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  1. I could not get a photo, she only comes out to the front in the morning when feed them. I'll try tomorrow. She does eat and I make sure food gets in front of her since she can't chase after it. Her color is bland not bright and strong as it was. This all seemed to happen while I was away for 5 days a few weeks ago. It is possible that the temperature went into the upper 60's one night but mid 70's the rest of the time. The male swims close to her but I have never seen him actually attack her.
  2. I have a pair of Apistogramma Panduros. They are about two years old. The male is doing great, good color, swimming easily. But the female doesn't seem to be able to get off the bottom. I see no visible signs of trauma, fins look good, no missing scales, etc. She is eating, just can't swim. What could be causing this? I have tested the water, everything looks good. All the other fish are fine as well. Thank you for your help.
  3. I noticed that a java fern in my tank was really getting full and shading out everything around it.But I was really amazed when I pulled it out! I thinned it quite bit, removed older leaves and a few brown ones and put it back. I put my hand in the shot for perspective. The tray is standard cafeteria tray I use to work on.
  4. The relief valve is on the bottom side of the round disk the gauges are attached to. You’ll see a slot for a screw driver or a coin. 1/2 turn counter clock wise should do it. Maybe a little more if needed. Same thing happened to mine. The Aquarium Co-op customer service is the BEST!
  5. It’s new growth. Mine do the same thing but as the leaf matures the color evens out.
  6. Thanks! Fluval Stratum covered w 1" pool sand.
  7. I am really enjoying this aquarium! Been through the progression- Diatoms, green algae etc... Now at 6 months things are settling in well. Even though I've never met them in person, only through YouTube, I have to say that my mentors Cory and Bentley have been wonderful. Thank you Gentlemen!
  8. This is a high tech tank. I am using CO2. 40 gallon Breeder. 5 months old.
  9. I thought the same thing. I got it from Aquarium Co-Op so I assume it was labeled correctly.
  10. I have Pygmy Chain Swords growing rather profusely. They are taller than I had hoped they would be. Can I trim them down to a better height, or would that destroy them?
  11. I love Hydrocotyl Triparta Japan as well. It is fresh and vibrant. However, It grows like a weed in my tank. I have to keep trimming it or it would take over!
  12. It must be Spring! My Anubias is blooming. There is a second scape coming up behind this one. Not spectacular but looks pretty and interesting.
  13. I agree. I planted it in my 40g and thought it was really nice for about two weeks. I finally removed it completely!
  14. It may be the middle of Winter but I just noticed that my Red Root Floaters are in full bloom. Tiniest little things!
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