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  1. I love my bladder snails, although in the past few months their population has gone down (I'm assuming it's just the tank stabilizing itself, and less food because of the competition from the ever growing population of cherry shrimp) They're a really nice size for my 5.5, barely are noticeable unless you're looking for them, and it's fun to watch them when you do (plus their cute!) Not to mention they probably eat a good amount of the algae in the tank, and don't harm the plants, I really wish I had more of them most of the time!
  2. Hi, I have a tank that doesn't have a heater in it that seems to be a good home for my shrimp, and I think I've also heard that they've bred under according to Cory. Personally I would just go with personal preference on colours, however I think I've heard somewhere that red is the least inbred colour for shrimp so red cherries might be hardier? (That being said, I haven't had personal experience with other colour shrimp. Cherries would likely be my first pick if I were offered a new tank of any neocaridina since they look amazing, blue dreams also look really nice.) I've had all my plants work, so again personal preference, Pogostemon stellatus "Octopus", is one of my favourite plants in general. I've heard about moss being a really good place for biofilm to grow, however I only added my moss in months after I got my shrimp (I got the shrimp in March of 2021, and moss in July.) So in my experience it's not completely needed for them. Personally I haven't heard of shrimp needing a specific substrate. (Although I've seen marketing for aquasoils that lower pH and GH which would probably be good for caridina.) I keep mine in dirted tanks with "Miracle Gro Nature's Care 16qt. Organic and Natural Potting Mix with Water Conserve" on the bottom, then cap that with Fluval Stratum. (I top off with tapwater which I'm pretty sure keeps the gh very high for my cherries). However I would guess anything works (In some of their videos I've seen that Aquarium Coop keeps their shrimp that they sell on something that looks like gravel (I'm not sure what it is it might be Eco-Complete which is similar?) Best of luck with your new shrimp!
  3. I REALLY want to try keeping reticulated hillstream loaches, I love their stingray look, as well as their behaviour (at least the behaviour I've heard from videos). Ideally I'd really want them with some really bright fish like chili rasboras, or maybe ember tetras in a heavily planted tank with plenty of flat surfaces, and at least a little flow. Kuhili loaches also sound fun, being peaceful, and an oddball, as well as hardy. I'd want to keep them as the only bottom dweller, and perhaps some peaceful mid or top level fish once they get settled in. I'd also probably want to have plenty of caves scattered around the tank so they have cover and feel comfortable coming out.
  4. Hi, in March 2021 I got 10 cherry shrimp, which I've had good luck with so far (however sadly there was some die off in the beginning). Personally I would take the extra shrimp since the tank is 5 gallons which can definitely handle the extra and it's a free shrimp. Cory's advice of however much food you have available is connected to how many shrimp/snails you have is definitely applicable here. Best of luck, dwarf shrimp are a ton of fun to watch!
  5. As another student I can safely say that homework and other life stuff has really taken a toll on the amount of free time I have (and my energy). Glad to hear that you still have plans for this hobby!
  6. Watching my shrimp and snails go about their lives, plants grow, and betta go around the tank. There's something oddly satisfying about watching nature do it's thing and knowing that I helped set it in motion.
  7. I have mine mounted on some Command Hooks on my stand, which work really well (especially for the tweezers. They fit into the groove on the hook really well.) It also works great for my scissors and net as well.
  8. Breakfast! It's in my top 3 list of favorite meals, so.. What's everyone's favorite breakfast? Recently I've been really enjoying making myself some scrambled eggs with light brown toast:
  9. Massive thank you to @Indlers and @James Black for the images!
  10. Hi, I was scrolling around and was wondering if this image: Is a photo or an illustration, to me it looks similar to both. Either way props to whoever made it, it looks awesome!
  11. (Not a shrimp or a snail, but an invert none the less! (I placed them outside soon after the photo was taken))
  12. So I was recently going through the Home Depot website and decided to try searching "seiryu stone", I came up with these results: Home Depot seems to be selling the bulk amounts of stones that Lowes was, although from what I can tell some of them are a bit more expensive. I've also noticed them selling other hardscape such as ohko/dragon stone as well as others. If you search "lifegard" on the Home Depot website you get a bunch of options in terms of hardscape for pretty good prices. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi personally I'd love to have something like a bookmark feature for posts or photos. That way if I find that I frequently need something, like for example post or chart of how to treat a disease I could bookmark it then come back with a few clicks.
  14. @quirkylemon103 took a bit but we got there!
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