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  1. YEEESSSS that’s amazing!!! 🤣
  2. Changed water in my quarantine tank and my grow out tank. Spent a while twirling hair algae out of the plants with a toothbrush. Also fed my snails some zucchini. It looks like my tetras’ fin rot is healing after salt treatment for two weeks and then Melafix for a week. Yay! Soon the two of them can join the big tank again!
  3. I have a water sprite that’s doing great in a quarantine tank with 2tbsp of salt per 5 gallons. It’s just sea salt. I’m not sure about the other plants, but I think your water sprite will be fine! Most people treat with salt in a separate quarantine tank just to be safe though.
  4. I’ve been hatching bbs for a while now and it’s going great! My baby gouramis love them. But I’ve been trying to grow the leftover shrimp up in a separate container, and it’s not working. 😛 I have a 3 liter bowl from our kitchen that I’ve been using as the grow-out container. I don’t have a tds meter or anything to test salinity, but I’ve been using 2 tbsp salt per liter. I have a bubbling air line in there, some crushed oyster shell to help counteract my soft water, and I’ve been feeding them a pinch of spirulina powder once or twice a day. The first time I fed very sparingly, and the second time I fed a bit more. I do have a light on them during the day but I turn it off at night. Our house stays at 70-71. I haven’t been scrubbing the bowl out since I figure the same principle applies here as does with our tanks—that beneficial bacteria will grow on the edges of the bowl and on the oyster shell and I want to leave them there. I have replaced the water between attempts though. Am I thinking of this all wrong? Is there something I’m missing? Do I have too much salt? Too little heat? Too much acid? (Not enough fat? 😉 ) Any tips would be appreciated. 🙂
  5. My snails like zucchini but it takes them hours to find it. I often pick them up and drop them near the zucchini to help them out. If you see them near the food but not eating it, I’d say that means they’re still getting plenty of their preferred food source, which is the algae.
  6. There are little pre-set heaters that are pretty cheap! Like this one: Fluval Nano Aquarium Heater 25watt WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Shatterproof Preset temperature of 76-78° F Slim, Compact Design If you're looking for an easy to use heater for your betta or nano tank - the Fluval P25 heater is a great choice. It is fully waterproof and is designed... I’d go with something like that if it’s in your budget.
  7. I have a ramshorn snail that survived in a quarantine tank with 2 tablespoons of salt per 5 gallons. And I have a ton of them in my grow out tank where I’m always feeding baby brine shrimp. They’re breeding like crazy and seem totally fine!
  8. I love watching my tanks. The first time I saw a snail bungee jumping on its own slime trail I was amazed. Earlier today I saw a snail hop off the heater when it turned on. I’ve always been worried about them burning their feet, but this little one just curled up and let gravity take it to the bottom. Then it got right up and continued on its way. I have one problem though... every time I watch my 55 gallon my female honey gourami (“Mom Fish”) swims up to me and begs for food. She’s huge. I know she doesn’t need more food. But then I sit there feeling guilty like I’m letting her down. It doesn’t help that I have issues eating enough food myself (for medical reasons) and I tend to project onto my animals. My cat, my chickens, and now my fish have all become very good at manipulating this!
  9. I’ve used clove oil to euthanize snails.
  10. Please someone do something with this:
  11. I don’t think it’s every order. I didn’t get a sticker with my last one. ☹️ You must just be lucky! 😊
  12. @Scarletthunder17 you can do it! I re-sealed a 5 and 10 gallon for the first time recently and it went fine! I think it’s easier than people make it out to be. The hard part seems to be making it look neat, rather than keeping the water in. This doesn’t really count as something I got done today, but my pleco order was canceled because the person ran out of stock. ☹️
  13. Ohhh thanks everyone! @Lynze I hadn’t come across the term pharyngeal teeth before but I looked it up and WOW that’s weird and awesome! How strange to have a set of chewers or crushers as @Larrimore called them in the back of your throat. The Wikipedia page has some interesting pictures. Thanks again! http://en.wikipedia.org//static/favicon/wikipedia.ico Fish jaw - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  14. The other night when I was boiling cholla wood my husband said, “Your hobbies are so gross. But I love you anyway.” That is true love! I just keep reminding him that at least it’s not shoes or celebrity gossip. There are much worse alternatives than listening to me talking about fish all day.
  15. I was thinking about chickens also. They very well might. I know they eat small snakes. The clove oil might put them off, and I’d want to research if clove oil would be okay for them of course. Hopefully I won’t have to euthanize a fish soon but if I do, I’ll let you know if my chickens take it.
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