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  1. @Tony s - Interesting regarding the carrier / binding agent. I wouldn’t have thought of that. To your point, sticking with the individual’s treatment plan is probably the best. Thank you.
  2. Reviving this old thread from the dead. I had the same question - Why do Maracyn and API Erythromycin have different treatment plans? They both have 200 mg Erythromycin per packet per 10 gallons Maracyn - 5 days straight, water change on day 6 API - 2 days of treatment, do water change, 2 more days of treatment Which one is better?
  3. Interesting. Well…..not sure then what i had going on. Whatever happened, happened fast. I tested when the fish started to die and they looked good to me: Ammonia - 0 ppm, Nitrate - 0 ppm, Nitrite - 5-10 ppm, Water temp - 78, The tank has been up and running for six years with minimal issues. The fish that died almost all had red bellies/flanks. They looked like internal bleeding/bruising. They seemed to be acting lethargic before dying. It seemed like the cories were breathing fast/having a hard time breathing. None of the fish had any external signs of problems. All I know, the fish were fine before putting the cories in the tank. I think the first Cory died within 6-8 hours. Then it was all downhill from there. Most of the cories died within 3 days. Then the other fish started to die. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
  4. I have seen conflicting information about treating a parasitic infections. I am looking for advice. I purchased six Julii Cory’s from a big box store and did not quarantine them. Learned the hard way and the Cory’s started to die within 24 hours. Two - three days letter my cherry barbs and runny nose tetras started to die. I ran out and picked up some API General Cure and did one complete treatment. I ended up losing 14 fish. The remaining fish are looking fine. This is where I am getting confused. The box says nothing about doing a follow up treatment but I have seen several posts talking about doing another round of treatment to ensure all parasites are gone (including any eggs). If I do another round of treatment, do I only use the General Cure or do I do Cory’s quarantine trio? What would you do? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I am currently treating my display tank for a parasitic infection. I purchased a new sponge filter for the tank before the outbreak but haven’t installed it yet. I was holding off until after the tank conditions improve but I started to think, it might be better for the fish to install now. Thoughts?
  6. You guys are all so helpful. Just an update and a question. I ended up having four Corydoras die and the remaining two seem to be thriving. I got the air pump and air stone installed. I feel like since installing the air-stone that the oto’s are so much more active. Swimming all over the glass. The remaining two Cory’s are also really active. Here is the crazy part. I have had two Cherry Barbs die since installing the air stone. They seemed lethargic within 12 hours of installing the air stone and they were dead the next day. Could setting up an air stone cause this? Could it change my tank parameters that much?!?! All other fish seem fine right now. Stumped. Thanks guys.
  7. This was a great informative video. Definitely demonstrates how my canister is not enough. Thank you for sharing.
  8. This is all great information. Thank you everyone for your prompt responses. There is one thing I forgot to mention. I have never run an air stone before in any of my fish tanks. I have always had plenty of surface to air agitation from the filter. At least I thought I did! After googling last night, I saw that Cory’s might need more than normal. I went out and bought an air stone and pump and got it going. Do you think this could be it? John
  9. Hi guys, I have an established 65 gallon tank that has been up and running for years. I am running a Fluval 307. Water Parameter's: Water temp - 78 degrees. Ammonia - 0 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate - 5 ppm It currently has: 1 EA - Angelfish 8 EA - Cherry Barbs 5 EA - Runnynose Tetras 4 EA - Ottos I just purchased and added: 6 EA - Julii Corydoras 1 EA - Redhump Eartheater I floated them for 15 mins. Then opened their respected bags and added 3 - 4 ozs of my tank water to bag. Waited 10 mins. Added another 3-4 ozs of my tank water. Waited another 10 minutes. Placed new fish in tank. The eartheater seems perfectly fine. Though, within several hours, I had one dead cory. The next day, 2 more died. The next day, 2 more died. The fish all seem to have red bruising around their chest/lungs. Not sure what the deal is. PH shock? Temp shock? Sick / bad batch of fish? Purchased from big box pet store. I am just trying to figure this out. Should i be drip acclimating? I would like to get some cory's. I just don't want to continue to waste my money. Thanks for your help!
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