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  1. I don’t think the exact hydrate count will matter much for most aquarium-related recipes—and hopefully if an aquarist gets their hands on anhydrous Epsom salts, it’s because they work in a lab and already know what they’re doing! 😅 Just don’t want anyone to panic. 👍
  2. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you don’t have more deaths, but sorry that there’s still some funny business going on. Sounds like you have some tough fish though! I hope the tank continues to improve!
  3. @Torrey as soon as @Zenzo gives us the green light on trading, I’m trading everyone on this forum Malaysian trumpet snails for a high-five!
  4. Fish food and usb air pumps. I love those little things! I have both kinds of test strips now, but those plus easy green plus the med trio are essentials in my fish life, so if I start running out of any it’s time for another order ASAP.
  5. Ahh teacher mode activated! 😅 Close! You are right about the 7H2O just being extra water in there, but (if I remember correctly) this doesn’t refer to a specific kind of processing. Most salts will absorb some amount of water out of the air. So in this case it’s saying they let it absorb 7 molecules of H2O per magnesium sulfate molecule. I have no idea if that’s the amount it would normally absorb or if they dehydrated it a bit before packing. Some salts absorb so much water out of the air that they turn into a goopy glob. Others absorb very little. It just depends on what they’re made of.
  6. Last night I cut the bottom off a buttermilk bottle to make a snail scraper. Works great for scraping and catching snails off the glass. (As you can see I am dealing with an MTS invasion.)
  7. I’m so sorry @Just a Pygmy Corydora. You have given Aurora the best life he could have possibly had. It’s not your fault he got dropsy, and you’ve done everything you could to help him recover. ❤️
  8. They look so round! 😄 So for the BAP, do you need to raise the fry to adults in order to get full credit? Or do you just need to have fry?
  9. @AJE the pH of RO water is really hard to read accurately because it has basically no ions in the solution, and pH indicators depend on ions to read pH. That means any small amount of ions that the tests themselves contain can have a large effect on the readings. So I’m actually not surprised that the coop test strips and the API solution test RO water differently. In this case I’d expect the API test to be more accurate because it’s a larger amount of water with a small amount of test solution compared to the pad on the test strip. But it’s not something I think the coop test strips could necessarily do correctly. In terms of the readings being weird if you lay the test strip flats @Randall from Texasmentioned—I can tell from the blotchiness of the colors in some of your pictures that sometimes the pads are bleeding into each other. (For instance if the GH pad bleeds onto the KH pad it gives the KH pad dark blue spots.) To prevent this, I always set my test strips on a towel or piece of foam. Not saying this explains all your problems, but maybe it can help with a few! ETA: I just realized at least two people already tried to explain this test-strips-bleeding-into-each-other problem, but @AJEit’s still happening to you. I will make a video so you can see what we’re saying.
  10. There are soooo many babies in the orange platy pond!! Still no sign of babies in the blue platy pond, but maybe they’re there and just really hard to see. Another haul from the coop came today. I am always running out of usb air pumps. They are definitely my favorite coop product. And I’m very excited because I got a sticker of @Fish Folk’s fish!
  11. Oh! Something else I just thought of. It might be really useful to have a small pegboard. You can hang tools, extra USB filters, etc. I would paint it with something to make it water resistant. I have a tiny pegboard on the lower shelf of my fish tank stand and it’s awesome!
  12. There are also these tests marketed for drinking water: https://www.amazon.com/Lead-Iron-Copper-Mercury-Standards/dp/B07BRSMF76/ref=sr_1_3?crid=Z1OSPROWR9OL&dchild=1&keywords=heavy+metal+water+test+kit&qid=1627456249&s=industrial&sprefix=Heavy+metal%2Cindustrial%2C144&sr=1-3 Looking forward to seeing what the polyfilter does. 🤞
  13. Well at least she can still get off the bottom. I think there is still hope for her. Keep following the kanaplex directions and stop the food for a few days. I know it’s counterintuitive but think of the times people have the flu for a week and hardly eat anything. I hate not feeding my fish, but it really does help when they’re sick like this. We don’t want to stress her organs by making her digest too much. And if you can, try to keep from checking on her toooo often so she can get some rest. ❤️
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