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  1. Watching my shrimp and snails go about their lives, plants grow, and betta go around the tank. There's something oddly satisfying about watching nature do it's thing and knowing that I helped set it in motion.
  2. I have mine mounted on some Command Hooks on my stand, which work really well (especially for the tweezers. They fit into the groove on the hook really well.) It also works great for my scissors and net as well.
  3. Breakfast! It's in my top 3 list of favorite meals, so.. What's everyone's favorite breakfast? Recently I've been really enjoying making myself some scrambled eggs with light brown toast:
  4. Massive thank you to @Indlers and @James Black for the images!
  5. Hi, I was scrolling around and was wondering if this image: Is a photo or an illustration, to me it looks similar to both. Either way props to whoever made it, it looks awesome!
  6. (Not a shrimp or a snail, but an invert none the less! (I placed them outside soon after the photo was taken))
  7. So I was recently going through the Home Depot website and decided to try searching "seiryu stone", I came up with these results: Home Depot seems to be selling the bulk amounts of stones that Lowes was, although from what I can tell some of them are a bit more expensive. I've also noticed them selling other hardscape such as ohko/dragon stone as well as others. If you search "lifegard" on the Home Depot website you get a bunch of options in terms of hardscape for pretty good prices. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi personally I'd love to have something like a bookmark feature for posts or photos. That way if I find that I frequently need something, like for example post or chart of how to treat a disease I could bookmark it then come back with a few clicks.
  9. @quirkylemon103 took a bit but we got there!
  10. Love the project! Rummynose are one of my favourite fish, can't wait to see what happens
  11. Thank you! I got a portion from my LFS awhile ago. @Guppysnail I'm not quite sure why they like it so much in my setup (16" Stingray on a 5.5 without a filter). I don't have any flow in the tank, which could be a cause.
  12. Nothing like the joy of seeing a nice shrimp on a Friday night in the center of the tank: Thank you @Jungle Fan! My pH is usually around 7.0, my hardness is 300+, kh is usually around 100, but this time the green (Tetra strips) looked a bit different so 160 (I never do water changes so minerals build up, even with the plants.) Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate all at 0, according to the Tetra Easy Strips. (The numbers that aren't on the reference paper are me guessing what colour they are.) I also have no flow in the tank. Over the past week (I think?) the fruits have started to develop green lines, similar to how a clementine divides itself into sections. I noticed two more, one of which I cut open to see what was inside. It had an appearance similar to a nut on the insides (a light tan colour). It had a light fruity smell (Possibly - it was very faint, so it might've been something else) I have a total of three now, I'm planning on letting them sit for the time being, ideas on how to get them to germinate still welcome! (P.S. I got a new camera so there may be some differences than the previous shots)
  13. For colder water probably biotope with paradise fish (I like the regular ones, although probably the round tailed ones if I could get any fish). Have it black water, with the water filled two thirds, or a half of the way, and have rice growing in the rear portion. A dirted substrate, and something dark would probably work well, then have it covered with some leaves on the bottom. A warmer water tank would probably be either a lushly planted dirted tank with a MASSIVE amount of crystal red shrimp, and maybe a trio of hillstream loaches, or a group of 6 panda or sterbai corys. Or maybe a honey gourami with a bunch of glowlight &/or ember tetras and a bunch of cherry and bamboo shrimp on the bottom.
  14. I've had really good luck with red root floaters, they grow quick add a bunch of colour, and look great. I've even got flowers off of them under my Finnex Stingray. Pogostemon stellatus "Octopus" is also a favourite of mine, it grows fast, looks nice, and I don't think I've killed it yet.
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