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Do Fish Metabolites Breakdown Over Time?


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Do the growth inhibiting metabolites fish release breakdown over time?

These my two 100g stock ponds I use for breeding my rainbowfish. I took the fish out in November 2022. I have heard that fish release growth inhibiting metabolites that can only be removed by water changes. Should I do a large water change on both ponds before I add in fish? It hasn’t rain that much here. The ponds are full of microcrustaeceans for the fish to eat, so I’m excited for this breeding season. 


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I get the feeling that this is where the knowledge isn't as that complete.

Do all fish do it?

It's this something that has been observed in one fish and adopted by the hobby because it allows us to try fish we should probably leave alone

What extremes trigger it?

Would one type of fish hormones effect another.

I'm my experience food effects growth more than space but this is only from keeping goldfish in a variety of tank sizes over many years.

Also it evidently doesn't happen with many many fish we keep..

But to your question as those tanks are outdoors I suspect the weather will have altered the water considerably while they have been empty.

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