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  1. Moving to Florida at the end of this year. Can anyone living there advise of any laws etc.. that affect the aquarist both fresh and salt. I heard they have some rules regarding lizards etc. Because they can breed in the area on there own and was curious do they have banned fish,corals etc...
  2. I can't seem to get the last bit of info I need. I hatch bs all the time and sometimes grow them out. I want to havd them reproduce . All videos just show growing them out. Has any1 bred them? Do they just lay eggs and they hatch on their own or do u have to take them out?
  3. For some reason all my live bearers have only had females. Not even 1 male. Guppies,platies,mollies. Any guesses . I'm talking hundreds of babies all grown up and many generations all females . Crazy
  4. I'm relatively new to the forum and YouTube channel. Does any O.G know why the co op isn't involved with saltwater and Is this a possible future
  5. Swmas south west Michigan aquarium society. Not sure if it's still active nothing new I found on website I was interested in joining a club as well
  6. When it comes to breeding bettas does it matter regarding there tail ? Exp. Male half moon with female crown tail. Is it OK to mix? If so does it produce a new type or a percentage of both types in the fry?
  7. Welcome to the group. This time next year you will have 10 tanks😀
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