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  1. 2x4's, and a good sheet of plywood. that particle board wonder just isnt very suitable for holding weight, especially when exposed to water.
  2. agree with the knife comment. if you like your knives, dont stuff em in the dishwasher.
  3. if you turn wrenches on stuff, or even just rotate tires but cant justify a nice air impact. you need this, save a whole lot of swearing.https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-ONE-18V-Cordless-3-Speed-1-2-in-Impact-Wrench-Tool-Only-P261/205885687
  4. id probably go with guppies. 1 species , and so many different colorations, and tail shapes.
  5. you know you're all in when you buy the full kit of tools.
  6. ember tetras, chili/strawberry rasbora's, cpd's, pygmy cory's. can have lots of tiny fish in a 10.
  7. copper sulfate is a great snail killer, but even at heavy doses, sometimes a few manage to live. pest snails really are resilient little buggers. im sure some plants are sensitive to it, but ive never really had a issue with plants, and copper sulfate.
  8. when she finds it, just tell her "oh , ive had that for a long time".
  9. hatching BBS really isnt that hard. watch a few of the co-ops videos on it, and a few others if that doesnt convince you. its not much more than add water, salt, eggs, air, and then wait.
  10. ive not used the turbo start, but have used the fritzyme7. i dosed per the bottle, waited a few hours then added fish. over the next few days give another small squirt of the fritzyme7 just for good measure, and have had zero problems. my own opinion, you still dont want to go from zero to fully stocked in an hour. add a few fish, give it a few days, add a few more etc. let the tank grow and adjust itself as you add stock.
  11. unless you are doing a 100% dump it out and start over, its really not too bad to do a fairly extensive remodel of a tank. you still have the substrate and other bacteria carrying goodies, so you arent restarting the tank. fish may be a little skittish while you are in the act of remodeling, but they will settle down very quick once you finish.
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