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Found 22 results

  1. When purchasing plants how do you know whether to use root tabs or liquid for them?
  2. This is what a root tab looks like after 24 hours. If I was a plant, it looks delicious, almost like candy.
  3. Question for you all: Have you tried the Seachem Flourish Root Tabs? I am thinking of getting some because I live in Canada so I can't get the co-op root tabs. I know their fertilizer isn't the best.
  4. Hi all, the last 2 planted tanks I’ve set up I’ve run into problems, the 1st one, after a week or so of being set up I noticed lots of bubbles, so I tested the water and the ammonia was through the roof, I haven’t introduced fish or anything so where is it coming from? The only thing i can think of is the root tabs... Another one I set up same sort of thing, again no fish, but instead of showing ammonia it shows a considerable about of nitrite and nitrate. Root tabs again are the only thing I can think of that could possibly cause this... I’m careful not to disturb them, and always push them right to the bottom of the substrate (which i should probs of mention is just plain gravel in both), so I don’t understand whats going on... Any thought? Also, the root tabs are the tropica ones, I’m in the UK so can’t buy the Aquarium Coop ones yet...
  5. I purchased the easy root tab from the co-op store. I thought I had buried them far down in the substrate but later I found that the cory's and guppies in my tank had found it and tore it shreds. The powder is everywhere in the tank and I took out most of the shell pieces. I know that the packaging says they are safe for fish, but are they safe for fish when they eat them? Are they safe for shrimp?
  6. Yesterday I put three root tabs into the substrate and by the end of the day I noticed something strange. it looks like the capsules expanded and resurfaced from their places in the substrate. I tried to capture what I mean in the photo. is this normal? These were the last root tabs I had in the bag and none of the previous ones did sky things like that.
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm super new to the hobby and although I research daily, I'm still clueless! I started my tank a couple months ago with Eco-Complete substrate topped with gravel. I just got a few swords -- thank you Co-Op for the beautiful plants! And have a few crypts, water sprite and moneywort on the way. How long will the Eco-Complete fertilize before I need to start using root tabs? Also, I bought Flourish but am thinking I might need to ditch that and get the Easy line instead because it seems more beginner friendly? What do you think? Here is my sweet little 10g tank with my baby swords. Faux plants are there until I can get the crypts and stem plants in.
  8. I’m awaiting an order from the co-op that contains a few types of crypts. Wendtii, wendtii green, and lucens. I have sand substrate and some of it is fresh and therefore probably contains little to no nutrients for plants. I’ve had success with root feeders in the sand but I’m wondering, is it wise to “seed” the substrate ahead of time by adding co-op root tabs now instead of when the plants arrive? In theory, it would have released some nutrients into the areas I’m planting before the plants arrive. I know the root tabs don’t work instantly and are somewhat of a slow release and new plants will require some food ASAP. Is it worth it to bury them a few days in advance? My Cory cats smell them and will stand up vertically above them trying to dig them out lmfao. Fun to watch. also to those with experience with crypts, do you subscribe to the method of cutting the leaves before planting in your aquarium? It seems to avoid the crypt melt and produces faster new growth. Thanks ahead of time for the input!
  9. Do Easy Root Tabs expire if left in the original unopened package? Also how about Easy Green?
  10. Greetings Every now and then, my easy roots tabs will emerge. Not float, but just half of it emerge (it’s whiteish). 1 - Is it dangerous if fish ingest the outside of the capsule? 2 - I try to burry them as deep as I can in the sand. Any tips or tricks?
  11. I think it would be fun to start 3 similar aquariums at the same time, but try 3 different strategies for the substrate and fertilizer. First a Walstad type dirted substrate - in this case dirt from my yard Second, CaribSea's Eco-Complete And third, a 'normal' tank with CaribSea's Peace Rive substrate supplemented with Aquarium Co-Op's Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green liquid fertilizer. For this experiment (okay, this is definitely not an experiment as I do not have a hypothesis, any controls, or replicants) I will use three 40 gallon breeder aquariums that will likely have sponge filters, heaters, and Finnex lights. It should take me about a week or two to gather all the resources for this experiment (again, definitely not an experiment as my N on each tank will be 1, but my fun quotient ought to be greater than 1 because this will also be an attempt to setup 3 aquariums that are some more than green water fry tanks or mulm factories).
  12. My crypt is using alot of root tabs. Anyone know of easy ways to use prolong the tabs? BTW i use easy root tabs because ive done side by side test of easy root tabs and seachem and the easy ones work best for crypts from my experience.
  13. Hey everyone, My Amazon Swords were not looking too good, so a few weeks ago I gave each of them a single root tab. I am seeing a bit of a rejuvenation but not as much as I would like. Should I wait a while before using more root tabs or go ahead and provide the Amazon Swords with more root tabs now? I used Flourish tabs.
  14. My substrate is pretty lightweight and my chili rasboras are dumb. A few times I've buried root tabs and looked up a bit later to see a big white and green amorphous blob floating in the water with the rasboras trying to eat it - I've quickly fished out the tab and trashed it to be safe but is it likely to hurt them?
  15. I just watched my goldfish dig up an Easy Green Root tab capsule. I stuck my hand in the tank to grab the capsule piece and throw it away and he ate it before I got the chance to. 😬 Is he gonna be okay? The capsul was empty and like half disintegrated already.
  16. I love Aquarium Coop's root tabs and have been using them for a while. With my recent plant purchase, I haven't decided where exactly to put them, so I haven't planted them yet. I wanted to give them some nutrients, so I pressed tabs down into their pots as far as I could. I noticed my fish nibbling at what appears to be part of the pill. I know the product is "fish safe," but should they be eating it? Or should I keep careful watch to take out the pieces of the pill that break off? I removed that piece, and I'm hoping more doesn't break off or that it clogs up my little fishies' tummies.
  17. I have been using the black, blocky, slab-of-chalk-looking root tabs for a few years now (trying not to mention a brand name) and I recently switched to the Aquarium Co-Op ones simply because they were less expensive. That was literally my only motive. I thought, hmm these are less expensive, I hope they work. However, after about a month+ of planting the tabs in the substrate, my crypts and swords have exploded in size and growth rate. My Wendtii Red are easily 12" high. Lot of little ones popping up through the substrate that I can now propagate to other tanks. Maybe something else is going on and I'm falsely attributing this growth to the Co-Op's tabs, but this is literally the only change (I haven't changed other ferts and don't use EasyGreen liquid). This is a very low-tech planted setup. Anyway, wanted to share my experience as I really like what I'm seeing after switching from the the more expensive slabs of black chalk offered by a larger company.
  18. So im starting a planted tank. I have normal gravel. I got a ton of crypts and i know they melt. But how many root tabs should i put in to start? Right now i gave each one one tab. And im using flourish for the anubias and banana plants. Also to dwarf lilly take root tabs?
  19. Do you dose new plants with easy green and roots tabs as soon as you plant them or wait a week or so? Thanks for any help
  20. I seem to remember @cory in a video saying if you leave a plant in it's pot to push a root tab in the pot. Is this for all plants? I bought one of the new planters for a Scarlet Temple. I know that ST are not root feeders but since it's stuck in a pot will it make a difference?
  21. I am concerned that I am not properly taking care of my plants in my 35g hexagon tank. I have one tank that I absolutely struggle to keep nitrates above 5 ppm. It is my 35 gallon hexagon tank with a 1/2" base of peat moss with 2" of ecocomplete on top of it. The background plants are Amazon swords (4) which are growing somewhat slow. The midground plants are broadleaf sagittaria (4). What makes up the front half of the tank is dwarf sagitaria. Both types of sagitaria is growing very well. In the 6" ring at the top I have frogbit which I weed back twice a week. At the moment, based on the calculation of rotala butterfly I made my mixture of KNO3 to be a dosing to reach a target of 7.5 ppm and dose 4x a week. The dose is detectable throughout the day of the dosing, however it is depleted by the next day. I do use passive CO2. Algae is not a problem. I have for about a year I have put root tabs in the substrate at the beginning of the month as the bulk of the plants are root feeders. I use 10 root tabs at the beginning of the month (at the moment DIY osmocote root tabs that I made in bulk then hope to switch to the co op brand). Should I be concerned about the low levels of nitrate in the water column and begin dosing more? Or because I do dose heavily in the substrate, I shouldn't worry about it so much? Edit: The dosing seems to be accurate and not miscalculated based on my usage in my other tanks. Edit: I have cross checked these levels with three different types of test kits. The readings seem to be accurate.
  22. Besides my utility tanks, all my tanks are Walstad-style with capped organic soil. However, I bought some root tabs because I like to test things. I added some plants to my 20, and decided to see if root tabs would accelerate growth for the new plants. I think my Yoyo Loach dug up all the root tabs. Has anyone seen this behavior?
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