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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings! I have 4 aquariums: - 5 gallons with blue shrimps and 1 nerite snail. (Planted, fluval spec, heated, sponge filter) - 10 gallons with 7 green neon tetras and 2 nerite snails (Planted, HOB filter aqueon quietflow 10 + sponge filter, WC + gravel vacuum once a week, 0/0/20, 77f, ph 7.2, kh 2, gh 6) - 15 gallons with 10-12 clown killifish and 2 nerite snail (Planted, Fluval flex, WC + gravel vacuum once a week, 0/0/10, 76f, pH 6.6, kh 2, gh 15) - 20 gallons with 1 honey gourami, 10 Chili rasboras, 5 otocinclus, 8 false julii corydoras and 4 nerite snails. (Planted, HOB filter aqueon quietflow 20 + sponge filter, WC + gravel vacuum once a week, 0/0/20, 75f, pH 6.6, kh 2, Gh 15 My 7 green neon tetra used to be with my chili rasboras and they were all schooling and swimming back and forth. My green neon tetra got sick so I moved them in a 10 gallons. Lately, my Chili Rasboras are all staying together in one corner and no longer swimming back and forth. I suspect that at some point my gourami might have scared them. What should I be doing? Any way I can get them to be comfortable again in the 20 gallons with the gourami? Especially since I wanted to add a female? Can I move the chili in the 10 gallons with the neon tetra or it’s too small? (That would be my favorite solution) According to Aquadvisor, I would be stocked at 104% Or move my gourami in the 10 gallons and the 7 neons in the 20 gallons? Thank you! Karen
  2. I was hoping that I could get some personal experiences from hobbyists here that have successfully kept chili rasboras. I know they can be slightly difficult to feed, so suggestions on the best way to accomplish that without getting the water too gross. Also, my pH is a little higher than what I've seen recommended, 7.2-7.4 typically. Would this be tolerable for them, could they thrive and not just survive? All opinions and personal experiences are welcome. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, I bought 5 chili rasbora (all they had) and when I got home 2 had died. So 3 left. Then overnight I lost 2 more. This was all in my QT. Now I only have one left along with 11 happy Pygmy corys in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. I can order some online with a hefty $40 shipping fee. Or I was wondering if I should try to locate some other similar sized and behavior nano fish to put with the rasbora. I have been dreaming of these little fish and don’t know what happened. 😭 what do you all think?
  4. Hi everyone! I’m recently new into the aquarium hobby…about a 2 years or so now. I have recently purchased another 5 gallon aquarium which I’m aware is on the smaller side but I am a college student still living with my parents so I have limited space to work with. I have another 5 gallon with a single betta but I bought another 5 gallon with the intention of putting different fish that I’m really interested in. I’ve had my eye on getting chili rasboras for the loooongest time and I finally feel ready to get them. However, as much research as I’ve done (almost 11 months now) I am still unsure of the appropriate amount to put into a 5 gallon. Also, a sparking gourami is high on my list of fish to get (only 1 or 2 as a species only tank). But, I have seen few put these two together and it went perfect in a 5 gallon. I’ve seen mixed things as to whether or not these two should be put together and if they can be housed in a 5 gallon aquarium properly. I have NOT purchased any fish yet and will not do so until my parameters are correct and I am well informed of the subject. I am open to any critiques and opinions…thank you!! - I feel as if I should also mention that this tank will be heavily planted to accommodate to both individually or together 🙂
  5. I am going to be getting some corys and I want them to be comfortable. I recently watched the video from Aquarium Co-op on how to breed corydoras and the phrase "be the fish" came up a LOT. So I want to keep some "dither" fish with the corys. I was thinking about using chili rasboras but I've never kept them so I don't know how they actually act. I'm thinking of keeping the corys in a 20 gallon long with live plants and hopefully a slightly tinted color. If chili rasboras aren't a good dither fish, what else should I use? Thanks!
  6. I have 7-8 Chili Rasbora in my 15 gallons flex planted aquarium. They are housed with 14 green neon tetra, 3 clown killifish, 3 nerita and about 10 shrimps. Temp is 75, pH 7.4, 0/0/20, gh 7 and kh 4. They are most of the time gathered together in one corner of the tank, swimming in place. None of the other fishes seem to bully them. In the picture, you can see them all in the top right corner where they stay most of the day. where there are no floating plants. The killifish are all over the place and the green neon prefers to swim in and around the plants on the left. I was wondering if it’s a normal behavior for my Chili? Are they afraid of something? I have a 20 gallons with same parameters currently housing 1 honey gourami (soon to add a 2nd and 2-3 otocinclus). Should I move the Chili in that tank, and increase their number to 12 (but according to aquadvisor, I would be at 112% of capacity but still over 125% filtration capacity). I do 20-30% WC each week. This is the 20 gallons.
  7. Woke up today and there’s a large fuzzy spot on one of my Chili’s. Anyone able to tell me what this is? It’s in my shrimp tank so most meds are out, right?
  8. I had never thought of this possibility before Bob Steenfott mentioned it in his Monday livestream...mostly because these halfbeak species are pretty small (1-2 inches). I wanted to put 6 of them in my 17 gallon heavily planted tank with my 6 licorice gourami and 12 chili rasboras. Will this be a problem? I pictured the halfbeaks staying near the surface under my red root floaters and Brazilian pennywort...but if they'll eat my chilis or make them too nervous, this is a no-go (and I'll be super sad...I really wanted to get halfbeaks! Fish health and safety comes first though). This is the tank they'd be going in. Sorry it's upside-down...there doesn't seem to be a way to rotate it in the forum (and rotating it before uploading doesn't work either).
  9. My fifteen gallon tank has ember tetras and green neon rasboras. Together, they stay, mostly, in the lower two thirds of my tank. I'm searching for a third type of fish, but keep eliminating species for one reason or another. I keep returning to the Chili rasbora as my most desired option. My problem is with my water's pH level. It comes out of the tap at 7.8 but, over time, seems to have stabilized at 7.2. Does anyone have experience with this fish, or others, at above the recommended pH levels?
  10. Ktj

    Chilis sick

    Hi! I have had a 5 gallon tank set up for almost a year now. Stable tank parameters. 7ph, 0 ammonia, 0nitrites, 20 nitrates, gh 7, kh 4. Small water changes weekly. I picked up 8 chili rasboras 4 days ago and added them to the tank. There have been some blue shrimp in the tank for months now also. It is planted tank with wood, Java ferns, Anubius, crypts, bacopa, Java moss and I’ve added some catappa leaves as well. I noticed the chili’s have been glass surfing a lot up and down the glass since I put them in. They have colored up a lot since I got them but I noticed single white spot on 2 of them a day ago. One is on the body of one and another on the fin on another. I treated the tank with ick x immediately once I saw that. I also noticed yesterday one has a white spot on its mouth. So I also added maracyn. I watched several videos about how to does the 3 meds suggested but now that I have seen these things I am wondering how I go about dosing? I am on day 2 of ick x changing 30% water before. And added another dose of maracyn also. Do I continue to dose this way? If there is only single white dots on a few is it ick? And what about the white spot on mouth of one? Appreciate any help!
  11. Trying to identify these little egg looking things on the bottom that just showed up. Tank also has Norman’s Lampeyes. Ruling out the solo BN pleco. Thanks!
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