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  1. @Patrick_G I do still add dechlorinater, I feel its better to be safe then sorry.
  2. @JettsPapa I love Jimi Hendrix!!! They used to have his childhood home in seattle but sadly it was demolished 😞 It is pretty cool that all around the city there are little murals and statues dedicated to him. I though this blog post was pretty cool, I learned a lot about hendrix. https://www.theclipboardoffun.com/travel/2019/10/7/a-guide-to-jimi-hendrixs-seattle
  3. @Patrick_G I have had the same thing happen with my water. It is so weird because I know the company adds water but it is such a small amount on the test strips.
  4. Wow it is so cool to see bird's not found in your area. A few years back I was able to see a rare gull from the Galapagos called the Swallow tailed gull that somehow ended up in washington. https://www.heraldnet.com/news/this-very-rare-bird-in-edmonds-is-4000-miles-from-home/
  5. I'm a fan of the Kansas city chiefs I really like Mahomes their QB. I'm also a fan of my home team the Seattle seahawks. We will never live down the second biggest super bowl choke
  6. Wow this law is truly shocking. I understand a law to stop the harvest of endangered fish species or ones that are critical for the health of an ecosystem but to ban nearly all types of ornamental fish makes almost no sense. Now not to get political but I am very pro environmentalism and to me it seems that this law will have almost no positive effect on fish populations besides maybe reducing poaching. But a lot of fish like cherry barbs are almost extinct in the wild and would be almost gone if it wasnt for the aquarium hobby. Banning the harvest of certain native species that would be hard to keep in an aquarium like rockfish, sixgill sharks, and limiting the harvest of other fish like salmon, would help the environment but this law will not.
  7. Your right it's much better to share information then to guard it @Ken. If I can get my hands on some I'll post some photos and an honest review of em.
  8. I have bred endlers livebearers (A relative of the gupy) and sometimes you will get the odd fry that will unfortunately pass or need to be culled in order to preserve a healthy genetic pool. Sorry it happened but I hope you have success with the rest.
  9. I didn't know they were making nets. When they come out I'll have to stop by the store and grab a few. I just have to do it quietly so no one knows I have them
  10. Never really a big fan of dune. I will be watching the movie i'm just not crazy about it. @Fish Folk I am a native born Washingtonian and have never heard of George Herbert. But if you mean Frank Herbert the author of dune, he is somewhat of a small local legend to some around the puget sound area.
  11. Do I need to sign up somewhere for this? Is there a capacity limit?
  12. The spiders can be an issue I find thats its better to keep them there, because when you remove them the fruit fly, and musquito populations skyrocket.
  13. I think Killifish such as the gardeneri or orange australe would be a good option as they live for more then a year. Something else that might be fun would be a bolivian ram breeding project. I have some right now that i'm trying to get to breed, but they are the perfect fish in my opinion. The have cool colors(albeit not a vibrant as gbr) and they are more peaceful than other rams. They are incredibly easy to feed and will eat any kind of fish food you put in your tanks. And the thing that I most like about them is that they are extremely hardy and don't need the high temps that other rams need.
  14. I thought I would start this thread off by asking the question of did the French revolution fail? Sure the revolution itself ended with napoleons coup. But it paired with the American revolution propelled new ideas and beliefs throughout the world, such as John lockes natural rights and the belief of popular sovereignty. These belief systems have fundamentally changed the modern world. I think that the French revolution failed as a governmental revolution, but I think it succeeded at least in the early days before the reign of terror. By revolutionizing the political beliefs of France and other European countries.
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