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  1. @Colu Is there any explanation on why plants have a hard time in brackish water is it the temp? Brackish tanks are on the colder side usually aren't they? Or is it the salt? I would think extra minerals would be better but maybe not?
  2. Glad you like this hobby! Welcome to the forum.
  3. @Odd Duck I got ember tetras with the puffer good thing I didn't quarantine them together!
  4. I would think it would be ok a single oto can sure eat a lot of algae though I think Cory has mentioned he has 6 or 8 in his 800 gallon so it doesn't take many to eat a ton of algae. I would be most concerned about whether there's enough algae in the 5 gallon to support an oto.
  5. I've kept them twice before but only by themselves. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Has anyone been successful in keeping pea puffers In a community setting. I impulse bought a pea puffer and the only tank I have open when it's done quarantining is the tank I had planned on being a shrimp tank would they be ok together?
  7. This pic would be great! Definetly would be funny for someone brand new to the forum that didn't see that video they'd be like this is a very odd group of people.
  8. Like Guppysnail said mine can spawn once a week back to back weeks but then they could go a month without spawning it is kind of random. Get them fat and happy and they will spawn more often for you if that is your goal.
  9. @s1_ I will have to think about how to set up the intakes and output now I had a HOB and 2 medium sponge filters but no real need now for the sponge filters besides oxygen maybe I will do what you have done thanks for the info!
  10. I have a 75g that has decently heavy glass tops and I just replaced my HOB that the glass used to rest on with a FX4 so now if I open up the top it just rests on my fluval 2.0 which I don't like I don't want to harm the light what contraptions have you MacGyver's come up with?
  11. Thanks a lot @Guppysnail! Thankfully the brushes are affordable.
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