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  1. This may sound wierd but i need help with growing green algae on rocks.I think this would give my aquarium a more natural look I had an idea but i dont know if it will work.i think that if i grab a rock and put it in a container with water with direct sunlight it will grow algae on the rock but im not sure.
  2. My 10 gallon heavily planted shrimp/snail tank has been going for for over a month now.. Livestock consists of 5 Crystal Red shrimp, 5 Cherry Reds, 1 adult Mystery snail, a bunch of tiny hitchhiker snails, and 6 hitchhiker fish fry... The plants are growing well, the fish are growing steadily (still too small for me to identify the species, though) and the shrimp are active, molting, and breeding, apparently, as I now have 4 berried females... I had a minor outbreak of diatoms a couple weeks ago which is expected, and mostly gone now... BUT... I have zero algae at this point.... My concern is that there will not be enough food for the baby shrimps when they hatch..
  3. I noticed today that my algae covered rock and the substrate area I can't gravel vac because I'm trying to establish monte carlo have tiny bubbles of gas coming up off them. I don't know how to feel about algae photosynthesizing that fast... Is this common? Tomorrow is water change day so i'm going to go at the rock with a toothbrush and maybe do some gentile vacing over the montecarlo.
  4. hello i am new to plants in my aquarium never had problems with Algae before with fake plants and bristolnose pelco .. but i am having Algae with my live plants in low tech no c2o tank i have 2 Windelov" Java Fern and 2 Banana plant and 1 Anubias Barteri and i have all in one Easy Green Fertilizer my plants specially Banana plants have the algae bad on them and also Banana Plants have holes in the leaves.. i have clean and do water changes and it still comes back been doing this for 3 months and the Algae is getting worse specially on the plants .. do i need the Easy green Carbon and Iron too? will that help ? i use sand and the Java and Anubias is on rocks .. Banana plant on top of sand i have a planted light and have adjusted the light schedule down to only 8 hours a day but the aquarium sits with no lights or windows near it except aquarium lights .. i also adjusted the food on my fish feeding to lower the waste i was thinking of getting the Easy root tabs for the banana plants .. if i get the algae under control i was going to get a few root plants too thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated
  5. Hey everyone, I saw some cyanobacteria on my java moss in my new tank. I think it is from the store I got the moss at. I have never had it so is it bad for me, my fish, or anything else, and how do I get rid of it? Thanks
  6. My 75 gallon appeared to be in pretty good balance for a number of months, but once I introduced two tiger lotus to the setup I began to loose control. It started with some green spot algae, but the black beard algae quickly began to show up on the endow of leaves and in my gravel/rocks. I have tweaked my lights and and pushed my ferts to the point that the bba is dying, but now the green spot algae is covering leaves. I had hoped solving one would solve the other, but the GSA is getting bad. My research leads me to believe lighting is the number one factor for GSA? So now I am trying to determine where to adjust to find balance. Here is a snapshot of my tank. Temp 76 degrees Nitrates 40 ppm (before yesterday’s water change) pH 8 I am currently dosing Easy Green 8 pumps on Sunday after the water change and on Wednesday morning. I also have root tabs for my Swords, Crypts, and Vals. Light is a 48” Nicrew with a timer. The current settings were tweeked while trying to get rid of BBA. 10:00 5% 12:00 20% 13:00 100% 16:00 20% 18:00 5% 20:00 0% That is a total of 12 hours at various intensities. I can’t find recommendations online for how the lower intensities may be impacting the algae growth. I’m considering cutting it down to 10 hrs total. With you not 30 min of 5, 30 mins of 20, and 8 hours of 100%. But at this point I would live to hear from some of you. Oh! I do have algae eaters. I want some algae, but not GSA because the otos don’t want the hard lettuce. LoL
  7. My elodea and hornwort (floating) are looking sad and brown. I have some type of brown algae going on (and an angry fish. See photo. Lol). It has been 12 days since i did maintenance on this 5.5. One betta. 3 snails (the first i noticed 12 days ago the third just tonight). Some flat worms on the glass (rhabdocoela i think..definitely not planaria). Ammonia has been definitely zero but looked like the api test might have a green tint tonight..or maybe im seeing things the more paranoid i get. Im totally new to plants and never had a snail...i guess they came free with the elodea....they poop a lot!. Nitrite zero...nitrate around 10ppm. pH around 8.3. Temp about 78. Questions (see photos): 1. Whats up with this brown algae on stuff...is thats whats up with my plants or are they dying? 2. My plants are pearling with little bubbles (see teal circles) what does this mean with all else going on..they are pearling and dying? 3. What is this white hazy fluffy fuzzy..idk stuff on my hornwort and at the surface line on that elodea? (See purple circles) 4. Are these pest snail eggs? (See orange circles..they are grouped..not pearl bubbles) Please any info? Did i wait too long to do a water change? Is my tank gonna crash if i clean the glass now? Is there something i need to watch out for? Change? Any info on how i move forward would be appreciated.
  8. I have a horrible algae problem that is wiping out most of my plants and grows several inches long off my hob that started a few months back when I was running the beamworks light an average of 12-16 hours per day and only using flourish micro but it was pretty minor and not widespread and I actually liked the look, I have since put my lights on an 8 hour timer and started using easy green and easy iron because my nitrates were staying at zero, and I added co2 a month or so back I have removed the vast majority of my val because cutting it back almost to the ground well below any algae I saw didn't stop it, I've dipped everything in straight peroxide hoping that would for sure do it and even if I killed the leaves the stems would survive but that also failed because even though there is new growth from the stems of the plants that mostly died the algae came back to them and I'm lost. I'm sorry I cant organize my thoughts into proper sentences without spending the next hour and a half editing this but I'd be very grateful for the advice if anyone can help me save my little buddies.
  9. Not sure what's happening to my plants or how to stop it?? Help!!
  10. I have a 36 gallon tank that is having issues with algae. I scrubbed the walls and did a water change after but it comes back. I have looked into an alge control however I cannot use it due to the shrimp in the tank. Is there anything I can do or use that would be safe for me to try in controlling the issue.
  11. Trying to determine if my crypts have algae on them or if they are trying to tell me they need more of something. Tank is brand new and they’ve been in it about a month. I’m a plant and fish rookie. Also, one has long black hair all around the leaves??
  12. What is going on here? Looks like roots but I'm not sure. I am new to keeping live plants.
  13. I have had my anubias for about over a week now and latly, they have been slowly turning brown, at first it was tiny spots but now its almost a reddish brown color as u can see from the, does anyone know the cause and what I can do about it?
  14. have what i think is green water and bought a uv filter bulb was wondering how long it should take to remove if it is green algea
  15. Hi.. I set up my new tank 7 days ago, and within 4 days I had a fine dusting of bright green algae. I was wondering if anyone knows why and how this has grown so fast in this tank. The tank and everything in it is brand new. All of my plants are lab grown tissue culture. I added a pinch of fishfood right away, did one dose of fertiliser and have been using easycarbon at the higher end of the dosing every day, as per the instructions. My filter is a hob, with course foam, super fine foam and activated carbon. 600lt/hr on a 90lt tank. I have no snails or fish yet. I didn't really want an explosion of bladder snails in this tank if I can help it... Although I do have plenty on hand. I was wondering what the best route to go to get this cleared up would be
  16. Hello. I’m new to the forum and new to maintaining a fish tank with live plants, 20 gallon. Does anyone recognize what this fuzzy stuff is on the plant? If so, how do I get rid of it? Also, the water has been cloudy and I’ve been doing regular water changes weekly, about 20%. Thank you for any advice.
  17. Hi everyone! I have a 5 gallon tank for about half a year and I'm battling algae for some weeks now. I reduced the lighting from 12 hours 10 and it's an ongoing battle. Is this green spot algae or black beard? I had black beard in another tank but it wasn't as flat as this. Also, is the stuff on the glass the same type? Lastly, is there any hope of fighting this without a filter? This was a little project of mine that started with no filter, no lighting, no ferts, no heater and no air stone. In the meantime I got a heater and some lighting for it.
  18. Hi everyone! Just out of curiosity does anyone else think that some types of algae in certain places can look good? I really love this brownish algae on my drift wood, since it makes it look really weathered/seasoned when the tank has only been setup since the first week of January.
  19. I was wondering if this is some kind of algea? If yes, how to get rid of it? Thank you!
  20. Wanted to chek what do you guys feed your algae grazers fish i have Sewilia Lineolata(hillstream loach), ottocincluses and stiphodon atropurpureus (neon blue gobys). I have repashy super green now what other supplement food could i use? Bacter ae, other repashy foods? I have some algae tabs but those dissolve in dust pretty fast.
  21. I have some black streaks and marks on both Java ferns, and some fuzzy brown stuff on some of the crypts. Is this part of the “ugly duckling” phase? Or do I have something starting that I need to take control of? This is my first tank ever, we are getting close to being cycled.
  22. Thought my 5 gallon tank with plants was doing better, but now I have a lot of algae. Is this brown or Black hair algae? I watched Cory's video on algae but still not sure. Help will be appreciated. I have one Nerite snail. Getting ready to change to 10 gallon tank and don't want to take algae problem to new tank.
  23. I’m trying to reclaim my 40 gallon planted aquarium that my soon to be ex wife messed up big time, by leaving blinds and curtains open and flooding the room with sunlight. So now that It looks like I’m getting divorced my mom and I are trying to get the algae all cleaned up and get it replanted and a thriving self contained ecosystem again. I’m gravel vacuuming and and scrubbing algae all the time while my algae eating help give us a hand in keeping things clean. Any ideas of what to do with our already established community aquarium would be so helpful.
  24. Thank you @Irene! I love that you explain that it is an algae.
  25. Hey everyone, first post here. Will post in the introduction area later, but wanted to post this question first. I'm currently cycling my aquarium with plants I've gotten from local fish stores and I'm about 2 weeks into my cycle on my first tank ever. I've taken the route of doing the cycle using the plant + fertilizer method, as I agree with the theory of being able to grow life before adding any fish. I've got CO2 setup and have been injecting it for about 4 days now. I'm now in the algae stage of the cycle and was wanting to know if this is a normal amount of algae. I don't want the algae to get out of control, so just checking in here to see if this is considered normal. Picture: I've been using the easy-green fertilizer to feed the plants and increase the nitrate levels, as well as adding Seachem equilibrium to up the water hardness a bit since it was virtually 0 (city tap water). I just tested my water this morning and here are my results: Nitrates: 60 ppm Nitrites: 3.0 ppm Hardness: 300 ppm (wayyy too high since I think I added too much equilibrium) Chlorine: 0 ppm (duh) Total Alkalinity: 150 Ph: 6.9 CO2 levels: Green drop checker (around 30ppm) I know my water Hardness is too hard right now for the type of fish I want (which will be a nano tropical aquarium with some shrimp), but I'm not adding fish until at least February. I do happen to have one snail that I got for free off of a plant though, he is alive and trying to eat some algae. I just wanted to know if this amount of algae is normal. I think I've been leaving the lights on too long, but I wanted to try to grow my plants as much as I can before I add fish. I've been giving the plants about 12 hours of light and then leave a blue moonlight on at night. I have two LEDs, one is the basic LED that came with the marineland 75 gallon tank, the other is one I got off amazon here: LED BUY LINK (incase you wanted more details on the lighting) Lumen: 5200 LEDs: 120x 0.50W I've been reading that algae is good during a cycle, just want to make sure this is an ok amount. I haven't done any water changes yet, should I do one soon or wait until before I add any fish?
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