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  1. I am having issues in my 29g with staghorn algae I have the brown algae under control and have been spot treating the staghorn with excel and it's kind of working I also got 2 nerite snails my next step is taking my co2 setup from my other tank and setting it up in my 29g will this help with the staghorn and do I have to "ween" my tank off of co2 to make the switch? The tank with co2 right now only has a snail in it I plan on stocking both tanks with fish this weekend.
  2. This was the 29g but as you can see in someone's amazon review yes it is possible.
  3. Thank you for your input I will try cutting back to 8 hours tomorrow I was at 10 hours then went to 9 and it's helped I also cut intensity but maybe I can do a little more since all these plants are low light.
  4. I was kind of where you were 2 months ago now but I took the dive and got a 10lb tank and co2 art kit and have been doing absolutely amazing as long as you've done your research and have a timer you should be fine. Good luck
  5. I got some plants about a month ago from the coop my dwarf sag is producing some new growth but has alot of what looks to be hair algae growing. The Amazon and red flame sword are kind of stagnant they will grow new leaves and then have some die. And my scarlet temple is producing some roots above the gravel line but not doing very well. On top of all that I have a ton of brown algae I thought too much light may have been the culprite so I turned the lights down from where they were at first and they are on for 9 hrs I also found my temp was near 80 F so I turned it down to 74 F. I tested my water today and came back GH 25 ppm KH 40 PPM NO2 0 NO3 10 PPM PH 7.6 there are only plants in this tank but I have my java fern from my other tank in this on it developed what I thought was blackbeard algae and I treated it now it has black spots on it but otherwise doing great and producing baby plants and my red dwarf lily bulb is absolutely thriving so It makes me scratch my head why the other plants haven't really come back after melting back. I have easy root tabs and dose easy green 2x a week.
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