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  1. I run air to all of my tanks with the same pump sold by the co-op. The beauty of this pump is how it utilizes the sinewave in its design. It runs silent and low wattage for its output. But it does present a challenge when running it on backup battery power. A silicone diode between the coils converts the alternating current sine wave into a half-wave rectified input. The result is a pulsating electro-magnetic field energizing the resonant spring-mass (piston). When the electro-magnet is energized,the intake stroke of the piston compresses the return spring and draws air into the cylinder through the inlet valve in the head of the piston. When the electro-magnet is de-energized,the spring releases and the compression stroke of the piston forces the compressed air out of the cylinder through the reed style outlet valve. The linear piston pump needs a pure sinewave to operate correctly. It will not work if the supplied power is square or modified sine. For generator use it must be an inverter type model with clean power. Essentially this pump has the same requirements for clean power as a computer or other sensitive electronics. For my pump I wanted to be able to supply backup power air to my tanks without having to break out my inverter generator and extension cord. I also wanted the system to be automatic so it would work overnight or even if I am not home. What I came up with was this I bought a 300w "pure sinewave" inverter off of amazon and a 12v deep cycle marine battery from walmart. I already had the intellipower converter/battery charger on hand. a cheaper, battery maintainer/tender type can be used. With my design the relays coil will be energized as long as there is wall power, closing both normally open poles of the relay and letting wall power through to the linear pump. During a power outage the coil will not be energized and the relay will switch back to its normally closed contacts letting inverter power through to the pump. I brought the battery home today and setup what I had on hand to test the inverter/system. Perfect timing, as I actually lost power and the pump ran fine on inverted battery power for about 2 hours. This system could be used without an automatic transfer switch/relay by simply running through the converter/charger, then the battery, then the inverter. But you would be losing in efficiency and would be using the inverter 24/7 The relay comes in tomorrow with a few other accessories. I will update this once I get it running.
  2. This last summer I setup IBC totes up outside. I used the little green usb air pumps to power large sponge filters in each tote. Towards the end of the summer I noticed the little air pumps couldn't hack pushing air down anymore. Next summer I want to add a few more totes to the collection. I could fairly easily plumb in some pvc and use the linear piston air pump (which is currently sold out) to power all of the sponge filters. I know the air pump can handle alot of drops/tanks I was wondering it I was only pumping to 4-5 sponge filters would that cause strain on the pump or the airlines? I could build in a relief valve and crack it open if needed. Thoughts? Thanks
  3. I am curious if you can use the flexible pvc for the linear air piston pump that way you can have one long big piece and place it around the room
  4. If I place it outside my fish room, is that problematic? If it’s outside the room but in the uninsulated garage will it essentially pump cold or hot air?
  5. Hi everyone, I just put together my first ever fish rack. Currently using the Gladiator 77" rack with 1/2" sanded plywood with waterproofing stain. I am looking into setting up 12-ish 20 gallon (might swap a few 10's horizontal on end) on the top 2 racks with two 40 gallon breeders on the bottom. Didn't know if anyone had any advice on air pumps? I see a lot of people using linear air pumps (like Randy and Dean), but considering I only plan on having 1 rack for the foreseeable future (I swung a deal with the wife that I get a back wall of our new house's basement, if we were able to snag one, thus here I am). I'm not sure a linear air pump would make the best financial sense, plus I think I would waste it's potential since I will have to bleed off quite a bit of air, I think. I have used the Co-op's USB air pump to run a 5 gallon and a hang on breeder box, but trying to cut down on carbon foot print and save money by investing in just one/a few air pumps to run the rack as a whole, instead of each tank. Anyone have any recommendations on what they use to run several tanks/their rack? Thanks! 🙂 PS: Ignore the mess, the house is a work in progress and I couldn't wait for everything to be done to start the rack haha
  6. Pipe size for a 30 drop system and piston pump.? Can a piston pump survive a garage installation in Florida with 100 Degree temperatures in the summer? "going in room but would like it in the garage".
  7. When you need an air compressor in a hurry 😂 The one we ordered wasn’t going to get here in time for our little ones birthday so my girlfriend found an alternative use for my linear piston air pump. Worked like a charm 👌🏽
  8. So I have an "offish room" I call it. Its part office, part fish room. I currently have 1 40g, 1 75g, 3 10g, 4 20g long, 37g, 29g and 2 small 5g tanks. I am mostly based on air. I plan on actually going to to 4 20g tall, 1 75g, 4 10g, 4 20g long, 37g, 29g and possibly still the 2 5g. I am to the point these little air pumps are getting out of control, but the one on the Co-Op is a bit more powerful than I need. I've been eyeing the Alita 15 or 25 version, but am looking for recommendations out there, and what you think would drive all my stuff. I will have about 20-25 air outlets going (1 for each tank, 3 in the 75, Brine shrimp hatcheries, and other odds). I'm about maxed out here, I can't really add much more, so extra head room isn't that important.
  9. Hello! I have been watching many videos lately on how people can take PVC, a piston air pump, a few other items and have the ability to run their sponge filters all off of the one pump. When I watch the videos the PVC is always on the ceiling. For aesthetic purposes, does anyone know if I'd have the ability to put the PVC on the ground? If you don't know what I am talking about I included a link from Prime Time Aquatics that I was watching that have the same filtration setup that I'd be going for. Thanks!
  10. Sorry if this has been covered already ( I did a search and not seeing anything ) the idea of the low maintenance higher reliability of the linear piston air pump is appealing but I don't need the larger 45 liter air pump model in my home set up ( currently ) . I got the idea to search for something smaller and found the below pump models and curious if Aquarium COop has tested these and have any suggestions . I notice they aren't carried and the idea is that maybe these have been looked at but maybe not worth the money . Thoughts ? ALITA AL15A and Al6a LINEAR AIR PUMPs.
  11. Hi I just finished my fish rack/wall and I'm planning on using air filters it will hold 8 ten gallons and 3 twenty gallons and I will do one more just like this one by the end of spring or the beginning of summer. I'm going with the linear piston air pump they sell here,my question is why a loop is need it? I know I won't be expanding I have one wall and that is all I got , that see to be the reason everyone mention ,if I set just a line across the ceiling will there be a problem? Or how big does that loop needs to be? I don't want it to go around the whole room. Thanks in advance. Rey
  12. I'm tentatively planning to set up a linear piston pump and loop for air lines in my upcoming fish room. I had a couple questions about the products themselves (and some of them may be silly but I'd rather ask than have problems later): 1. Is there a major difference between the 45B and 45C models of the linear piston air pump by MEDO? Aquarium Co-op carries the 45B model and on Amazon I see only the 45C model. 2. The metals valves are listed as one-way - does this mean they effectively replace traditional check valves in the airline or do I still need to include a check valve for every aquarium line? The last thing I need is a power outage and a mess! 3. Is there a minimum number of lines that should be run off this system to make it worth using? I'll be starting with around 10-11 tanks but planning to expand to a second rack. I'd like the build this when I set up the fish room though so that it's available when I need it. Thanks fellow fishkeepers!
  13. When would you upgrade to a Linear Piston Air Pump. Is it a limited number of tanks? Or does it matter! I have a rack system with 12 tanks with sponge filters and I would like to add one more airline in each tank. So 24 drops. I do see one more rack system with more tanks in the future.
  14. I just received my pump today and I’m having trouble with what I’m experiencing so any help would be appreciated. I bought this pump to use as an airlift for my soon to build pond. After receiving it I attached a regular clear hose to it and stuck the end into a 55 gallon barrel full of water. To my surprise the bubbles stopped pushing out after 1-2 inch of the hose is in the water. It will push out air until I drop the hose a few inches from the surface. Is my unit not working right? Even on the 1 page manual it shows the pump being used in a pond setting below the water surface so I’m kind of confused. Again any help would be appreciated. I also for some reason can not reach the coop team through their site at the moment so decided to post here
  15. Can someone point me in the direction of how to diffuse the flow to not cause issues with a piston pump that functions with higher output then currently needed? Cory and group say the pump on coop is good for about 45 air lines. currently have about 10 and just going to do a loop and move forward, instead of changing later. thanks.
  16. Hello everyone, I plan on building a rack using Cory's system of cinder blocks and ten foot two by fours. I am only going to build this rack (as it is going into a spare bedroom space is limited). At first I thought about using a linear piston air pump and pvc to power my sponge filters, but the pump is pretty expensive for just eight tanks. Should I go ahead and buy a linear piston air pump or just use eight individual air pumps? I apologize for what are probably beginner questions, but this is my first time expanding to this scale and I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I'd rather people who have done it before advise me.
  17. I'm in the process of setting up a fish room and was wondering at what point is it time to use a linear piston pump instead of individual air pumps. I will be starting with 8 tanks and a pond. I plan on eventually having around 15 tanks and will be running sponge filters in all of them. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  18. I was thinking about how to do large fish rooms and was thinking using a large air compressor with a tank (Like this) to aerate the tanks would work. I can't find anything in a 5 min google search, and all the fishroom/farm tours that I have watched either use the water from the water change system to aerate the aquariums through drip towers or venturis except a discus farm using sponge filters in addition to venturis. I think that having one central air supply with regulators and running airline would be easier to manage than having a bunch of air pumps, but I'm not sure if there is some factor with air compressors + air tank that causes them not to be used. Thanks
  19. Just finished my awesome central air system with a Linear Piston Air Pump from Medo. I did the loop system, and only have 7/15 tanks running right now with valves. Since it's a loop system, do I still need to put in a bleeder valve somewhere? Is a bleeder valve only needed for closed non loop systems? I'm a noob with this type of thing, so don't go too hard on me. If anyone has something similar going on, let me know! Thank you! Any help is appreciated.
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