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  1. It reminds of snakebites and automobiles. People are often much more afraid of snakes than cars, even though 1 or 2 people die from snakebites each year in the US, but 30,000 - 40,000 die in automobile accidents. Poor water quality and/or a poor or inappropriate diet will kill your fry for sure, but almost certainly not hydra. I often get hydra in my fry tanks when I feed (overfeed) baby brine shrimp. Although I am sure it has happened, over the last 50 years of raising baby fish, I have never seen a hydra eat a baby fish. Hydra love baby brine shrimp and baby brine shrimp are representative of the size of food hydra eat. The main drawback to hydra is that they can be unsightly if their populations are large. I think pictures like this are what make people unnecessarily worry about hydra (but this isn't the way hydra feed in real life): Take this video I shot earlier of hydra feeding, this is how hydra feed, and it is 99.99% tiny stuff:
  2. There aquarium stays a room temperature (no heater), maybe a little above room temperature because the aquarium is set before a south facing window so somewhere between 70°F and 74°F. I wouldn't put discus in there, but angelfish and everything else seems to do fine.
  3. By way of @Streetwise according to the community page there will be no livestream today.
  4. Create a post in introductions and greetings, or just start a thread in General or Photos and show us pictures of your tank.
  5. My most recent batch babies angelfish started pairing up and laying eggs at 6 months (obviously they weren't babies at that point).
  6. The online fish store with the biggest selection is AquaBid. I have purchased some really nice fish there. I have also been very happy with my purchases from Aqua Huna.
  7. Discus are extremely political and have a pecking order just like chickens. There is usually a dominant fish who enforces its dominance by bullying. Once you removed the first bully, it gave room for the second fish to become the bully. This is totally natural and there is no way to stop this other than to keep a large school of discus so that any bullying effects are very diffuse. It two pair up they do not try and enforce dominance over the other but instead mate and raise babies. At about 12 the discus will school nicely and bullying is not a problem. After they pair up, they will set up territories and tend to just guard the boundary areas.
  8. Summer in late July in North Carolina is beastly hot, but it is a good time for peppers and tomatoes.
  9. I just saw one this afternoon browsing through one of my bee yards. My have they grown up quickly. It wasn't that long ago they were barely bigger than bunny rabbits and now they are the size of large dog. Still have the white spots though:
  10. We use in our beekeeping business and it has never failed us. It is very simple mechanically but gets the job done:
  11. It comes in a 'fine' version and a courser 'medium' version. The medium version is more popular as an aquarium substrate.
  12. Black Diamond Blasting Sand available at tractor supply. It is naturally black coal slag and used by many forum members.
  13. I took the survey and found the survey itself to be a fun diversion.
  14. We always get in to trouble when we talk politics on the forum. This is a political question so I am going to lock this thread (even though this is an interesting question).
  15. I would definitely dig the tub in as that is a really good way to even out temperature swings. As far as birds go, I don't think there is a good way to hide the tub from them. In my experience almost all the fish are okay almost all the time, but the birds do eat some of the fish, some of the time. Nature works that way. I would get the biggest tub you can afford as it makes everything fish-wise better for the fish.
  16. This thread could go off the rails, but who knows, I am ever the optimist and tagged this under the 'humor' category: I have a 1994 Nissan hardbody pick up truck, D21, regular cab, manual transmission.
  17. I live in North Carolina also and the last hurricane that passed over us was Fran and it wrecked our house, so even the fish inside were affected. I don't have any solution for hurricanes. The water at the surface of the pond last year reached 95°F but it didn't seem to harm any of the fish. I think it's cooler in the deeper parts of the pond. Even the rice fish who spent a lot of time at the surface didn't seem to be bothered by the warm waters in July and August. Dragonflies, yes there are tons of dragonflies. The primary food for dragonflies seems to be tadpoles. I'm sure they eat a few fish, but not enough to put a dent in the population of fishes. Just think about the real world of streams and ponds that get hot and have predators and dragonflies and such and everything works out there so why should it be any different in our ponds? Wilmington NC would be a near perfect location for an outdoor tub or pond. I would say go for it and see what happens.
  18. Irene had a good video on bubbles:
  19. I used to stay up late to listen to Dr. Demento. When he came through town in middle 70s and did a promotional appearance at the local strip mall, I took my album up and had him sign it.
  20. It doesn't have to be taken down, your intent was good and it might be helpful to others to be reminded of the guidelines.
  21. That would not bother me if I saw that on one of my aquariums.
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