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  1. That's what I found too barteri has 5 different variations itself it would be cool to have a tank with all of them.
  2. I was just reading about hastafolia I'm trying to figure out exactly how many anubias varients there are seems like there are a bunch!
  3. Welcome to the forum! When you get your live-bearers we would love to see some pictures.
  4. Mine is coming Thursday can't wait it looks so cool!
  5. I need to look this up I haven't heard of that type yet thanks!
  6. That's another thing I like about them is they seem like very hardy plants.
  7. I really only waterchange when I need to top off for evaporation but I will do a water change instead. My water parameters never really get to a point that I need to water change and I test my water weekly. I was dosing as the directions said until recently I noticed deficiencies in my plants and have increased since then the plants seem happy and so do the fish and tests come back ok so I think I should be fine.
  8. Between my 4 tanks I seem to overdose all of them 2x a week just to try and keep nitrates at 20ppm my two 10g tanks that just have water wisteria I put 3 pumps in and my 29g I put in 4 pumps and my 75g I've been putting in 10 pumps. I do this because I've noticed deficiencies in the plants and havent seen any adverse affects yet. Is this a bad idea or is this normal is heavier planted tanks?
  9. I think anubais is my favorite plant I've kept so far I have nana, coffeefolia, barteri, nangi, and currently waiting on golden and nana petite to arrive this week. The plant is just so easy to keep and it's exciting to see a new leaf starting or to see it flower. If I had to choose I think so far my favorite would be barteri.
  10. I had some for a few months I separated them but I also completely failed with them so hopefully someone with more experience comments.
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