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  1. lots of time on my hands, so whenever i wander through.
  2. in general, yes more surface are for good bacteria is a good thing.
  3. you probably dont have to do it very often. let your eye's be the judge, if it looks like you have debris building up in the gravel, go to it. as long as the water quality doesnt suffer, sparkling clean gravel is for the people more than the critters in the tank.
  4. tacos' , as long as it isnt taco bell (that stuff is nasty)!
  5. any size siphon you like will work. as for vacuuming the gravel near the plants. get as close as you are comfortable with, and you can just suck the debris off the top near the plants. there is no need to totally clean the gravel. especially with plants that is counter productive, as that debris as it breaks down becomes plant food.
  6. if you watch enough co-op video's, there is one that shows dean has a green water tank.
  7. always hard to tell in pics, but it appears that female guppy has ich. to me, in person ich looks like someone sprinkled table salt lightly on the fish.
  8. the green itself is an algae of sorts. honestly i would just leave it, as juvenile fish seem to do very well in it. if it really bothers you, my guess is the tank gets a lot of natural daylight, that needs to be eliminated, and water changes until clear.
  9. if the plants you have are alive, and doing well, i see no reason to mess with success. i would just shift the time back, so that it is lit up when you are there.
  10. this is important with any air pump. for the couple bucks a check valve costs, it is worth it to prevent the unintended draining of your tanks.
  11. keep up on water changes til the dark stuff stops coming. could take a while. i have 1 tank with 1 really dark chunk of mopani that keeps pumping out the dark tannins after many months. for me brighter white light doesnt really light it up, but my light has a mode with red and blue lights along with the white, and that seems to help make the tank more viewable. cant guarantee it'll work, but its what works in mine.
  12. more than likely, because of the minimum size of the nano air pump, it does not have enough air flow to over come the resistance to flow from 2 tanks, and the hatchery. the hatchery having less of a pressure head/resistance, it gets the air flow.
  13. i actually stumbled onto this one live , on my own. usually find it after its over.
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