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  1. Oh yes! Going scuba diving at the great barrier reef in Australia is #1 on my bucket list for the future !!
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum to post this under but recently went snorkeling in Hawaii and wanted to share my experience through videos on imgur!! https://imgur.com/gallery/CzzjWiq
  3. Okay, thank you so much. I have some maracyn as well. Do you think I should dose that if I start seeing any type of infection starting?
  4. So I recently posted that my male guppy developed a raised dot on his tail overnight. The parameters of the tank are 0 ammonia, 20ppm nitrate, 0 nitrite. Temp 77. Ph 7.8. No one has responded to my other post yet and while i was checking on him I noticed that the red raised dot is now gone and there is now a peice of his tail missing where it was. I'm so confused as to what this was and why his tail split where the dot was within hours. Any help?
  5. Did you ever figure out what this red spot is? My guppy developed this on his tail overnight and no one is responding to my question on what it is. Thanks!
  6. Just got some new guppies and this 1 male developed a red raised dot on his tail overnight. Tank parameters are pH - 7.8 Nitrates - 20 Hardness - 150 ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 100ppm Water Temperature - 77 I know the picture is hard to tell. Just let me know if yall need another one. Any ideas of what this is?
  7. My brother just got a 20 gallon high. 16" High. He wants a school of fish and a bigger centerpiece fish. Having trouble thinking of a centerpiece bigger than dwarf cichlids that would fit in the tank. Any suggestions?
  8. Just setup a 20 gallon long river/stream setup with high flow. Any suggestions for stocking when its done cycling? Looking for a nice school and a nice centerpiece
  9. Not really Its a sand substrate and its been there for about 6 months
  10. I'm re scaping my aquarium and my rocks that were buried are completely black and black smudge when i wipe them off. Any explanations?
  11. Yes they are both mature and i currently have them in a 55
  12. So i have a male and female kribensis moliwe in my tank and the male will not stop attacking the female. Every time he sees her he chases her away from his cave until she hides as well as not letting her eat. Is this normal krib behavior or no?
  13. I was looking to sell, I was thinking either cobra or a lyre-tail strain
  14. Looking for a cool/rare strain of guppies. Any suggestions?
  15. Had a little nitrate problem, fixed it with a water change that probably stressed them a bit. I've never seen the eggs dropped before so that's probably what it was.
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