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Found 7 results

  1. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
  2. Hello friends, My 75 currently houses a blood parrot cichlid (who is the Queen and High Potentate of everything), two male senegal bichirs (a big wild type and a little albino), and a small ctenopoma (bought as an adult and it never grew much bigger; I think it was turned in from a pervious owner at the store). Here's a video to show what kind of room I have going on. The tank is kept at 79-80F, so whatever I add needs to like it toasty. Because of the plant load, nitrates are never over 50, and I think they only get that high because I add Easy Green. Ph is 7.2. I feel like I want to add something that swims midwater. Obviously they have to be big enough to not be a snack - 3in is usually the recommended size to cohabitate with bichirs and ctenopoma. A school of congo tetras is an option. But what would YOU add? I'm open to ideas. I've been agonizing over this for 6 months to a year, lol! Edit: Forgot to mention that cichlids are probably out, since the blood parrot kept starting fights with my blue acara that was previously living in there.
  3. About 6 weeks ago I bought a little 2” Bichir and put him in my cichlid tank. I was a little afraid of the cichlids bullying him but figured I had enough hides it would work out. Now I have a robust 7” Bichir that I’m worried might start eating those cichlids soon. I did not expect him to grow this fast. I know it’s on average they get about 20” but I don’t know how long that takes. Should I expect him to keep growing at the same rate or will it start to fall off? He is also eating more than I was expecting. I bought 2 dozen Rosy’s yesterday and when I got home from work today only 3 were left. It used to take him a lot longer to go through them.
  4. I bought a little senegal today, kind of on a whim and something dawned on me as I watched him swimming around. I know that Ropefish, eels, and other like bodied serpentine fish are notorious escape artists, do I need to worry about this Sengal getting out? I have a glass lid with the typical 2” gap on the back.
  5. I’m looking for a schooling fish that could happily live in a 90g, that’s big enough not to be eaten by a Senegal and tough enough to hang with my CA cichlids. I also do not want silver dollars, red hooks, tinfoil barbs, Denison barbs, or giant danios. Any thoughts? I was thinking maybe rainbows but other suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I have a 90g set up that I’m stocking and thinking of doing a Senegal bichir in. Could the Sen cohabitate with a large school of tiger barbs or will they just be tasty treats. Right now I just have 1 firemouth, 3 HRP, and 1 bristlenose
  7. I have a tank with 2 Leopard bush fish and 2 Senegal bichirs. Both species are about 3-5" long, so not fully grown yet. Right now they are in a 100L (20G-ish) tank, but soon getting an upgrade to a 160L (40G-ish) tank. On the longer term, I'm looking for a 120G to put them in permanently. I love these fish, but they have 1 big downside to them: most of the day they don't do anything. They hide and only show themselves to beg for food (already an improvement). The result is that I'm looking at an empty looking tank most of the day. I'm looking for fish that either serve as dither fish or just give some life to the tank, but won't stress or nip at the predators. Preferably a species that will also help with algae control. I've been looking into Siamese algae eaters and Rosy barbs. Will these work? Any other suggestions? I have growout tanks for these fish to gain some size, if needed.
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