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  1. was going flex, changed my mine back to hard pvc, cheaper also
  2. I have a ram horn snail tank set up, been going now for about 6 months. My son today said Dad you got a fish in this snail tank. I said nope not possible, he said yeap come look and sure enough there is a small cory cat. I have no idea how😜
  3. I pour hot water over mine and let them sit for a few hours and pour water and leaves into my tank
  4. also is best to use sand and not gravel for the substrate, just in case you did not know this
  5. I order some barley extract this morning, I will update on how this works out in my tank.
  6. I would say GO!!DAWGS!! but all this stupid woke stuff pretty much caused me to stop watching collage football and the NFL just down right sucks.
  7. the one tank I want to try this in has lots of plants but black beard algae is trying to take a foot hold no matter what I try. I really don't want to tear this tank down to get rid of it so I'm searching for natrual ways to take care of it.
  8. I have not had any real issues with my Marineland penguins and just cant see paying for the Marineland pro. With that said what is the big diffrence between them besides the $$$?
  9. Has anyone ever tried barley Straw to get rid of algae in their aquarium? I have read it works even on the black beard algae. I'm thinking of trying to see if it works, I read its slow but natrual so I'm thinking of trying it out. Any info yall might have plz chime in.
  10. Marineland penguin filters are not bad if your on a tight budget, I have used them for years now. The bio-wheel is hit or miss. I have two that the bio-wheels wrok great and two that they work so so. The next HOB I will buy will be a seachem....
  11. warm water 80 degrees or a little more is why I dont have them
  12. best move you made, trash it they do not self prime if power goes out
  13. fish in cycle yes you must change water a fishless cycle no you do not....
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