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  1. get a piece of slate for a base. drill a hole through the slate, then screw the slate to the wood. you can now take the piece and put it in the tank, and push the slate down into the substrate if you dont want to see it. it wont float.
  2. id lean towards a half dozen.
  3. should be okay, with guppies, you just want more females than males. as for the fry, they might get eaten, but id not worry too much. once you start having guppy babies, you will very soon have too many babies.
  4. id maybe go 2 sponge filters (1 in each corner), or 1 sponge filter and the HOB. any more, and that water will be really moving hard, which most fish dont care for 24hrs a day.
  5. either put her in with the other females, or the other females need to go in the tank with her and the males. with several males and only one female, they will run her ragged.
  6. just use a net. one hand runs the net, the other hand blocks/guides the fish into the net. the fish will be just fine as long as you dont get rough with it.
  7. i think you have a pretty good handle on it. does it hurt to have more surface area for bacteria to grow on, no. one does only need so much overkill though.
  8. thats really odd. normally if they die form natural or water condition problems, they just lose color and maybe get fuzzy if you dont see them for a while. to be half gone, hmm.
  9. agree with above, either fry food, or finely crushed up flake food.
  10. it really is a personal decision. pick the least objectionable method to you.
  11. welcome. i see thousands of guppies in your near future!
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