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Found 24 results

  1. Jimmy came to film in my fishroom yesterday, be watching the co-op channel for some new content soon. In the bag of goodies that Jimmy picked up at the shop for me was this random “nerm” sticker. He told me a random customer dropped a few by the shop. So now one of them on display in my fishroom. But we haven’t found that random customer that created them. Maybe he or she hangs out here?
  2. So, I have seen several people post here calling folks "nerms". In my experience this is not a term one would want to be called, ever. Indeed, most would describe it as inflammatory. However, here it all seems friendly in context. So, can someone tell me what this term means in this forum as it is used here? Thanks!
  3. When did you know you were a NERM? I bought this ottoman from ikea for the express purpose of sitting in front of my aquariums in this room 🤣 the space is too small for a good chair
  4. As I was leaving work this afternoon I passed by someone who said “Hey nice shirt!” The image is the shirt I was wearing. As soon as he said nice shirt I wanted to ask if he was also a nerm, however I quickly came to the conclusion that he might have just liked the design (cuz it’s a cool shirt!) and he would probably think I’m a crazy person asking if he was a nerm 🤣
  5. When I first came to the States, I saw the sign for a Mo’ Bettahs restaurant and said aloud: “Is that a fish store? Do they sell Bettas?” My lovely girlfriend at the time, now wife, looked over at me and immediately started laughing. When she composed herself she said: “No, it’s a Hawaiian food restaurant.” 🙃🙃🙃
  6. The new Community Manager and I are brainstorming perks and different pricing levels. We've got a list of ideas, but would love for you guys to chime in. Obviously don't take offense if your idea doesn't get implemented, there are a lot of factors to look at. We've got cost, can we make it work with apps/tech. Can I dedicate enough time, does it make sense at that tier level. Is it legal etc. The biggest core thing we are going to try and make work is a online club, with monthly speakers. From there Who knows what else we'll be adding. Pricing levels can be from $1.99 to $100. Also needs to be scalable, if it's each person gets a 1on1 call with cory for 1 hour, with 1000 members, it becomes impossible etc. I think it's best to see what the nerms would want, on top of what we can come up with 😉
  7. Situation Nermal All Fixed Up When you finally get the water parameters and algae under control!
  8. Younger aquarist think once you have money, and drivers license and you don't have to share a room with your brother all your problems are solved. They are not. They just get more complicated. I kept telling myself dollar a gallon...who cares...I need to take care of the tanks I have, not buy more. I kept telling myself, the spouse is calm about my ever metastasizing hobby, just be cool, be patient, and definitely no more aquariums. Hat tip to @MickS77 for the meme What if the dollar a gallon sale never ever happens again? Maybe, just maybe I could confuse her by being honest! She didn't approve, but she didn't say no. So I got two 75 gallons (not one like I mentioned and maybe not 1/3 of normal price). Now I felt embarrassed so I stashed them in the woodworking shop. Problem is these days she is out in the shop all the time working on beehives. So... Problem solved, right? Now I just I have to figure out how to tell her....
  9. I know this question has been asked 1,000 times so I apologize in advance, I just wanted to hear some opinions from like minded nerms. I have a 60 Gallon Tall (which is a weird tank, but I got a good deal on it) with 1 Angel, 1 White Skirt Tetra, and 1 Glofish Tetra. I have another Angel and Oto-cat in a QT Tank that I plan on adding eventually. My Tetras are pretty territorial and skidish. So I wanted to add more to make them more comfortable. How many more white skirts and glo tetras could I add to make them shoal together while keeping the tank slightly understocked (less frequent water changes)? I'm trying to keep the tank understocked because I have to get my water from the town over. The reason being.. my tap has a pH of 9 and a KH of 10 so its really hard to adjust/ I don't want to chase pH/ my fish are used to the other towns water. I've done a ton of research to find a better way but this is the only way that's affordable at the moment. Thank you for your time! (Sorry for the bad formatting, I'm on mobile)
  10. Couldn’t find any Aquarium Co-Op cars in forza horizon 4 so I made one, 1980 Fiat Abarth 131, let me know what you think.
  11. I have been trying to film an Oryzias Latipes egg hatching for about a week or so now. I removed the eggs from some moss in my tank with a pipette and placed them in a deli cup with tap water and whatever water was in the pipette. The first few days I only saw a few things darting around in the drop of water on the slide with the egg. After a week I noticed all sorts of things alive and moving, some even attached themselves to the egg. I'm no expert on what any of these things are, but I imagine that the small things are paramecium. I can recognize that there are vorticella and a nematode, but I have no idea what the grabby big mouth worm thing is. Any insights? I have been unsuccessful so far in filming the moment of hatching. I found myself watching all the little things that I never knew were there more intently and with more curiosity than watching the egg itself. Just thought I would share.
  12. I've been thinking about this a lot and would love either anecdotal feedback or scientific evidence, the latter being preferred of course... Everyone is always talking about a cleanup crew, be it corydoras, plecos, snails, shrimp, etc. The idea being that when you feed your "main" fish, the leftovers that they don't get will be picked by the scavengers, leading to a cleaner tank. Of course some critters clean up better than others, and some also leave waste better than others, but in as general terms as possible are cleanup crews really worth it? Another way of asking this: Is the ammonia (and other byproducts) from fish poop/waste less than the ammonia from the food needed to feed those scavengers? Or, if you didn't have snails/shrimp (that you often have to feed extra to anyway, but I digress), would the tank really be dirtier than if you just fed a little less/had a little leftover food buildup? (By dirtier I mean needing more frequent water changes due to nitrate buildup etc.) I think this not a simple question with a simple answer and I know I didn't cover all the nuances here, but hopefully we can have a little discussion!
  13. HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! I have a 10 tank with 5 guppies, 5 neon tetras and a mystery snail. I've been battling ammonia in this tank and I just can't seem to get it down! It's on the darker green end between 1 & 2 parts per million. I did a 50% water change yesterday and 50% today and it barely moved! I add bacteria with every change to help with the cycle. This tank has been running for months tho! I just can't make it make sense! Should I just do a 100% water change? I don't want to stress my guppies out too much. By the way I have 3 other tanks and they're all perfectly balanced. 40 gallon breaded, 20gal long, and 5 gallon. Only the 10 gallon gives me issues😫😫😫
  14. Homeschooling this year . . . COVID and whatnot . . . doing Euclidean Geometry. Here's to anyone interested in watching a fish nerd "Nermsplaining Math" 🤓
  15. I have a 75g community tank and find that I am accounting for all 40 of my fish several times a day. I’m devastated whenever one goes missing (I think I crushed one of my corydoras yesterday moving my hard scape 😩 can’t find #6 anywhere). Please tell me that more experienced I am, the less I will be counting and obsessing over my fish!
  16. I've had so much fun with my tank so far that my mom decided to buy one for my dad for his birthday. I started with all Tetra brand products -- heater (which already broke), flake food, chemicals like safe start, aquasafe, easy balance (I still don't know what that one does). My question is, what are your top recommendations for what I should put in my dad's care package to get him started? What would be in your survival kit?
  17. I started using #nerm on instagram when I post fish stuff, because of course. When I went to the hashtag, there's no fish stuff there! Just something about northeast road motors or something. So... should we all use #nerm on our fish social media posts?
  18. Any chance we can get some? Either as a forum member exclusive (not that a free to join forum is exclusive) or in the coop shop.ive got a couple design ideas, but just a t-shirt that says nerm across the chest would be cool to start. Maybe the coop logo and/or the forum logo on the sleeves or across the back
  19. Ever since I joined this hobby (little over a year ago) I have been looking for a forum to post pictures, questions and answers. And then cory mentioned this forum in a live stream and all my probelms were solved. It used to be that I would ask a question to a random forum and I would be lucky if I even got one answer to the question. Now I get multiple answers from multiple nerms. I love this FishTube community. In this community you could put a goldfish in a bowl (not saying you should), and then relize you did wrong and ask for help. And instead of being absoloutley bullied you get helped out. This is a place where you can admit your mistakes, and not have to fear judgement. I love being able to help people out who are new to this hobby.
  20. Super-glued duckweed.🙄😁😆
  21. You might be a nerm if the highlight of your morning was finally capturing on video that Daphnia green bowel movement that you had been patiently filming for so long trying to capture the moment. Exclaims to wife 'Honey, honey! I got the Daphnia poo! I got the Daphnia poo! Come look!"
  22. When @Cory, termed the phrase 'NERM' awhile back, it may have been out of his subconscious genius. I consider myself, a self-proclaimed 'NERM' & have drawn a few conclusions, of which, some even may be valid. Why do people keep aquariums? IMO, It's an extension of nature into their homes for enjoyment & furthering life itself. If you look at the 'term' 'NERM'; is it just a word or even more; perhaps an acronym. For everyone, the word, term, phrase, acronym or # 'NERM' may indeed mean something very different and often times very personal to each individual, in their relationship with the hobby. For me: I classify the N.E.R.M. as an acronym, using each beginning letter, as follows: N.E.R.M. Natural Environment Respective Mentality Be a good Aquarist, be a NERM, today.
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