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  1. I hope you (and your fish) like the blackworms. Mosquito larva and blackworms are the my fishes favorites.
  2. I got the the Best of Show female betta at auction at the 2001 International Betta Congress Yearly Convention for $200. Cheers erupted in the room when the hammer went down.
  3. I think Seriously Fish has a very comprehensive database. I use it frequently.
  4. I had company that advised Hospitals on new regulations. No where near as satisfying as beekeeping. The old job paid better, but with Beekeeping I cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to work.
  5. I have been totally absorbed in my honey bee business this fall. When things slow down a little, I will update with some pictures.
  6. @Hobbit the forum is better place because you are here.
  7. Anything is possible so even the one in the original post could still sprout a leaf and make a valiant come back. But a healthy banana plant should have green bananas and at least a few leaves.
  8. Even your aquarium plants are subject to predation from cats. My cats will pull them out of the aquarium.
  9. I think @Lowells Fish Lab has got it right, looks like seed shrimp to me too.
  10. @GameCzar Yeah that's is mostly it. Politics is a little hard to define, but I know it when I see it. Once, there was an oddly political argument about moss balls (pre Zebra Mussels) that turned ugly, with some name calling. Posts were edited and someone got banned before the thread was locked. There once was a nasty discussion of earthquake zoning codes resulting in cross words and hurt feelings. People have very strong feelings about filtration methods, so it doesn't take much to push a discussion over the edge,and much less when you throw a little politics into it. The primary guideline is to be kind and helpful. If everyone follows that, there aren't too many problems.
  11. Cool temperatures and sparse feeding will definitely suppress breeding. The fish will be happy enough, but not so happy as to breed much.
  12. @Lizzie Block had a good post on this:
  13. July 11, 2020, I was looking for some information on lighting and found Cory's video's. He was refreshingly straight forward, and I ended up ordering plants from the Aquarium Co-Op the next day July 12. Two days later on July 14, 2020 I get an email with an invitation to the new forum, so I joined as the 17th public member.
  14. Good point, filters provide flow which is a good thing. Here is what is under the tank. An inline heater (because I have discus) and a really nice Iwaki pump which is 7 years old, totally silent, and provides a lot of flow (think the max is 10 gallon per minute):
  15. @OnlyGenusCaps points out something really important, which is keeping a fairly low stocking rate makes for a forgiving system. I can be a spectacularly lazy fish keeper. I need an aquarium that doesn't need me. Those weeks and months that I am passionate about fish are great for the fish, but what happens when I am distracted by some other interest and not much gets done in the fishroom? An aquarium that ran like a high performance sports car driving across a tight rope would work fine for me for a month or two until I got distracted and then it would crash and burn. Of course I would soon regret this, but I have done this enough times to know that at least for an aquarium in the livingroom, it needs to be able to run on autopilot. 🙂 For several years I had a school of angelfish in this tank. This was my wife's favorite setup ever. Drop some Tetra flakes in occasionally and....that's it. The thing that always bothered me about the inch a gallon rule for stocking an aquarium was that the premise was something like "what is the maximum amount of fish I can put in an aquarium". If I had written the rule, it would have been backwards, something like "what is the minimum amount fish that will give you joy".
  16. You can go without any normal filtration if the tank is big enough. I haven't used any filter in my 8 foot 500 gallon for the last 14 years. You could call it "The tank is the sump". Initially the tank had a lot of plants so I guess you say the plants were the filter, except then 7 years ago I switched over to hardscape only, so maybe the plants weren't as important as I first thought. My current theory is there is enough surface area for all the good bacteria to live in an on, so maybe all that surface area and associated bacteria perform the biological filtration. So what is added if the water pump pushes water through a sponge or a canister? In a smaller aquariums sponge filters or canister filters make a significant difference in biological filtration. But for the same reason I don't put sponge or canister filters in my outdoor pools I don't put filters in my big aquarium as they play very minor parts compared to what the rest of a large system does regards to biological filtration.
  17. It would violate forum guidelines for other posters to answer this. Check AquaBid and see what is offered there. It is often a good place to find unusual fish.
  18. The average lifespan of a plecos is 10 to 15 years. Are these going into the same tank as the Apistogramma?
  19. I have collected maybe a dozen species of aquarium plant in the wild, and except for the floating ones like hornwort, all were rooted in 'muck'. I prefer sand for its aesthetic qualities, but at the least in wild most plants seems prefer gooey, slimy, greasy muck.
  20. I agree with @lefty o, a 3 degree difference wouldn't worry me.
  21. Good question? Alaska is one of the few states that don't have a forum member that has identified as Alaskan (yet). Do you live in Alaska?
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