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  1. Hi, it’s a personal question for everyone, but for me at least I would use other fish. That way someone is “benefitting” from the death of another fish in the form of a meal rather than just having dead fish.
  2. I personally love Pogostemon stellatus, it grows really quickly and fits a 5.5 gallon really well (it grows to the surface while still remaining fairly "bushy"). I second the idea of hornwort too, personally I think they compliment each other really well, although I have had issues with it randomly floating out form the substrate. (I'm not sure where but I think somewhere I remember reading that since hornwort is naturally grown floating. Then when planted into the substrate it doesn't produce roots and the bottom might rot) I also like planting Pogostemon stellatus, Ammania gracillis, & water sprite together since for me they look really good in a sort of "salad"/mix
  3. I would have to second @Betsy, the bladder snails in my aquarium have a much more "teardrop" shape to their shell then yours?
  4. My betta finished last week. (yay). Also I just noticed the previously mentioned baby shrimp from the LFS, who's grown to 3-4 mm, and colored up a good amount. I also saw a baby shrimp that I'm assuming is from the female that was berried: Plus another berried shrimp! However it has a racer stripe so I'm probably going to remove her since I don't particularly like the trait, however more shrimp? Yes please!
  5. Hi, so last week he finished his treatment! Thank you everyone! I've noticed that area below his gills still seems to be "folded", I'm hoping it's not causing him any lessening of his quality of life. As of now he's still in his qt bucket since I have some baby shrimp that I'm hoping to get to a good size since the colony is still small. He seems to be eating well, although I'm assuming he's been biting his left ventral fin since I can't see any symptoms of finrot/melt, and the edges are clean. I'm hoping that as long as I keep the water quality clean and probably some enrichment he'll heal without any infection. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've heard that they use Fluval 3.0's on their tanks with Co2 and auto dosing ferts. I think that they usually try to keep the plants at the same height so that they can fit them into the boxes and bags so it might not be too bad? Plus the plants might not spend too much time in the warehouse. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. @H.K.Luterman I hope you're okay with me sharing this? @Catfish_Lover_Jane you can tell the difference between the species both through how H.K.Luterman described, and how the shell is shaped, bladder snails have a clockwise shaped spiral whereas pond snails have a counter-clockwise shaped spiral on their shell.
  8. Meme stream??!?!?!!?!!?! (also first time seeing Ladybird on a stream?)
  9. Hi, thanks, I live in New England, so my options would be to bring the animals in, heat the pond, or dig a pond around 5 feet deep? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I live in an area with a fairly temperate climate, where in the summers it gets to be around 27ºC/80ºF, and in the winters it easily goes below freezing and occasionally goes below 0ºF. I'm hoping to do an outdoor pond all year with some color morph of cherry shrimp and a species of fish. I was thinking about guppies or white clouds. I've seen fairly mixed results online if white clouds can survive the winter? The pond would be a 35 gallon inground pond, which I'm hoping would be large enough to support stratification and keep it reasonably warm? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I noticed this thread a few days ago, hope it helps!
  12. Hi, I was wondering if there's a particular time I should post the competition threads so participants can get an idea of what the groups are ahead of time? Thanks!
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