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  1. I have spend the last 20 minutes reading this thread and it is very intresting. I am in my late 30's and hubby has said no more tanks. Mind you due to space there is not practical room for more. My local fish store is owned by a husband and wife team. Their daughter is the Manger and in the 9 years I have been going to them I have not seen a single male employee(other then owner). The women are all extremely knowledgeable and are amazing at what they do. My 12 year old daughter also has a tank. That is my experience.
  2. Funny part is that both my cats like the water. Pepper and her sister Lily have a bath about once a month. They are strange. Lol.
  3. @Guppysnail that is what the whole presentation was about. It was so fascinating.
  4. If you are a member and did not get to catch the live with Dr. Eric Thomas and are a fan of Corydoras, you NEED to find time to watch it. I think I just went up a Nerm level. I got my first Cory's a few weeks ago and loving them. Corydoras Duplicareus Also Pepper the cat enjoying her afternoon nap while I watched the live stream.
  5. May seem like a silly question but why does he not get you (or pool company) to clean it?
  6. I am having one of those days where my brain is about 10 steps behind what I want to do. Can someone please remind me how to add video to a post or link the instructions. I searched and was not able to find the info. Thanks in advance.
  7. My new set up in the basement is getting about 1.5 hours of natural sunlight from the one and only small window (old house). When I first noticed this about a week ago, I just sat down and watched fish for 30min. The colour difference in the fish is amazing. The shadows in the tank just added to the texture and depth as well. Come winter it will not get any and I will miss it very much.
  8. I have Easy Tabs!!! ❤ Ordered the minute we got the notification from @Cory. Less then 48hr later they are in my hands. I have some plants that need trimmed and replanted so I will be using them later this week. I had accidentally ordered Easy Iron when I ment to order Easy Green a few months ago. I held onto it and I am glad I did. I just added a couple Amazon Flame Swords and want those reds to pop. I will add that I support my lfs store but when I did the math it was way cheaper to get Easy Tabs. Thanks for all the hard work that was put into getting things to your neighbour's in the north. 🍁🇨🇦🍁
  9. I was able to score a pack as well. It said four left when I ordered so I did the Canadian thing and only bought one. Lol. Mine should be here on Tuesday. Really hope it will help the crypts in my 30g. Everyone that I have purchased as completely melted and 4/6 months later I am just starting to see the out leave pop back up.
  10. Of there is no air bubbles in the seams between glass, you are good just to do interior. I will agree that just do a thicker, wider bead. I did over kill on curing time and such. I waited 6 days before putting water in. I than left it on the floor near drain in basement for water testing. This way if something bad happened, the water would not ruin the stand or other things. I filled it with water in stages one third at a time. Leaving 24/48 hours between adding more water. I than left it filled for a week and then ran filter on it for a week. It then sat for another week before I had someone to help me get it on stand. Drained it, placed it, filled with water and then spent over a month getting everything going. Fish are now in and happy.
  11. I also want to add some corydoras of some sort as I have never had them before.
  12. Time to let you in on the fish inhabitants of the 90g. I had two losses at the beginning of a couple Angel's that seem to have come from an off order at the lfs. They were really good about it and even said that I should hold off on getting more as they have not been impressed with them lately. I love that they are more concerned about happy fish and customers then sales. Everybody else is doing great and loving live. 10 - Silver Tip Tetra - First time having them. 9 - Black Skirt Tetra - I love these guys and have had them multiple times. 4 - Zebra Danios - Have some in 30g as well. 2 - Striped Angel's - been a long time since I have had Angel's. 2 - Longfin Rosy Barbs - First time owning. 2 - Opaline (Blue) Gourami - First time. 1 - Golden Gourami - First time. Ramshorn, Bladder and Malaysian Trumpt Snails Plan was to have 3-5 Angel's and add some Rummynose. Not sure if that is still the plan. I am open to suggestions. The Blush Angel's would have added some really nice colour to the tank. Also got a couple Red Flame Amazon's that I will plant in the next couple of days. Plants are growing like crazy.
  13. Bittersweet up here in Canada. No Petco's means now amazing tank sales. However no Petco's means no amazing tank sales and I still have money in the bank. Lol 😆
  14. I just downloaded it and look forward to playing around with it. We'll done!
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