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  1. My new hygger light seems real nice for the price. Plants doing fantastic under it
  2. In the newest video I noticed several metal coils in some of Deans tanks. Does anyone know what’s the purpose I them??
  3. What micron bags would you recommend for purigen in my AquaClears? The last 2 batches I’ve got has leaked TONS of the white beds all over my beautiful black substrate even after throughly prerinsing 3-4 times. Thanks NERMs! Snail Assassin photo just for kicks.
  4. I’ve bought some really cool printed moss ledges
  5. What @Cory said! A few flagfish would make quick work of all that
  6. It’ll be going in the garden or possibly the living room if the wifey will allow. I’d love to mount tons of orchids, bromeliads and mosses to it
  7. This one is coming back with me next time.
  8. Come visit some time. My backyard is the newest National Park.
  9. One in the corner of the kitchen, 2 in the living room, smaller one in our bedroom, biggest one in my sons room and another small one in my daughters room. All are on hardwood except the one in our room which is carpet for now
  10. Can anyone recommend a good waterproof rug I can put in front of my racks? The wifey is getting onto me about a little water on the floor.
  11. New River Gorge, WV. ive never understood places with laws against driftwood collection. I can see not wanting plants and such collected but driftwood is a bit ridiculous. Come down my way. I’m not exaggerating, there’s about 5 acres that’s totally covered with driftwood at this spot. It floods several times a year and I holds all the driftwood and trash
  12. I’m so fortunate to have and abundance of driftwood right in my backyard. The view isn’t too bad either.
  13. What substrate? I’d personally have to put a bunch of epiphytes and moss to it but I’m digging that wood What substrate? I’d personally have to put a bunch of epiphytes and moss to it but I’m digging that wood
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