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Found 20 results

  1. A few questions for science folks please. I physically have negative reactions to bleach as well as will not use it for aquarium stuff. I recently decided to try purigen for organic waste removal assistance. My understanding is it is a synthetic polymer ONLY. https://www.cmu.edu/gelfand/lgc-educational-media/polymers/natural-synthetic-polymers/index.html This to me says it is mechanical in nature much like polyfilter material not chemical or ion exchange such as Zeolite. This statement to me screams seachem making more money (no negative intended I’m a seachem type girl it’s just the nature of business marketing). This way folks buy more prime because they use mega doses to neutralize the bleach Years ago I did a lot of research to find alternatives to many cleaning products due to my hypersensitivity to chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide is what I clean with in my home. My understanding (correct any misconceptions I have please) matches this easy to follow article (the rest gave me a migraine it was so sciencey) https://www.hydrogenlink.com/organicmatterdegradation So “recharging” purigen is simply removing all organic waste it has collected. Hydrogen peroxide can do that. Is there any reason my thinking is incorrect all you wonderfully sciencey nerms) All thoughts welcome as everyone over the age of 5 has more sciencey knowledge than me. Tagging for extra bonus knowledge please 😁 @dasaltemelosguy @Odd Duck @Torrey
  2. What micron bags would you recommend for purigen in my AquaClears? The last 2 batches I’ve got has leaked TONS of the white beds all over my beautiful black substrate even after throughly prerinsing 3-4 times. Thanks NERMs! Snail Assassin photo just for kicks.
  3. I’m in the process of it, and I’m currently soaking my 24 hour bleached Purigen in 4 tablespoons of Prime and water. The instructions say to then soak it in a pH regulator for 4 hours before adding it back into the tank. I have one, but my pH is stable and slightly higher than 7. I’m worried that adding it back into the filter will cause my pH to crash. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  4. I just used Purigen for the first time. I rinsed it quickly (perhaps my main mistake) then put it in a compartment in my filter. The water has become quite cloudy after 5-10 minutes. I took it out to soak overnight in a small cup full of tank water to hopefully lose all its cloudiness. Will the cloudiness go away and when should I add the Purigen back in? Will the Purigen actually end up helping the cloudiness go away once it stops emitting the cloudiness? Any help is appreciated! Thanks 🙂 Erik
  5. I used Purigen to reduce tannins, but am done using it for now. I’ve bleached it per the instructions and now have it soaking in Prime, as instructed. What is the best way to store it for future use?
  6. I put purigen in my 50g that always has nitrates in the red zone. This is two weeks since a water change. 😳
  7. What should I do I am starting to stress out. Is it OK for my fish and how do I get it out.
  8. I have a low to medium light planted tank and have been using AC's Easy Green. I also have a small bag of Purigen in my Tidal 35 HOB filter. Should I remove the Purigen when dosing the water with Easy Green once a week? If so, how long should I have it removed? I just want to make sure the Purigen isn't pulling out the nutrients that I'm intentionally putting into the water for my plants. This is my first planted tank so I'm figuring things out. Thanks!
  9. I have a question about rinsing anything that you put in your tank. Specifically filter media that is new out of the box. Is it OK to rinse it under tap water. If so what is the process after to make it aquarium safe. I just added purigen to my tank last night to remove the tannins from drift wood. I took some tank water and rinsed it as best I could. I woke up this morning with no tannins but a whiteish hhaze.i can assume from not riding the purigen well enough. TIA
  10. So I was wondering if the Purigen should go in the HOB filter before or after the biological media? I don’t want to starve my bacteria if the Purigen will absorb all the Ammonia and Nitrites.
  11. I have a 20 gallon with a aqueon quiet flow HOB filter. I wanted to try Purigen after my next water change/aquarium clean but have no idea how to use it. I have the ones that are in a bag that state it treats 100 US gallons. I was concerned if was more that what I needed. I would also like to add some bio media as well. I have a coarse filter, but am thinking I would like to add some kind of bio media to help more with bacteria. The HOB filters are not deep, and this one is narrow too.. so not sure how I can get everything in there. I saw Cory's video for my exact filter, and was wondering if there is smaller bio media that would take a bit less room, but be just as effective. Look forward to everyone's experience and suggestions.
  12. My two gold fishes got internal parasite, thy are in hospital tank. Removed carbon for medication only active in air pump. Can I use Purigen and Bio Rings to the hospital tank filer system instead of carbon. I want to make sure Purigen and Bio Ring are not like Carbon effect. Medication instructions stated remove carbon bit nothing else stated. Please advise.
  13. I was wondering if I could switch my tanks to purigen just because it’s cheaper in the long run and reusable
  14. I just got my 1st shipment of Purigen and don't really know when it's best to start using. A couple things 1) about a week ago we lost 1/2 of our Cichlid tank. I was using Pimafix to treat the cottony fungus and didn't realize the oxygen was getting low from using it until we tried every other thing trying to diagnose the issue. After a few large water changes the survivors are now doing great. 2) we also discovered Ich in the process of trying to save our fish...afraid of chemicals we began to raise water temps and added some aquarium salt. They are doing great and I am not seeing any signs of Ich now but read the raised temp has to stay up for 2 weeks to kill it all. I just got my med trio and purigen but am wondering if it would be wise to let my tank stabilize before doing anything else. I'm so afraid of making them sick again
  15. Hi everyone... I think I might've messed up... Here's my tank right now I didn't rinse my new Purigen correctly and got this, now. It's honestly ironic since I got this to help polish my water since it was a bit hazy. So PSA: WASH YOUR PURIGEN WELL PLEASE. I was wondering if this will clear up without doing a water change, I just have Purigen and a paper towel in the filter. Also how to get the specs of Purigen out of the substrate? Also will this be hazardous to any life, aquatic or otherwise, especially since I put my water change water into my yard? Thanks!
  16. Everything I’ve read about recharging Purigen says to use prime as the dechlorinator after soaking in bleach. I don’t use Prime because I started my tanks using the jungle dechlorinator sold at Walmart because to use Prime I’d have to drive an hour every time I need dechlorinator, which is quite often. So, my question is, does it matter what brand dechlorinator you use to recharge Purigen?
  17. The last time I regenerated purigen I used "great value" bleach and the purigen only lightened up to about 50% of its original color. I thought I had used up a number of its lives due to the large amount of tannins removed. However, this time I used clorox on the same bag and the color came back to just about original color. I normally think generic products, especially ones with the same ingredients, were fairly equal. I now know when it comes to bleach there is a difference. Both were new jugs of non scented and not "splashless" bleach. Has anybody else noticed this?
  18. Carbon, cuprisorb, Purigen just to name a few will these or other filter material remove plant fertilizers?
  19. So I got my order from ACO today, and was thrilled at how great the plants looked! In fact I was so excited about the plants that I realized after putting the plants in, doing a 75% water change, and optimizing my filter with a pre-intake sponge and purigen for the first time, that I FORGOT TO RINSE THE PURIGEN! My water is now a milky white. Do I have to do another major water change right away? Did I just sentence all my fish to death? Or will the cloudiness go away with time as the filter processes the water? PLEASE HELP!!
  20. Does anyone else use Purigen in their Aquaclear 20? Wondering what you do to get it to fit? I fold mine in half, but I'm not sure if I'm restricting flow through the Purigen by doing that.
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