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  1. thats ok. one of these days when im extra bored i plan on making a drive to check it out.
  2. how's the guppy selection in the store?
  3. i like the ember tetra suggestion. they go good with just about anything.
  4. depends whats in your well water, and city water.
  5. welcome, and blue is a good name for that fish.
  6. it sucks to go to the lfs with big ambitions of getting a fish you really want, only to find unhealthy stock. even though you feel dejected, learn to walk away. hopefully the rest of them pull through okay.
  7. its quite likely they had platy for dinner.
  8. i think the whole corydora substrate thing is way over blown. ive kept them on gravel forever with no problems. if you like a substrate, put it in, they'll be fine.
  9. well, anyone is better than the guy they had before Bon.
  10. 2 nets, 1 to guide it into the net you catch it with. the 1.5" and smaller pleco's are pretty easy to catch, once they get some age on them, they dont play nice.
  11. the stickers seem fairly durable. not sure on the color fastness of the inks though.
  12. years ago i kept sunfish, bluegills,punkinseeds, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, lake sturgeon, river sturgeon, florida gar, long nose gar, and im sure there were a few others. my advice would be to stick to the pan fish with a decently large tank. the bass and bigger fish are just too big unless you have a swimming pool.
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