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  1. I received my plants from the Coop, and they are simply beautiful, healthy and are already waking up. So, I have sand substrate because I have corydoras, and was looking for a way to plant and add fertilizer without the plants floating (thin layer of substrate), and without the corys finding the root tabs. I also have snails in the tank. Since I need eggshells for the snails because I have soft water, I am trying taking a half eggshell after cooking the membrane out, poking a small hole(s) on the bottom, adding fertilizer and the plant, filling the empty space with sand, and dropping it in the tank. They stay in place, and they are easy to move if I need to. The shell will eventually dissolve leaving a well rooted plant in the substrate. This also works for adding root tabs around the tank by adding more holes to the bottom of the eggshell. 🙂
  2. To anyone who can help. My monte carlo was doing good til afew weeks ago, it started turning brown. Someone told me to add root tabs. I bought the co op root tabs but as u can see i ruined my carpet trying to stick them it the gravel. I finally got afew in the gravel and i fixed my carpet best i can. Do i need root tabs for my carpet?? Im running C02 and co op fertilizer once a week.
  3. The water sprites I have haven't really flourished since trimming them and moving them a while ago so I added the rest of my root tabs to the whole tank and they finally started growing again. I know root tabs are more for heavy rooters but it's definitely helping
  4. I wonder if anyone has tried this adding a few balls of plant substrate underneath a stem plant for fertilizer? Some people only have a few plants. Has anyone tried using the neck of a water bottle upside down top hold plants and offer a space to add root tabs or plant balls? What are the best and safest root tabs and organic plant substrate?
  5. Just added the Easy root tabs to my tank for the first time (I usually use seachem's) and now I have piles of white gunk in my tank. Should I be concerned?
  6. As of today aquarium co-op sent out a notice on their youtube communtiy page that easy root tabs were available to canadians via amazon.ca: https://www.youtube.com/c/Aquariumcoop/community As soon as I heard this exciting news I added the root tabs to my cart, a few hours later I completed the order! Unfortantley I think I was too late ordering as it says it will arrive at the amazon warehouse on August 7th. Cory mentioned there was only 20 availble. So I assume I'm getting the second batch of root tabs, which is fine. But none the less I still ordered it! Mine are supposed to arrive on the 11th of August! Next on my bucket list: easy green! Luckily thats availble on amazon.ca as well. Just waiting till my current liquad fertilizer is empty. I've been using the PlantGuys Slow Releasing Root Tabs for some time now. They were alright, and for the price made it worth buying. The owner of this company is also a local hobbyist to me so I try supporting him whenever I can. Hopping I can get better growth on the new easy root tabs. Who else have bought the easy root tabs off amazon today?
  7. I have Easy Tabs!!! ❤ Ordered the minute we got the notification from @Cory. Less then 48hr later they are in my hands. I have some plants that need trimmed and replanted so I will be using them later this week. I had accidentally ordered Easy Iron when I ment to order Easy Green a few months ago. I held onto it and I am glad I did. I just added a couple Amazon Flame Swords and want those reds to pop. I will add that I support my lfs store but when I did the math it was way cheaper to get Easy Tabs. Thanks for all the hard work that was put into getting things to your neighbour's in the north. 🍁🇨🇦🍁
  8. This weekend I'll be running a sale. Buy a package of Easy Root Tabs and get 50% off any Sword Plant! Amazon Swords make a great centerpiece plant for any tank and the care is extremely easy. They benefit extremely from root tabs and Co-Op tabs are a great deal for 20 at $9.99
  9. Hey y'all I just added Co op easy root tabs to my fluval stratum and four hours later these appeared in my tank where I had put the tabs. I made sure they were to the bottom so they wouldn't float up. Will these hurt my fish?
  10. Hi, I'm setting up a planted tank. The volcanic soil based plant substrates are new since last time I did this (maybe 15 years ago). I have my hardscape done and an using shrimp king substrate. I'm starting to add plants now. I'm wondering, do I still need root tabs with this substrate? Or is it the point of these new substrates that they have enough nutrients for the plants to grow without the tabs? Thanks, Steve
  11. can you overdose root tabs? if i put 1 tab every 6 inches in a grid pattern in my 125 gallon that would be 36 tabs. Is that too much? I have mostly root feeders. thanks for any help!
  12. When adding root tabs to a tank that is already planted should i still try to create a grid or just place them around the existing plants
  13. Do I need to use both for dwarf chain swords? Im confused if they just do the same thing, or if one can't be without the other
  14. Ordered a couple of days ago and opened my package to see that they the Co-op has got new packaged root tabs! I LOVE this design instead of the sleeve personally. I thought I would also get some pictures for those who haven't seen it yet. I hope they continue to go with this packaging.
  15. WOW this is funny...I too am thinking of doing a new tank with an UGF. Back in the day it was all we had and we managed to do very well with them. I am thinking with live plants it would have to be very beneficial to have constant nutrient rich water being passed over the roots. The only thing I am not sure of is whether or not to use root tabs?!? @Cory what are your thoughts on UGF with live plants and the use of root tabs?
  16. My tank has been up for almost a couple weeks now so I plan on buying plants soon but unsure if I should add the tabs in now or with the plants? I also bought Easy Green which I already put in.
  17. Hi, I thought I'd share something that I've noticed on the new website. On the wishlist page it says sold out whereas on the page for the individual product it appears to be fully in stock. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser while signed into the store.
  18. I added the easy root tabs to my aquarium for the first time yesterday. I tried to get them to the bottom of the substrate as directed. However, this morning I see what I believe to be the partially-dissolve capsules coming out of the substrate in a few places (see the white blobs in the pic). Is this normal? Do I need to remove these? Should I be worried? Thanks!
  19. https://www.plantedtank.net/threads/so-called-heavy-root-feeders-fact-or-fiction.876457/ I'll change my "root tabs are Hocus Pocus" to "root tabs are unnecessary".
  20. Hello all, I got a new plant and root tabs yesterday. I put them in the tank but did not realize that the root tabs float. A couple followed my tweezers up to the ecocomplete surface , swelled to be visible and popped. I noted two for sure that popped. Yesterday I did a 20% water change and rinsed my filter sponge in nonchlorinated water because I had a bit of melted plants in it. I also planted a monte carlo yesterday too. Today my nitrites are at like 2.0 ppm!! I have not had nitrites for like 2.5 weeks. I just did a 38% water change and added some more bacteria. What could have happened?
  21. All I managed in that time was one tiny 10% water change. I did not expect this success but wow. I can thank the Co-op for the plants, root tabs, easy green, & expertise. I'm feeling blessed today! See all the growth
  22. Any of you guys ever try DIY root tabs? Don't have too much money to spend on root tabs, but I only have an inert substrate of sand and pea pebbles (yeah, I know, my mistake. Got the wrong pebbles.) . I saw one day a few people were making their won root tabs (I was never interested in root feeding plants like swords) out of Osmocote Plus. Went in a little deeper and saw some people had great success with them and some people had little success with them. Obviously I also heard about people getting huge ammonia spikes with not digging them deep enough or planting too much at once, but I have about 3 inches of sand and gravel to plant them in and its a pretty shallow to dig in 10g so I'm not too worried about that (probably going to come back and bite me in the butt one day), and the deal sounds too good to pass up. I've also heard its a pretty slow release so you don't get quick growth, and I've heard other people say they worked quickly. I know it lacks iron but I'm not too worried about that, don't have many red plants or plan on getting too many. I already dose Easygreen, but I feel like some of my plants like my Jungle Val could benefit off of them (some people say they're root feeders, some don't). Also I already know that other tabs like Seachems are the best, but I like the little pills. Would love to hear your thoughts, although I feel like I'm not going to quite enjoy the answer.
  23. So I planted a bunch of plants over the last week and finally finished the last few this morning. I am using aquarium Co-Op root tabs, and there were 2 that didn't stay down enough and floated up so they were peeking out of the surface. I (stupidly) tried to push them back down causing them to explode everywhere and now the cories are eating the gel cap material?! It's so slippery and finicky I'm having trouble getting it out and the cories are literally tearing up plants to get to it. Are they going to end up getting sick? Should I do a water change or let the plants in the water column absorb the extra nutrients?? Sos pics of full tank to show. Only 2 tabs had this issue and both are on the left side
  24. Saw this in my tank this morning. It wasn't attached to anything and when I tried to pick it up with tongs it just fell apart. Very delicate. I ended up vacuuming it out. All of my water parameters are good. I did a water change last night and it was there when I woke up.
  25. I added root tabs to my new 65 gallon tank yesterday and this morning most of them are sticking out of the gravel. I saw a thread that mentioned poking a hole in the tab so they don’t float. I’ll try that but my question is, should I replace the the ones that popped up with new ones? If it matters, I just received and planted the plants yesterday. It was some crypts, an Amazon sword, octopus and Val. Thanks!
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