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About Me

Hi everyone! I'm a teenage radio control aircraft pilot with a fish, which should explain my name. Which means NO I don't keep flying fish lol. I'm mostly interested in smaller planted tanks and for the most part wouldn't want a fish that needs over 75 gallons. I really enjoy the work that's involved with fish keeping since it helps keep a small ecosystem running. My second "main" interest is aerospace, which takes up a good chunk of my time that's not dedicated to aquariums. Thanks for reading, bye!

I'm still fairly new so feel free to take all my advice with a grain of (aquarium) salt!


More stuff:

Favorite fish: (Look at my profile pic lol)

Favorite plant: Pogostemon stellatus, &/or red root floaters

Favorite Air/spacecraft: 737 (family), Dash-8 Q400, 757 (family), Opportunity (RIP my favourite Mars rover, 2003-2019), Hubble Space Telescope, Rocket Lab Electron, SpaceX Falcon 9

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