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  1. I suspected the poor plant growth might be due to how hard my water is. And yes. It is that hard out of the tap. I would try peat moss but I wonder if the buffer is to high that it would negate any effects of the peat. So, Is there an RO system that is quality but doesn’t completely break the bank?
  2. After using a liquid test kit it says they are around 80-90 ppm. I know this is a lot but as I said before it comes out of the tap at 50 ppm.
  3. Also, I realized I forgot to change the title of this thread before I posted it. My bad.
  4. Hey there! I haven’t been having very good success with keeping plants alive, particularly stems. This is moneywart I bought from Aquarium Co-op a few months ago. It hasn’t grown any new leaves that I can tell, but it looks like the little one next to the entrance of the cave is trying to. I know my water is super deficient in potassium. I have been dosing Seachem’s potassium and Easy Green multiple times a week and I’m still getting new holes in the leaves of my Anubis, crypts, and dwarf aquarium lily. I’ve also read somewhere that leaves that are crinkled or rolled at the tip is caused by a deficiency, though I don’t know what that is. I use to have the pale leaves with the dark veins until I started dosing easy green. My next issue is that my root-feeding plants can’t seem to take hold and grow much ether. I have vallisneria and multiple types of crypts. I know that crypts in particular are slow growers, but definitely not this slow. Also, I have been using the easy root tabs as well. Before someone gets on me, my water comes from a well. It is super hard, over 300ppm. It has a high buffer (around 300ppm). PH is around 8.4. Nitrates come out of the tap around 50ppm. I don’t know any of the specific minerals that are in my water. My questions are: Is there anything that is completely obvious that I am missing when it comes to fertilizing? What other deficiencies could I fix and what is the easiest way to do that? Due to my high nitrate levels out of the tap, and poor plant growth, what would be a good water change and fertilizer routine for a 20 long with moderate stocking?
  5. Thank you for the help! I will definitely be checking out your recommendations.
  6. Do you have any taller plant suggestions for the background of my tank? I mostly douse easy green for the additional nutrients like magnesium and potassium. I have noticed that blue light is like giving hair algae steroids. Thankfully my light has a mode to remove most or all of the blue like. Thanks for the input!
  7. I got my plants from aquarium co-op. The crypts have already completely melted and came back, but I think the stem plants had a hard time transitioning.
  8. I just started getting into planted tanks. I have a couple of crypts plants along with an Anubis nana and Java fern in a 20gal long with an led full spectrum light. I had a couple of “easy” stem plants such as Bacopa caroliniana and Pogostemon stlatus octopus that ended up dying fairly quickly. My substrate is eco-complete, about 1.5”-2” deep. I have been dosing easy green and flourish potassium as instructed on the bottles as well as some epsom salt, but whatever I do, the only thing I can seem to grow plenty of, is hair algae (or what I think is hair algae). I am aware that my water is very deficient in potassium and magnesium, but is there anything else I am missing? How much epsom salt can I safely use for my tank, or is there a better way to add magnesium without adding salt to the tank as well? Recently I bought aquarium co-op multi-test strips so I could easily test my water’s GH, KH, and PH levels. I am on well water so I expected to have higher levels in these categories. My GH was off the charts which maxed at 300ppm. My KH was around the 180-300ppm. My PH was close to 8. Nitrates come out of the tap at 40ppm. Nitrite and ammonia are at 0ppm Any help is appreciated!
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