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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that. It's always a bad day when a pet passes.
  2. Hi, usually at least one plant, usually more, food, and miscellaneous stuff, like scissors, merch, pipets, chemicals, etc. I've made a goal that if I'm ordering from the Coop to try to get at least one new food to try to further spoil my fish lol. The free sticker is great as well!
  3. Thank you @James Black! Realized I somehow haven't posted a full tank shot in my journal, soo... Here it is:
  4. So.. I was getting some food from ACO, and also got some plants, yay! I got some Java moss, and Crypt Pink Flamingo. I can't wait to see how the crypt turns out after it goes through its melting phase. I'm also trying to get the moss to carpet the foreground after my attempt with a different plant. So far I've noticed at least one shrimplet enjoying it.
  5. Bit late to the sticker party, I stuck one of mine on my transmitter for my drones.
  6. One of my favourite bits of the tank right now is the part pictured with the lily leaves draping over the apisto cave I got for my betta (not just for apistos!) it blends the non plant matter in really well with the rest of the aquarium. I know there's quite a bit of algae, however I don't really pay much attention to it unless it starts to really get in the way of the aquarium, or is causing issues with the livestock.
  7. Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a journal related to the happenings of my 5.5 gallon, I have one tank so don't expect updates too often. (Maybe once or twice a week, I'm not sure yet) so stick around if you want that. Into to my tank: I started it as a dirted Walstad aquarium in early January, and haven't done a water change since soon after I set it up (to clear up some cloudy water that I didn't know was usual for it) I had to do fish in cycling since I'm sadly not able to currently get another tank to house my animals. My betta came through that. Nothing happened for a few months until April when I got some hornwort from my LFS, aaannnd some hitchhikers in the form of pond snails (which I love in my aquarium), and insect larvae (which I don't love in my aquarium), at the same time I also got some RCS, which had a bit of die off at first, but seem to be happy and breeding now! (I still have to figure out a way to cull... Hopefully without having to kill any..) Soon after my betta came down with gill flukes, which I put him in qt for and treated with meds, he again pulled through, although I'm fairly sure he bit off one of his ventral fins during it. (Although currently he seems fine) A week or two in the past as of writing I also got some red root floaters, and a dwarf aquarium lily, which I LOVE, and they bring a really good amount of contrast to my otherwise green scape. Thanks for reading! Bye!
  8. Really any way is good for me, although dipped in batter then served fried with a side of chips, and lemon &/or ketchup is amazing. I feed them, then I'll usually also bring a chair over and sit in front of my tank at least once a week, usually more. Sometimes I'll also work, read, or write forum posts in front of it as well!
  9. On the younger end here. Currently have a dirted Wastad 5.5 with a bunch of inverts, microfauna, and a betta, I love the way it came out, plus just trimming the plants and feeding the animals is all I have to do for maintenance!
  10. The results are in, the tacos eaten, and the fish fed! The winner of the 2021 Nerm Week Best Invert Tank Competition is @Patrick_G getting a total of 10 reaction points to their name! @James Black will private message you with a printable certificate. Thank you everyone for making the CARE Forum the awesome place it is!
  11. After a week of submissions and votes the winner of the Best Scape Nerm Week Competition is @DSH OUTDOORS with 12 votes! @James Black will send a PM to you with a printable certificate. Thank you so much to everyone, this has been an amazing week for me! Thanks for participating, everyone!
  12. The voting has ended, the person with the most reactions is.... @Taco Playz getting a grand total of 10 votes! Expect a PM from @James Black for a printable certificate! This has been such a fun week for me, as well as getting to see a ton of amazing tanks. Thanks for participating everyone!
  13. The results are in, drum roll please! The winner is @Daniel with 19 votes! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated, this has been really fun for me, and I hope everyone had a great time as well. Expect a message from @James Black for a printable certificate! Thanks everyone!
  14. Hi, for substrate I LOVE my planted dirted tank. You can get a good sized bag for under $20 at a hardware store, then cap it with something like pool filter sand, or in my case Fluval Stratum, however the latter can be rather expensive. I agree that to aquascape just arrange stuff that looks good to you in a configuration that looks interesting. In my opinion mostly just do what looks good to you, and don't worry what other people think about it, there are tons of different ways to aquascape! Cory also made a livestream about aquascaping if you want to research a bit more, and for some pointers Irene also made a really good video about starting a planted aquarium cheaply that I like As for what type of plants just whatever looks best, and has colours and textures you like. If you're looking for a particular plant to try I love Pogostemon stellatus, it grows fast and looks good, Anubias nana petite is also a favourite for me because of it's size and hardiness. I've heard a lot of good stuff about crypts as well, particularly for low light setups. Good luck!
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