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  1. Did this with the Pond rocks from Lowes/Home Depot and it turned out great! I can't imagine buying rocks from a pet store after this. I did give them a good brush before putting them in my tanks 🙂
  2. I have had success with using Seachem Paraguard to treat a wide range of external issues. I have not run into any issues with using the full dose when it comes to kuhli loaches. My recommendation would be to follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure to treat for 14 consecutive days
  3. Preuss Pets in Lansing is fantastic! Probably my favorite store in Michigan!
  4. When I saw that it was down, I honestly started to wonder how @Daniel must be handling this 😂. Glad it is finally back up. Back to business as usual!
  5. It has been my favorite food since I started using it about a year ago. It seems to trigger my angels and corys to breed which is great. Every fish I've had has gone crazy for these
  6. I am currently working on this DIY controller: reef-pi - An opensource reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi REEF-PI.GITHUB.IO reef-pi - An opensource reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi It was initially created for reef tanks, however I believe that it will adapt for freshwater just fine. Now that I think of it, I should probably start a thread and post my progress updates there. Automation for the win! 😄
  7. Lol that floor alarm is awesome! It would be great to have one that alerts your phone if you're not home!
  8. If I were to make an educated guess, I would think the book is trying to say that an air stone would remove CO2 from the tank, thus taking it away from the plants. I think @Daniel's explanation about CO2 hits the nail on the head in terms of lighting and nutrients being the main focus 🙂
  9. Wow, that comb trick sounds awesome! I always struggle getting the last bit of duckweed out of the tank
  10. Byte

    Oh no!

    HTTP 500 codes are internal server errors, essentially it is a catch all error. @Daniel you're too much of a resource for this forum to lose, no way they would give you the boot!!
  11. Nice to see fellow Michigander in here 🙂 Love the idea of a fish barn, it looks great! I am guessing it is insulated? I will definitely be checking out your channel!
  12. Recently I’ve been drawn to long shallow tanks (20g long, 33g long, 40 long, etc.) since I feel you can get a lot out of what seems like a smaller volume of water given the large footprint. This is partly because I live in an apartment and don’t even want to think about something like a 75g breaking in there!
  13. This is really interesting! I love the look of old aquarium handbooks and magazines, would be nice to get some for the bookshelf or just to flip through! Did you get most of the hard copies from eBay? This blows my mind, I would really like to know more about this. Especially if there are other weird methods that were commonly accepted back then but would turn heads today! Lol
  14. Bill, Nice project, well written too! I really like the look of the planters. Nice solution for those that do not have the capacity for a large outdoor pond! Can't wait to see the final result!
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