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  1. Between my 4 tanks I seem to overdose all of them 2x a week just to try and keep nitrates at 20ppm my two 10g tanks that just have water wisteria I put 3 pumps in and my 29g I put in 4 pumps and my 75g I've been putting in 10 pumps. I do this because I've noticed deficiencies in the plants and havent seen any adverse affects yet. Is this a bad idea or is this normal is heavier planted tanks?
  2. Can I split my easy green bottle into a brown glass dropper bottle to have one at work and one at home or does it need 100% light isolation? I have one laying around.
  3. I need to dose one of my small tanks with Easy Green, since I don't currently have potassium nitrate to dose with. I know Easy Green has an NPK ratio of 2.66 - 0.46 - 9.21, but I'm having a major brain fart in trying to figure out how much I need to dose to reach at least a minimum of 10ppm nitrate in my 5 gallon desktop aquarium. I know the math is out there to convert it all, but I can't brain today. Does anyone know how many ppm of nitrate the standard dose (1ml per 10gal) adds to the water column?
  4. So about 2 months ago I purchased my first bottle of easy green. On the bottle it calls for 1 pump per 10 gallons. And it also says to dose it weekly. Which I’ve been doing. Since using easy green I’ve had to consistently do a 75 percent water change every single day just to keep it from going totally green. The picture is only 24 hours after my last water change. I purchased easy green because I was told that it was super simple with amazing results. But since purchasing it I’ve been nothing but unhappy with my water quality. I’m tired of doing water changes and I’m honestly about to just take the whole thing down and be done. Any advice is appreciated thanks guys.
  5. I did a search and found that Easy Green was safe with ADF, but couldn't find out if it was safe to use with turtles. I thought I'd ask here to find out if anyone knew. Thanks.
  6. I know easy green is safe for shrimp amd snails, but is it safe to use in a tank with african dwarf frogs?
  7. Hello, I started my second tank (20 long) after running a 10 gal for 6 months and having a scud infestation. I started this tank off right by alum dipping all my new plants and ordering them all from the co-op. I have a mixture of postegemon stelattus octopus, Java fern, Amazon sword, and crypt Lucens I started the cycle with plants from day one in eco complete and with every other day dosing of easy green (5 pumps) and did not add live bacteria. I am experiencing an explosion of stag horn and hair algae and am in my 5th week with no live fish/shrimp yet and my tests are showing ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero. I am following the video Cory put up about cycling with fertilizer remember him mentioning to only change one variable at a time and I have wanted to keep fertilizer constant while I dial the lighting in but the tank seems to be consuming the easy green within 2 days because I am not showing any nitrates despite testing every 3 days. with all that said, my primary question is, do I keep my fertilizer dosing the same or is that causing my algae to explode while my plants are trying to keep up? Their growth is awesome but I have to clean them regularly because of all the hair algae
  8. We went to the Santa Fe area to see the ancestral Puebloan sites but I kept thinking about aquariums! I found some wild Cholla wood, some aquascaping wood, a VERY old fish, and discovered that New Mexicans love Easy Green as much as we do!
  9. So j know this is a aquarium coop forum and I’ve heard many many good things but is is worth 2x the price over things like api leaf zone also in some of the 1 star reviews on easy green it says It has little to no one phosphate is this true
  10. Do I need to use both for dwarf chain swords? Im confused if they just do the same thing, or if one can't be without the other
  11. I have RO water I was wondering if I could use easy green to put the minerals back into the water using easy green?
  12. I have a low to medium light planted tank and have been using AC's Easy Green. I also have a small bag of Purigen in my Tidal 35 HOB filter. Should I remove the Purigen when dosing the water with Easy Green once a week? If so, how long should I have it removed? I just want to make sure the Purigen isn't pulling out the nutrients that I'm intentionally putting into the water for my plants. This is my first planted tank so I'm figuring things out. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I recently got a bottle of easy green and have just started using it on my planted 14gallon hex. I am keeping the bottle in the refrigerator with the rest of my liquid ferts. I noticed the other day that when I shake the bottle it sounds like there is sediment in it. Is this normal? I am worried that some of the element might have precipitated out. Thank you!
  14. I did a water change, and added some crushed coral to my 5 gallon puffer tank. I only water change that tank every 2 weeks. I did a 20% and added some easy green..BUT when I went to lightly pump some in.. it was a full pump.. So today I wanted to check my chemistry, and there they were Nitrate higher than usual. That tank can range around 10 or so.. Never higher than 20.. All other parameters are normal Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0, PH 7.2, KH 4 (YAY), GH 300 and Chlorine 0 Do I need to change out some water?
  15. Does anyone know if Easy Green and Seachem Equilibrium and Potassium are safe for axolotls?
  16. I’m starting to get little holes in my Hygrophila. Low tech tank and I’m dosing Easy Green along with seachem root tabs. I was reading that is usually a K problem. I’m no expert, but I don’t see that on easy green? Or I’m misinformed on the label. If it doesn’t provide it, what can I get that has it?
  17. Bought easy green because all my tanks are balanced and doing wonderful but lately I’ve noticed my nitrates dropping to 5-10 on a regular basis I do not want my plants to start having issues most of them are high stem consumers Hornwort water wisteria anacharis elodea densa water sprite some java and Anubis just for looks. I dosed all except one tank. My show tank has ecocomplete and high waste producer population 2 lemon blue eye pleco 4 large adult male mystery snails shrimp galore bladder snails CPDs and one spastic boy guppy who insists he is a 12 inch fish and must be in the big tank. I fought DAILY NITRATE spikes for so long in that tank but plants are amazing. Now it stays at 15 which is what my tap water is. Plants all do amazing. I’m Leary about adding it to that tank for fear of nitrate spike and well why fix what’s not broken. Thoughts opinions?
  18. Hi Everyone, I was listening to a live stream the other day, and Cory mentioned that Easy Green now has potassium. I checked, and yup, so does the bottle I own. My question: Does anyone know when potassium was added (or upped)? I've been adding extra potassium because, in the past, I'd noticed deficiencies in my Java ferns. But now I add it as habit - I don't have a K test kit. I'd sure like to stop adding extra if I don't have too. Thanks so much! 🙂
  19. I noticed that on the bottle of Easy Green recommended dosing is twice a week for medium lighting and once a week for low lighting. I have a 30"-36" Nicrew Classic LED Plus. Would this be considered low lighting or medium lighting?
  20. I got everything planted. Should I dose with Easy Green? These have been sitting in the box overnight at the Post Office then another three and a half days in my aquarium.
  21. Nitrite is up, Nitrate holding steady and pH is up slightly. After testing I dosed three pumps of Easy Green (low light) bottle says once per week. Should I stick to that while cycling? 05-19 0900 Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0.15 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.6 05-20 0930 Ammonia .10 ppm Nitrite .20 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.4 05-21 0900 Ammonia .50 ppm Nitrite 1.0 ppm Nitrate 80 ppm pH 6.6
  22. I have a 55 gal fish tank and I do a 60% water change every 2 weeks. My nitrates at the water change is usually 20ppm then is usually 40ppm before the water change with adding no fertilizer. Do I or should I add fertilizer? I did this time and its only been a week since my water change and the nitrates are almost 80ppm.
  23. My bottle of Easy Green is on the way and I had a question. I apologize if I sound less then intelligent on the subject, but I am🙂. My question is about nitrates. My nitrates are less then 5ppm and it says that I should be running at about 20ppm while dosing Easy Green. I am assuming that dosing will increase my nitrates, but by how much? The tank is a 40 gallon breeder.
  24. How can fix my easy green pump head
  25. I have 5 separate tanks all with similar issues but potentially different solutions based on the livestock. Basic question is how do I keep enough macro nutrients for the plants while being cognizant of the livestock that I have read is a little more sensitive (Apisto, gudgeons). I use root tabs and Easy Green but the math says one pump of Easy Green is about 3 PPM nitrates. I don't want to just keep squirting. 1. 20 gallon planted (low-med light) (tank in picture)- This has 7 guppies, 2 BN pleco, and 1 female Apisto Cacatuoides. I dose 2 weekly pumps of Easy Green but my nitrates are always zero. With the Apisto (brand new) I am afraid to dose any higher or with anything else based on reading a lot of them needed clean water and lots of water changes. My current water change is about 20% every other week. How do I keep 20 PPM nitrates for plants with more planned more frequent water changes for the apisto? Or am I over-estimating the water change needs for it? 2. Two 10 gallon tanks (med light each) (5 peacock gudgeons in one, 20 red cherry shrimp in the other)- I would describe these are medium planted including floaters (XL water lettuce and frogbit, respectively). I have a few swords in each so they get root tabs monthly and a pump of Easy Green weekly. Maybe 10% bi-weekly water change in the gudgeons and I plan about 10% monthly water change (and top ups) for the shrimp. 3. One 10 gallon tank (low light) (no livestock, not sure what i will do with it). This tank is easiest to mess with because its empty of livestock. I keep the hornwort (fills about 2/3 of the tank), dwarf water lettuce, and nitrifying bacteria fed constantly with a 3% ammonia solution to take the aquarium to 4 PPM daily. I randomly change water in here as I feel like it. 24 hours after my NH3 addition the NH3, NO2, and NO3 are all zero. I also dose Easy Green one pump per week. If you read this far Thank You!
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