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  1. Can anyone identify what these are? They behave like hydra but don't look like any freshwater species I have found online so far. I've eradicated them before with fenbendazole but just had some reappear in a recently set up tank.
  2. I had to max out my microscope (3x*10x so not much) and the digital zoom to get this photo but these little guys are swimming around in my moss jar. They're maybe 400um long. shaped like a football mated with a clam and where they split legs come out and are used to swim around. To the upper right you can see a slightly smaller and flatter water flea thats out of focus but decided to show up for the photo shoot.
  3. I have found this guy in my tank not sure what it is and if it’s dangerous to my fish or not. Not sure how it ended up in my tank either. I have seen it previously in there but didn’t manage to snap any pics. It was clear then. Apologies for the algae.
  4. Hi guys, As I was feeding my aquarium this morning, I happened to notice what appeared to be some type of worm. At first I thought that they could be Planaria Worms but Chris and I concluded that they more closely resemble Detritus Worms. From my understanding, proper identification is key, so if someone could confirm that these are in fact Detritus Worms, I'd appreciate it! And under this assumption, it is not a huge problem in an aquarium. I am wondering what your experiences have been with Detritus Worms and whether or not you let them be or tried to eradicate them. Looking forward to reading your responses. Thank you for the help! 😊
  5. I assume these are aphids I first ran into these things about 2 years ago when I took some water hyacinth from my local river they came in on them they soon infested all my other floating plants I had in the house in which I tried to use diatomaceous earth to get rid of them but could not so when I moved I threw out all my floaters and it was several months before I got anymore floating plants and they are back I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with these and got rid of them
  6. Hi! I just realized that a colony of tiny white little creatures (that look like mites) living in a piece of driftwood in my aquarium. I was wondering if somebody can help me to identify if this should be taken care of. Or, if it is part of the ecosystem. It is a 7 gallon aquarium with a HOB, a few pieces of driftwood, river rocks, and a few aquatic plants like java fern, tiger lotus and anubias. I would provide pictures but at this moment can't. I'll post them if somebody answers. Thanks!
  7. This little guy appeared in 2 of my almost completely cycled freshwater tanks. And, yes, I have added new plants within the last 3 weeks. I don't mind hitchhikers if they are harmless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Pulled my pond along filter for.the first time in months...what are these? Worms? Larvae of some sort
  9. Hello! New here… first time starting a 10 gal shrimp tank (not stocked yet) and I noticed a tiny spider-like critter on one of my plants. I pulled him out and tried to take photos. I’m just very curious as to what it can be as I bleach dipped and alum soaked my plants so I have no idea how he got in there. I also took a video I hope that’s allowed to link it here. Any help identifying the little guy would be much appreciated. Thank you
  10. I bought a few plants from my LFS and found these worms in the sink during the H2O2 soak. Worms are a new one for me. Any info is appreciated.
  11. Hi! Situation: I have white spots on my tank walls that I can't get rid of. Background: I had several fish die a couple months ago from what I thought was ich. I started to notice white spots on the tank walls, floor and heater.... then noticed on my pleco (which was a new addition). The spot covered the poor guy.. then got to my angel fish. I treat with ich-x... but they both died. I haven't been able to get the white spots off the tank walls. Maybe the ich and spots on the tank walls are separate issues?? Any help is welcome
  12. My blue crayfish molted and after small flatworms appeared on glass, what are they and how do you get rid of them
  13. We noticed today these very very small critters on the glass in our betta 2.5 gallon tank. Any thoughts about what they might be? The only plants in this tank are anubias nana petite that we got from ACO several weeks back. We haven't added our removed anything since then. Our parameters are solid, listed below. Ph 7.2 No ammonia No nitrites Nitrates at about 30 This is a fairly established tank. The only thing of note is that we had an algae bloom that recently died off. Any thoughts would be helpful
  14. I found this in my pea puffer tank and was worried it might be a parasitic worm. I messed with it in and out of water for about 5 minutes and it didn't move. Any idea what it could be? The tank is heavily planted and just has the pea puffers and a small bristlenose pleco. *I posted about white stringy poop from one of my puffers not too long ago, but all of my puffers are healthy chubsters and I've only seen normal brown poop from them since then.
  15. I am a little grossed out. I have never seen these in my tanks before. Saw several while rearranging some plants and doing a water change. Hopefully some of you wiser Nerms can help me out. P.S. Sorry for back ground noise. Was watching a movie and doing water change.
  16. Worm outbreak in my cube shrimp tank...Best picture I can get. I don't see markedly pointy heads or crazy eyes... but not sure. They are mostly on substrate and squiggle around in the water...not on the glass. Opinions? Edit...Just put a couple of young male guppies in... hopefully they will eat the worms and leave most of the shrimplets alone.🤞
  17. I made a big mistake! I live near a lake and saw some lovely grass growing near the edge and picked up a clump. I rinsed it gently and then put it in an aquarium. Thinking that there might be some good microbial things to feed fry! Yes you can call me stupid! This morning I have a little tiny white worm looking things on my glass and plants. a bunch of them! I’m trying to include a picture but my tank is going crazy cause I had to let the parent fish out from the divider. Any idea what these things are and how do I get rid of them?
  18. Hello all. I recently discovered little bugs on my Amazon frogbit. I was hoping for help identifying them and anyways of remedying the problem. Info on the tank. It's kept cool, 71 degrees in my basement. There is no lid on it, but it's in an old TV.
  19. found these curled up in the roots of a plant I was relocating. thought blood worms first when I saw their color but then they turned out to be very long, so nooo.... what do you think it is? Leeches or...???
  20. Hi guys so I have a 50 gallon planted tank and today I noticed some worms in my tank in the substrate. My fish don't really show any signs of disease and I haven't had die off, But I'm not sure if these worms are something to be worried about or not. I know that a lot of planted tanks get Detritus Worms I'm just sucky at identifying them from harmful worms haha
  21. Video: What Type of Worm is This? Can you help me to identify this worm? I'm a new aquarist and I've never seen this before. It is in a 10 gallon planted tank with snails (ramshorn and bladder) and red cherry shrimp. Previously there were rummy nose tetra and, on another occasion, 2 reticulated hillstream loaches (temporary quarantines). The substrate is mixed sand and gravel. In the video the worm appears to pulse or breathe with the skinny end, reaching up towards the surface, possibly searching for food. The stumpy end anchors it down until it decides to move on. Turning up the lights or moving something around causes it to retreat into the gravel. I managed to capture it by scooping that section of gravel. Would this be harmful to fish? That is my primary concern. If it ate snails it wouldn't be that bad. I wouldn't like it eating shrimps, but if it just ate fish poop and uneaten food I could possibly live with it Thanks.
  22. Will these worms hard my shrimp and bladder snails? I have never fed them blood worms so I don’t understand how they got in here if they are blood worms.
  23. This is in my 125 aquarium growing on the wood. things that live in there right now are tinfoil barbs two female guppies and a tadpole madtom catfish and snails. It looks like a sponge or bacteria colony
  24. Hello All, Does anyone know what type of clams these are? All I know about them is that they are cold tolerant and able to survive in ponds with ice. I am looking for help to get a name or a latin name on these guys.
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