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  1. @laritheloud What color or pattern is the most desired? I'm thinking of getting a couple and breeding for profit. I called or went to 8 local and big box stores 100 miles from my house and all are out of rams and can't find any listed on the order list.
  2. @Torreythat ram is beautiful. I’m trying to find them for sale and I can’t find them anywhere in the stores. The ones I thought were rams weren’t. does anyone have some for sell or know a good site to buy them from?
  3. @Shadow_Arbor you should really consider making a blog or post about raising and breeding them. Like what is the water perameters in their native home? Are they asexual or breed in pairs or can they do both? Are they omnivores or purely rotten vegetation? Do they like high light or low light? Are they seminocternal or only out in the day? You should definitely make a name for yourself if you documented and bread them.
  4. @Shadow_Arbor is it illegal to take them out of the country like on a flight?
  5. I got some frog bit and a little red root. I’m happy so far. Trying to get rid of the duck weed.
  6. @Mmiller2001 I saw that it had some really good features but for right now I went with Fluval because of the warranty and the water proof part. I’m new to this so the warranty sounds pretty good and I’m using this as the main light to also do maintenance on my tank with the lid off. One slip up and the lights on the water. I definitely plan to get one and try it out in a future tank though so thank you for suggesting it and getting me interested in one. @Streetwise thank you for that. I’m gonna look into it tomorrow. I just got the fluval and set it to all basics. I ended up finding it at the local store.
  7. @Streetwise do you by chance have the link to that so I can mess around with this?
  8. I’m going with fluval because of the waterproof and better warranty. Fluval and Finnex are to close to call in stats. I plan to use this light while I’m working in the tank and there’s a chance I could knock it in.
  9. @Streetwise I didn’t think this post would blow up like it did. @Hobbit this sucks. I went to my local store and Petco and they don’t have any rams and if they do they don’t look good. Now I really wanna get a pair. you guys have truly changed my view on snails.
  10. So I was interested in getting a new fertilizer and someone suggested Thrive all in one. After visiting the site and looking at all the options I was considering the the Micro and Macro dosing bottles. However I reached out to NilocG and they explained the difference is just for people who want to be perticular in their dosing. I gave him my tank set up and he suggested Thrive C would be best. My questions are what does non glut carbon mean and is it really the best for me? What are your opinions on Thrive C and is there a better alternative? I have no interest just yet in messing with dry fertilizers but will eventually. My tank set up is a 29 gallon with a heavy plant load. I'm getting the Fluval 3.0 from Co-op and I'm not running C02. Plants Frog bit x12 Red root floater x 6 Lobelia Cardinalis x3 Narrow leaf Chain Sword x2 and spreading Spiralis x2 Java moss x2 Anacharis x6 Normal Amazon Sword Flame Amazon Sword Red Melon Sword Bronze Wendtii Green Wendtii Red Wendtii Banana plant Duck weed Scarlet temple Anubius nana petite Anubius nana Fish Cardinal Tetras x14 Harlequin Rasbora x8 Pygmy Corries x8 Khuli loaches x6 Betta Snails
  11. After doing some research here is what I gather from the 2 of them. Fluval 3.0 Pros Better PAR Better Warenty ip67 Water Proof Has an App if you want that Cons Expensive Has an App if you don't want that lower kelvins Finex 24/7 Pros Cheaper Has a controller is you want that Higher Kelvins Cons Not ip67 water proof Has a controller is you don't want that Fluval Plant 3.0 vs. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CC - coolfish.network Finnex Planted+ 24/7 vs. Fluval 3.0 : PlantedTank (reddit.com) Fluval 3.0 vs Finnex 24/7 don't know which to keep? | The Planted Tank Forum I'm going to look more into it and see what else I can find.
  12. @anewbie I’m carpeting dwarf chains in half my tank and and a lot of floaters. I need something that can get between them to my other plants. And I’m now adding some reds to my tank as well. My main thing is getting light to the plants and and easy way to program the 24/7. I’m willing to pay around $150 for a good light.
  13. @Mmiller2001 this right here as a 30 inch? https://www.amazon.com/Finnex-Planted-Aquarium-Customizable-Sunrise/dp/B0812MYYS3
  14. Okay everyone. Thank you. I think I’ll get the fluval after all.
  15. @Atitagaincan you turn it on or off remotely like if you’re out of town? And I heard you can’t set it to have an off in the middle of the day but you can? Has the app crashed on you at all and what size do you have?
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