Anyway, did a bunch of water changes and got it back. This week I decided to add easy green and Flourish Excel. Today I tested the water and the nitrites are at .50 ppm. The nitrates are at 10 ppm. No ammonia. Did the addition of the easy green cause a nitrite spike? Is that a thing? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a new tank at my lake house. It only has plants and shrimp in it. It will be unattended for a few months during the winter. It has an ATO with a large water reservoir, so it will not go dry in the three months. I only have one doser. Can I mix Easy Green and Easy Carbon into one container and dose it daily? Can those two be mixed and the mixture is okay for three months? I've read that anything with iron and ferts will precipitated out, but nobody talks about the glutaraldehyde in Easy Carbon being mixed with ferts. Should I get an additional doser instead?
  4. Easy Green is a life saver. I got this Chinese tea tree for Christmas and it put out a bunch of flowers during the spring and then during the summer it went completely dormant and lost a good amount of leaves. That is until I started dosing my watering spray bottle with easy green. After two weeks, ive gotten tons of new growth, including 3 new flowers. I was worried I was going to kill this little tree, but easy green really saved my butt. 10/10 would recommend for house plants. 10/10 way better than the fertilizer that was included with the tree.
  5. Hello, Need help identifying this algae and opinion on solution. I am 5 months into my 20 long low tech and I believe I am very close to having the tank balanced. I am autodosing 2mls of easy green 3x/week and keeping my nitrates at 25ppm which is primarily from fertilizer as my plants consume all my nitrates very quickly. I seem to be struggling with what I believe to be BBA on the edges of my plants and most of the algae affects leaves that are closer towards the top of my tank. Bottom plants don’t seem to be as affected. I am unsure what lever to adjust next to reduce the amount of BBA. I am running my fluval 3.0 at 30% for 7.5 hours every day and have a good mix of fast/slow growing plants. I have 3 Amano shrimp and a full blown infestation of cherry shrimp. Wondering if I should increase lighting, increase ferts, decrease both or a combo. My primary concern is that if I don’t figure out eventually i will have to keep trimming off the affected leaves that I’ve worked so hard to grow out. Thoughts?
  6. I think it would be fun to start 3 similar aquariums at the same time, but try 3 different strategies for the substrate and fertilizer. First a Walstad type dirted substrate - in this case dirt from my yard Second, CaribSea's Eco-Complete And third, a 'normal' tank with CaribSea's Peace Rive substrate supplemented with Aquarium Co-Op's Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green liquid fertilizer. For this experiment (okay, this is definitely not an experiment as I do not have a hypothesis, any controls, or replicants) I will use three 40 gallon breeder aquariums that will likely have sponge filters, heaters, and Finnex lights. It should take me about a week or two to gather all the resources for this experiment (again, definitely not an experiment as my N on each tank will be 1, but my fun quotient ought to be greater than 1 because this will also be an attempt to setup 3 aquariums that are some more than green water fry tanks or mulm factories).
  7. I have a bottle of easy green I've been using for a few months. It always seemed like it dosed low and most of my plants have been good, but not great. Some finally melted away entirely (Val, S Repens, Dwarf Hairgrass). Some may be due to light, but I'm using a Plant 3.0 on a 40b so they are getting good light. I finally tested how much comes out with each pump: less than 0.2mL. Is this right? Either the bottle is defective or the instructions are wrong. No matter what I do with the pump, I cannot get more than a fraction of a mL out. How have I tested this? I pumped 10 times into a 5mL API tube and it was barely half an inch high. I used a pipette to suck it out and it was about 1.5mL in the pipette. I have graduated cylinders I can use to pump into and measure dosage. This might explain why some of my 'easy' plants have not done well.
  8. In the past I’ve had fish in a tank for a while then decided to get plants and fertilize with easy green. So established tank nitrates already present. No worries, but what about starting a fresh tank with plants? No nitrates so if it’s a 20G use 2 squirts and next day maybe not even 10ppm do I dose again to get nitrates up? If so how often till I reach my desired amount? Daily, couple times a day, keep hitting it till it reads what I want? I ask because I set up a plant grow out tank and needed to get nitrates up as fast as possible. I did like 5 doses in 3 days now to maintain I’m dosing 3ish times a week. Also I now have a 125G with plants that was a fresh restart and it’s fairly heavily planted and I can’t get up past 20ppm dosing once a day and that’s a lot of squirts every time. Ive got fish in now so that will help but I want my plants to thrive as well (all were transplanted from other tanks)
  9. Hello, I was regularly dosing Flourish Comprehensive and Excel in both of my planted tanks. I recently switched in the last 2 weeks to dosing Easy Green and Easy Iron. In the past few days I've noticed my Swords (melon) in one tank melting on a couple leaves and my Hydrocotol Japan in my other tank really flattening out and the leaves look quite a bit smaller than usual. My 33gal with the Swords is about 4 months in and pretty well established. My 20gal with the Hydrocotol is about 2.5 months old. Could switching ferts cause issues with plants? It's making a change to the water chemistry so I'm assuming yes. Has anyone had this happen? Any advice? Fyi, I'm still dialing in how many pumps and how often. Maybe I'm overdosing? I'll get some before and after the switch pics after work if that helps with troubleshooting. Hopefully it's normal and the plants will adjust. I'm just nervous about the issue. Thanks!!!!
  10. I have a 10 gallon tank with fish, and have been trying to be more careful about my water parameters. I'm using EasyStrips but I do have a test kit. Whenever I use Easy Green (1 pump per water change), the Nitrates increase and stay increased days later. Shouldn't the plants be absorbing it? I noticed there is nitrogen in the ingredients list, and tried not using it, but the plants suffer. My tank was previously cycled and no fish have died for the few months I've had them. Without adding EasyGreen there are little nitrates or nitrites detected. The nitrates are in the "low" zone when I check them but I still worry it will effect my fish. Here is the tank and the water test (a few days after a water change with easy green)
  11. So j know this is a aquarium coop forum and I’ve heard many many good things but is is worth 2x the price over things like api leaf zone also in some of the 1 star reviews on easy green it says It has little to no one phosphate is this true
  12. So a little bit ago I made a post about how my easy green pump didn't go very far down. Well it bothered me enough to the point where I took it apart. Turns out easy green solidifies at room temp and exposed to air. It was really cool to see solid fertilizer crystals. Solution: Unscrew pump head Take pump head and hold it upsidedown over the bottle/ bowl/ or your tank Pull off top part of pump (the part where fertilizer leaves) Take off the black piece that screws onto the bottle There is a white ring under black piece that screws onto the bottle, remove and dont lose Admire the crystals (pointed with red arrow) Take a cup of HOT water and dissolve crystals, I tried to remove manually but it isnt as effective. Agitate the pump by tapping it on bottom of cup Put back together aligned with the slits Works like new and is back to being satisfying to push down. Downside is my tank may be over fertilized now
  13. So I was doing my weekly pumps of easy green when I realized that the pump head only goes down like a millimeter. Which makes sense because its 1milliliter per 10 gallons. But it doesn't "feel" right. Like I expected a full pump is by pushing it all the way down like a soap dispenser. I nearly broke the dang thing because I thought it was supposed to go all the way down (I didnt remember how much is pumped from when I got it, just thought four clicks a week). Does anyone feel the same way? Its like mind games 😂
  14. Awhile ago I got some white ribbon plants and I have been growing them in a cup of water with pebbles. They're too short to be in a tank right now.I also have a bonsai growing next to the tank and easy greens is much higher quality than the fertilizer im using for it. And I am trying to save an orchid by getting it to grow some new leaves in water and easy green is just asking to be used more. Even more, I got quite the amount of cacti growing next to tanks, is easy green a good fertilizer source for land plants as well? I would use the natural old tank water but there's simply too much for the number of plants and I dont want detritus water in contact in the air 24/7. In the tanks, it is at least in the gravel
  15. Is it safe to use prazipro with easy green fertilizer?
  16. Hi friends! I want to put some floating plants on my RES pond... Is easy green safe for the turtle? I know it shrimp, snail, and fish safe. Thank you!
  17. Currently adding Easy Green and Carbon, but being consistent isn't easy these days. Been thinking of adding Iron soon making too. Would be easier just to dose and keep up with reservoir levels. I like Echotech and their versa pumps are nice but pricey and in short supply. Been considering the Jebao Wifi 3.4 but its hit and miss on reviews. Who's using what and thoughts on your units?
  18. Between my 4 tanks I seem to overdose all of them 2x a week just to try and keep nitrates at 20ppm my two 10g tanks that just have water wisteria I put 3 pumps in and my 29g I put in 4 pumps and my 75g I've been putting in 10 pumps. I do this because I've noticed deficiencies in the plants and havent seen any adverse affects yet. Is this a bad idea or is this normal is heavier planted tanks?
  19. Can I split my easy green bottle into a brown glass dropper bottle to have one at work and one at home or does it need 100% light isolation? I have one laying around.
  20. I need to dose one of my small tanks with Easy Green, since I don't currently have potassium nitrate to dose with. I know Easy Green has an NPK ratio of 2.66 - 0.46 - 9.21, but I'm having a major brain fart in trying to figure out how much I need to dose to reach at least a minimum of 10ppm nitrate in my 5 gallon desktop aquarium. I know the math is out there to convert it all, but I can't brain today. Does anyone know how many ppm of nitrate the standard dose (1ml per 10gal) adds to the water column?
  21. So about 2 months ago I purchased my first bottle of easy green. On the bottle it calls for 1 pump per 10 gallons. And it also says to dose it weekly. Which I’ve been doing. Since using easy green I’ve had to consistently do a 75 percent water change every single day just to keep it from going totally green. The picture is only 24 hours after my last water change. I purchased easy green because I was told that it was super simple with amazing results. But since purchasing it I’ve been nothing but unhappy with my water quality. I’m tired of doing water changes and I’m honestly about to just take the whole thing down and be done. Any advice is appreciated thanks guys.
  22. I did a search and found that Easy Green was safe with ADF, but couldn't find out if it was safe to use with turtles. I thought I'd ask here to find out if anyone knew. Thanks.
  23. I know easy green is safe for shrimp amd snails, but is it safe to use in a tank with african dwarf frogs?
  24. Hello, I started my second tank (20 long) after running a 10 gal for 6 months and having a scud infestation. I started this tank off right by alum dipping all my new plants and ordering them all from the co-op. I have a mixture of postegemon stelattus octopus, Java fern, Amazon sword, and crypt Lucens I started the cycle with plants from day one in eco complete and with every other day dosing of easy green (5 pumps) and did not add live bacteria. I am experiencing an explosion of stag horn and hair algae and am in my 5th week with no live fish/shrimp yet and my tests are showing ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero. I am following the video Cory put up about cycling with fertilizer remember him mentioning to only change one variable at a time and I have wanted to keep fertilizer constant while I dial the lighting in but the tank seems to be consuming the easy green within 2 days because I am not showing any nitrates despite testing every 3 days. with all that said, my primary question is, do I keep my fertilizer dosing the same or is that causing my algae to explode while my plants are trying to keep up? Their growth is awesome but I have to clean them regularly because of all the hair algae
  25. We went to the Santa Fe area to see the ancestral Puebloan sites but I kept thinking about aquariums! I found some wild Cholla wood, some aquascaping wood, a VERY old fish, and discovered that New Mexicans love Easy Green as much as we do!
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