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Found 19 results

  1. First, sorry if I’m just not finding my answer through searching! Second, I’m new here, so yay! I just harvested my first BBS from the Ziss hatchery (nifty contraption). I’m feeding two sets of angelfish fry (I’m a newbie in this area as well). Oldest are 4 1/2 weeks free swimmers, youngest 2 weeks free swimmers. I started with 1 tsp of eggs, and that’s a lot of BBS! I’m wondering a couple things: 1) how often to feed them? (I’m using the turkey baster) & how much? 2) can I keep the BBS with an air stone in a container for a day or two??? 3) any info anyone can share is much appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. I just got a computer that is able to run CAD. this is one of my first projects, I'm pretty happy with how they came out. I uploaded the file to thingiverse if any one else wants to print them. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4821731
  3. I haven't even used this hatchery yet but I could see I wasn't going to like the stand. I was watching an old video of @cory talking about brine shrimp and he had this huge upside down pyramid shaped hatchery and he'd built a stand for it out of PCV pipe. I thought, that's a good idea and I'm sure I can do that. So here it is.
  4. Was cleaning out my brine shrimp hatchery today and for whatever the reason the screw that controls the valve does not want to screw back on. Any tips to fix it? Has anybody had this issue? Thanks
  5. I picked up some smaller fish lately and want to start hatching brine again. My last several hatches have been pretty bad. How much salt should be added to the Ziss hatchery? Also, I've ordered some new brine shrimp eggs as my eggs may have gone bad. Can eggs be kept in the freezer? I read that somewhere and kept my eggs there for a few months. Thanks
  6. Just thought I’d share the quick stand I made up with 1” pvc and painted with krylon fusion. If anyone is interested I can post more pictures / measurements!
  7. Anyone else put their brine shrimp to bed? (lullaby songs playing) LOL
  8. I can’t find any examples of YouTube of set ups that use an internal heater (rather than just the room heat). I know smaller heaters tend to be less reliable and I want to try to avoid something that’ll melt the Ziss hatchery (if I get it—still debating). I have the Brine Shrimp Hatchery that looks like a black disk with a hole in the center but even with my seedling heating mat, I think the air’s been too cold. I was having success when we had a few days of warmer, sunnier weather but having very, very few hatches this last batch. I do love the Co-op eggs though! Definitely notice the difference in separation and the eggs staying at the surface. Love the cute Murphy tin too😊 I didn’t think my Pygmy Corys would care for the live baby brine but they went nuts for the ones that fell to the substrate! I originally thought only my gouramis would go after them. I just got a neodymium magnet to try to see if it’ll help with shell removal but alas, I don’t have any live baby brine to test it with😅
  9. I got the Ziss bbs hatch from the coop. Does anyone know of a USB heater to pair with the USB air pump to make it only 1 plug in? I have been browsing the amazon for a device but coming up blank.
  10. Does anyone know what the diffuser on the end of the stiff line into the Hatchery is called? And does anyone know where I could buy some? Thanks Jack
  11. Hello! I’ve had my eye on the Ziss Hatcher ever since it came back in stock. I have 10 celestial pearl danios that I’d like to breed. This would be my first time breeding egg layers and my first time hatching baby brine. It’s a very small operation and the Ziss hatchery seams cool but way too big for what I need. (1) Can I hatch a full batch of brine in the Ziss and keep them fresh for a week? (2) Can I hatch a 1/4 batch in the Ziss or does it have to be filled to work? (3) What mini hatchery (not the Ziss) have people used with success? @Cory Have you done a video on making small batches of baby brine and/or storing live baby brine?
  12. Word on the street is, Santa is going to be bringing me this, this year. With that said, I'd like to set it up in my storage area in my basement. I'm thinking on either set of these studs in the pics below. Anyone know how much this weighs with water in it? I'd like to put up a cross bar piece of wood, and hang it on that. I also want to get a bendable LED light, to clip on to the same said piece of wood, to angle at the bottom of the hatchery. But, I'd need to know what size piece of wood I'd need to do it. OR, if you think something other than wood would be better....I'm open to that as well. Anyone have an idea of what I'd need?
  13. My fiancé is obsessed with his fish tank but he has almost everything for it. He has a 75 gallon regular water tank. He loves it he’s always messing with the plants and fishes. I know he’ll love something from here because he’s always looking at what to get next lol I just dont know much about tanks but I want him to really love his gift. He has plants, fishes, a sponge filter, the fertilizer kit for the plants, the food for the fishes idk what to get. PLEASE HELP🥰
  14. I found that 3/4 inch pvc tee fits on the brine shrimp Hatcher perfectly.😊
  15. Hello from Louisiana... Need help working this thing properly. When I went to drain the brine shrimp I got alot of the egg shells with the shrimp after letting it settle..what did I do wrong...little disappointed.
  16. Can anyone suggest an adjustable heater that fits well in the Ziss artemia blender?
  17. Accidentally cross threaded the bottom valve on my Ziss hatchery while putting back together after a clean, damaged the thread a little: Now it wants to use the cross thread when I screw it on the blender, I have to line it up almost perfect to screw it in correctly and if I unscrew it too far when straining brine shrimp it leaks out the bottom of the valve slightly. It still works but I’d like to buy a new one, I tried looking online but I did not have any luck. Does any one know where I can buy a replacement one?
  18. Need some advice how to set it up right not getting a high hatch rate can you show me how you have urs set up and steps?
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